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  1. A wee bit of advice never post before the game has finished. Away from that on to important stuff think best we can hope for it trying to get into the playoffs going to be very difficult to win League 1
  2. Give the guy a chance he deserves that . He talks a very good game time will tell if he is up to the job. My worry is his lack of experience massive job trying to build a squad good enough to win League 1
  3. McGIynn very good experienced manager was hoping we might be in for him but we can never get near what Falkirk will offer him . Does that make Kenny Millar available or just go with WG give him a chance think the board will take that easy option
  4. Scot Hooper is another who wants to stay part time as he has a good job with Mark Jardine . Why come to Queens full time when he can make more with his job and part time football . A lot more good players are turning to part time who we could get if we offer them that option
  5. We can offer Rae regular 1st team football hopefully that keeps him at Queens he is only 21 he has time to get a move to a bigger club . Think Rae and Connelly are the 2 we will find difficult to keep hold of . The other 3 I would offer a deal to is Fizpartrick McGory and East in that order .Muirhead is a bit of a hot head but he is type of defender we need aggressive. He wants to go part time this is why we should have that option we have to get away from the we must be full time like it somehow gives us a advantage over part time teams. Hopefully O,Connor will be availble doubtful but he was easily our best loan signing . Gavin Reilly is available he is leaving Livi but I think he will stay at Morton unless we offer him a very good contract .
  6. The reason we are down is lack of experience it is crucial worth a million billion pounds .
  7. Have changed my mind now think Wullie deserves a chance to be manager next season. Still not confident he has the experience to build a squad but give him a 1 year deal then if things don't go well we can change it .
  8. Think every small thing just now is getting looked at because of our relegation. Some fans seem to blame Billy for everything this will just make it worse another thing to complain about . For me I I could not care what is on the shirts I am more bothered about the quality of player that will play for us next season .
  9. It has not worked over the past 2 months with Wullie as player manager this is why he should just be a player next season . He has plenty of time to be Queens manager when he stops playing .. Would like to think this week the board are already planning for next season
  10. This week will give the board time to think about next season. Do we stay full time same budget as last season and try and get out of League 1. For me we have to try the mix of full and part time it worked at Raith why not with us . This we must be full time does not work for us as all we can attract is young players with no experience that as we have seen this season just does not work . On the manager we have to get it done next week I don't think Wullie has the experience but will we be able to attract better .
  11. If McGlynn leaves Raith I would have him as Queens manager. He is what we need to get out of League 1. I don't think he will go as experienced managers like him are difficult to get.
  12. Could not care if Queens lose 10 nil just get the season finished end the nightmare . Expect Dunfermline to win this and the playoffs .
  13. Is Wullie the man to get us back up emotional interview after the Ayr game definitely wants the job but my worry is has he the experience to build a squad . Does he deserve a chance ?
  14. Do you think our budget is miles behind Arbroath? Budget is a pish excuse. Arbroath almost won the division and Livingston went up with a tiny budget as well. The biggest issue was AJ. An absolute charlatan of a manager at this level. Budget not a piss excuse. Our budget was the lowest in the Championship even part time Arbroath had a bigger budget . Killie had the biggest budget won the League we had the lowest finished bottom.
  15. All under 18s free entry for the game. Easily our biggest crowd of the season expecting over 500 Ayr fans hopefully the stay away Queens fans will turn up for the game . Massive game for both clubs pressure all on Queens another must win game time will tell if our young squad is up to the job. My worry is the experience Ayr have will get them at least a draw
  16. That is spot in about Cameron and Junior neither looks like they have goals in them. Perfect example the chances at the end the defender should get nowhere near clearing the ball off the line and Cameron he is finding more ways to miss easy chances you would think they would work on that at training . Connelly is wasted out wide we are wide open down the right side when we don't have the ball .
  17. Why would they do that. He can't play and manage it is affecting his performance on the pitch it was Wullie at fault for the goal although Rae will not went to see it again. Played well like the Patrick game but this time we got.goals. Innes Cameron does everything except the most important thing.score goals.. The chance at the end summed him up easier to score than miss . Still going to be very difficult to stay up
  18. More like 99-01 in your favour. Massive ask for us to win.on Saturday and go and win at Dunfermline and hope either you or Dunfermline lose your other game .
  19. I'm glad we won't be anywhere near the top flight any time soon. What a ridiculous decision. Why is it a ridiculous decision ? Surely if used properly it will help refs get decisions right . If we had VAR for example when we played Killie in the 2 nil game at Palmy it would have picked up that Shaw was a yard outside the box no pen. As you say it will never affect us sadly we see heading down rather than up .
  20. Wullie is doing a AJ with Connelly playing him in the wrong position . He best position is just behind the forwards not wide right. Will easily get a Championship club next season .
  21. East for me is at best a good squad player never should be playing every week . He seems to get away from any criticism yet he is the weak link at the centre of our defence. Good to have in the squad for his versatility .
  22. That is why we can't appoint Gibson he has failed in his trial period . No improvement in results or the way we have played if anything we are now worse than when AJ was in charge. It was a gamble that has never worked time now to move on
  23. Need a major clear out . Our 6 loan signing will all go back only O'Connor looking anything like good enough . I would release Nditi Cooper Debayo McKechnie Joseph Roy Soares Junior Offer deals Connelly Rae McGory East Fizpatrick Gibson only as a player. Don't expect Connelly Rae or Fizpatrick to sign. We have 6 signed for next season Cowie McKay Chima Cochrane Paton Todd A massive job to sign a squad good enough to at least get us into the playoffs in League 1
  24. There are many experienced managers availble let's see who wants the job . Why give it to Wullie what has he done to deserve it . We have lost our last 7 games are worse now than when AJ was manager yet we want to gamble on a manager who has never even signed a player never mind a squad. It just seems to be the easy option to give Wullie the job
  25. What the hell has it to do with Hewitson . He give AJ a budget it was him who signed all the players not good enough . WG has made no difference why some fans think he should get the job I have no idea . Wullie is a good right back but not a manager just like most of the players he has not got the experience
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