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  1. Nothing to do with AJ that players would not sign for Queens . They could get a better deal elsewhere that is all that players are interested in .
  2. Caley very impressive against Killie this will be the night Queens will get relegated.
  3. No cash gate on Saturday at least that is one thing Queens have got right . You can decide at the last minute to go to Palmerston as I usually do .
  4. That is the least of our worries . Every penny we have must go to the 1st team budget. Going to be very difficult to get out of League 1 look at Falkirk they have not even made the playoffs .
  5. This is the game that will just about confirm our relegation . Arbroath home win just really how many we are gone time for many changes at Palmerston .
  6. East a good sub to have but not as a regular for me . At fault in the Cup Final and the Partick goal he must go to the danger not do nothing . McKay and a experienced centre back something we have needed all season . We must try the mix of full and part time try and get the best part time players we just can't compete with other full time clubs when is comes to wages probable the reason we have such a young full time squad this season. The manager do we still have to take Wullie even if it ends up we lose our last 10 games for me we need a experienced manager who can build a squad but if it must be Wullie as most fans want then it has to be a 1 year contract Wullie has never even signed a player never mind a squad at our level
  7. The story of our season you just don't deserve to win games missing chances like that . Thistle very poor but they will not care they won the game . Gibson was excellent but for the goal he really has to bring him down take the red card . East must go the danger he does nothing makes it far to easy to score .
  8. That is why they will stick with WG it is lazy and cheap. If they do he must only get a 1 year contract they we can get rid if it goes wrong We must try the mix of full and part time . Tommy Goss at Annan full time with us did not really work out now back to his full time job plus part time I can guarantee he will be on more money doing that as will many other players . At a club our size and budget we have to give players the option of part or full time train at night as a squad it worked at Raith why not with us . This we must be full time is killing us we are getting young players with no experience we just can't take that gamble again next season .
  9. Surely even the most positive fan can see no hope for us staying up this season . We have lost 5 in a row are now 6 points adrift it is done for this season. Has Wullie the experience to sign a squad good enough to come straight back up if as expected he gets the job. The gamble of sacking AJ and taking the easy option of appointing Wullie has not worked been no real improvement. I would start again with a new manager but the majority seem to want to keep Wullie no idea why .
  10. Got to fancy a Dunfermline win they will be up and at Raith like Queens were on Sunday but difference is Dunfermline have the quality that Queens don't have and will not run out of steam like Queens did .
  11. The final we just run out of steam Wullie should have tried to change things as soon as Raith made the subs but to our cost he did nothing surely he must have seen the likes of Lee Connelly really struggling . We made it easy for the Raith subs to make a impact. The players gave there all but you need quality with that something we just don't have . O'Connor was our best player but the rest at the back really struggled. We need a complete change in the summer that includes the management team we need a experienced manager as well as players . Massive job trying to build a squad good enough to get out of League 1 The player manage thing just does not work you can't do both jobs.
  12. We just ran out of steam . We never took our chances in the 1st half. O'Connor outstanding at the back the rest of the defence very poor. Wullie far to late with his subs could he not see the team tiring Raith got the subs spot on changed the game We lack quality and experience all over the pitch I suppose that is why we are going down.
  13. Going to be very difficult for Queens to get a result I just can't see where the goals will come from. Confidence must be low as well after losing the last 4 games .
  14. We did shift around 1000 tickets but really that was all to do with the first 200 under 12 getting a free top. We will not have sold many more the majority of Queens fans on a all time low .Going just because it is a Cup Final but not holding out much hope Raith huge favourites even with the Injury problems they have
  15. A lot of your post is spot on but this it must be Wullie as manager I just don't get there will be other more experienced managers availble . On Wullie his interviews have almost gone as bad as AJ gone is the upbeat positive person . Makes me wonder why I am bothering going to the Cup Final on that Raith have sold 2000 tickets we will get nowhere near that
  16. We made a huge mistake appointing Wullie like the squad he just does not have the experience to be a manager yet. If this is AJ we all say what a poor manager he is but because Wullie is local nobody says a bad word about him . Need a complete clear out sorry but starting with Wullie.
  17. Liddle has shown again that players with little experience will let you down . Gibson as manager just as bad as AJ but in some fans eyes he can do no wrong .
  18. All the club have done is have a commemorative Cup Final shirt for sale . Some fans like me will buy the shirt some fans will not but at least the club are giving you a option. How you think it is offensive I have no idea.
  19. The Cup Final does anyone have any Info on supporters buses prices etc . Not a member of the travel club
  20. Ignore all you want but it is a 100 % true. Holt is on £1200 a week 2 year contract .
  21. No wonder you are struggling financially one of your defenders is on £1200 a week heard that from a very good source
  22. Unlucky not to beat Morton on Friday night . They are playing Thistle off the park tonight. On this form they will catch Ayr. Not looking good for us.
  23. Is there much in the way of shops pubs that do food near your ground . I am going to the Cup Final 1st visit to Airdrie
  24. If we lose our fight to stay in the Championship WG will surely not be the manager next sesaon. On contracts since Josh Todd has signed his extension his form has gone downhill.
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