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  1. Airdrie had a trialist on the bench on Saturday I take it that is allowed in League 1. Wonder if Wullie will add to the squad before the transfer window closes next week for me we are still 2 players short . We need another wide player plus a big striker so we can change things up top. Is the Loan window still open till the end of Sept.
  2. Really good win that is more like it Thanks for the summary of the game . News on Wilson injury is not good
  3. Match programmes are a thing of the past can't remember the last time I got one. 50-50 half time Draw tickets need to keep going we should try and push them more .The car park can we not charge fans to park like most other clubs do ? Anything that gets money into the club is a worthwhile exercise .
  4. Another difficult game but we must now start winning games after a poor start . We should have a almost a full squad to pick from so hopefully we will come away with a good result .
  5. We have technically gifted players but very few are streetwise what we need for League 1 . It will always be a battle a few of our players just don't want or can do that . Every game this season at some point we have been bullied. We lack aggression has Wullie signed to many nice players time will tell .
  6. Ugwu would be a brilliant signing he is exactly what we need .
  7. Good that Hendrie is a upgrade on McKenna he really has to up his game to something like a decent right back .Hope for 2 more signing a left winger to replace Fitzpatrick and a forward who is good in the air both positions difficult to get quality in . We need more goals in the team.
  8. Just what we need to play the form team at Palmerston . Our home record is very poor we play anything like we did against Clyde it will be the same result . We will again be missing Connelly and McGory but hopefully everyone else is fit .
  9. Is now not the time to add loan signing we need more quality in the squad . McGory is going to be out for a while it will take time to get Reilly Wilson and Ruth match fit . We just lack that key player to win us games.
  10. Thanks for clearing that up Skyline . Think I am certain now we have 1 point from 6 very disappointing start we are miles away from a team looking to challenge at the top of the League . We need something to get us going we need more quality added to the squad
  11. 1 point from 6 surely you expected more than that it is a start but we are miles away from what we need to challenge at the top of the League
  12. Best thing I can say about the line up is Wilson and Reilly are on the bench . We are missing 3 key players in Connelly McGory and Todd .
  13. 3 game ban for Connelly always thought you only got 2 . He is going to be a huge miss along with McGory . Really need a couple of real quality loans in but very difficult to get players in . We need more aggression in the team we are far to soft just now easy to beat
  14. If Queens play anything like we did against Clyde we will get nothing . Hopefully have Reilly Wilson Ruth and Todd back but will be missing McGory and Connelly
  15. My moan is why did he not just tell me it would cost £2 a card that would have made me try online he told me when my receipt was printing out that there was a charge. Does not really matter main thing is I have got a reply from you is that you back for the new season
  16. Yes received it when I purchased the season tickets. No idea why there is a surcharge of £2 per ticket . Surprised the ticket office at the BDS stand will be closed can only get match day tickets at the Arena looks like they really want fans to buy season tickets and match day tickets online .
  17. Season ticket and 2 Junior tickets got for another season . Decided to get plastic tickets wish someone had told me they are a extra £2 each will take the online option next season . Wonder if we will start getting regular updates from the club and Wullie pre match started it with AJ but since Finlay left it has all stopped
  18. I was the same even after the 2-2 St.Johnstone result I just could not see us qualifying what a bonus to get the £50,000 plus £27,000 for the probably live game plus a share of the Rangers gate money we will make close on £200,000 yet some fans wanted to risk Arbroath away a bit of a gamble lose we only make £50,000 . Hopefully some of the money will be added to Wullie budget all that matters is the difficult job of getting Queens back up to the Championship
  19. Aberdeen everything to play for. Aberdeen nothing to play for they have already qualified. Hope they don't rest players for the big kick off next week as I have said stick on a draw then Raith win on pens . Wullie interview is a must watch even gave me a laugh . Good and bad news on the injuries . Todd might have a broken toe but Paton is okay . Wish Sandra had asked about the other injured players could really do with a pre match interview with WG we started it with AJ but when Finlay left it all stopped . As for more new signing we added 2 last week I think now the squad is complete was hoping for better quality than Irving but Wullie must see something to sign him .
  20. I would be surprised if we add anyone this week but I suppose all depends on how bad all these injuries are. I have never seen so many injuries before we even start the League season . We can't expect the young boys to carry us through till our injuries clear up
  21. Amazed we still have a chance but it is a stick on a Raith draw and they win on pens Aberdeen nothing to play for . All the last games in the groups should be played on the same day and time not right Raith know what they have to do to qualify .
  22. Walked off limping both players signaled straight away they could not continue . We could have 5 key players out for the big kick off huge worry . On today's game 1st half a bit lacklustre. We really played well just after half-time could and should have scored more goals . WG has to play thought when he went off and Paton we took our foot off the gas and just played out time . Amazed we still have a chance but it is a stick on Raith draw and win on pens Aberdeen nothing to play for . All last games in the groups should be played at the same day and time.
  23. We just signed some guy called Dobbie before the Hibs game. He was a sub but came on and scored he ended up a very good signing. A young forward Dykes got a goal as well .
  24. Queens have signed 11 now have we quality or quantity only time will tell .
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