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  1. Barry Cook is a excellent ref always trys to let the game flow not stopping and starting all the time. It was dive video confirms that very good spot from Cook many weak refs would have been conned I thought when the whistle went he had .
  2. Another difficult match. This is the test can we reach the levels of the Falkirk game or will we be back to poor again. I would go with the same team and game plan Edinburgh will really be up for this they are really pushing for the playoffs we have nothing to play for .
  3. Normally I am on here on a Saturday night moaning about another poor performance but not tonight . That is exactly what we have been waiting for all season if only we could play like that every week . Well organised at the back a threat going forward actually using McKechnie pace to our advantage. Every player gave 100% probably won more tackles today than in the last few games. Wilson and Connelly make a huge difference. Now to try and keep that level of performance every week that is the difficult part .
  4. I keep saying the same thing because it is all true. I will say it is not helpfull but as you say just to try and forget it all till the summer. Bartley interview after the game is as low as I have heard him the 1st half was the worse we have played since he has been here.
  5. Really wish this season would end right now we are a club going nowhere . Marvin Bartley has a massive job trying to get a squad good enough to challenge for a play off spot next season. We need a clearout how WG thought this squad was good enough I have no idea. We are desperate for experience and height in the squad especially in defence . My only worry is there has been no improvement since Bartley has been here but he should get at least the close season to get his own squad signed. One last thing why is he not playing Wilson when he is fit he is easily our best midfielder.
  6. Got a point most important another week closer to the end of the season . What happened at the end we score but disallowed it must have been controversial to waken up Bartley for him to get sent off.
  7. You sound like Bartley not doing enough in both boxes. Get the subs on now Wilson and Connelly to start with Murray and Mckechnie off . Go 3 the back anything right now it is not working Bartley should be going mad at half time players need that but it is not his style of management . When does this season end
  8. Our defence still gives soft goals away we lack experience at the back that is why we will get nowhere near the playoffs . I would keep 4 -5-1 set up it gets the best out of our wide players try and push Todd up more to support Paton who at times was isolated last week .
  9. Any time I have seen Mendy he has impressed me hopefully we can keep him he looks ready for the 1st team next season.
  10. Add Paton Todd and Connelly. McKechnie is going the right way to earn a new contract .
  11. We looked better going forward scoring 3 good goals much better set up playing 4-5-1 . It should have been a comfortable win but again our defending was shocking we will get nowhere gifting goals like today . This passing out from the back is asking for trouble as we found many times today . The keeper and the defence played far to many poor passes which on another day would have cost us. Still a good win but not good for my blood pressure .
  12. Good win but we made hard work of it . 3 good goals but we will get nowhere defending like that really just give Airdrie 2 goals . Our passing was good at times but this passing out from the back just does not work the amount of times we lost the ball in our own half is asking for trouble. The keeper just needs to clear it not try silly passes when he has it. Much more of a threat going forward playing 4-5-1
  13. At the recent A.G.M. as forecast we lost over £200,000. for last season . I was expecting to get close to break even this season but even with the Rangers game we are still going to lose a six figure sum. We have a cash reserve just now to cover the losses but it will not last long especially with a new pitch to pay for next season . We are staying full time for next season but with the crowds and income we have would it not be better to go back to part time football to try and stop the huge losses we have .
  14. 4 players do not make a squad but surely you would expect a slight improvement when they all start like on Saturday if anything we look worse than when WG was manager . For me his new signing are not much better than what we had . Bartley like WG will be given the summer to get his own squad have to hope he does a better job . Easy to sign poor players like Wullie did but as Bartley will find out very difficult to sign quality players with our budget.
  15. 2nd goal. Why was Todd trying to mark Benedictus who is probably Dunfermline biggest threat at a corner. Poor from the keeper he has to come and punch that corner away ball inside the 6 yard box . Away from that any idea what the nearly full time half time draw numbers are ?
  16. Another game done till we get this very poor season finished. Don't expect anything from this we seem to be getting worse rather than better.
  17. The difference with Bartley and WG is that he had a transfer window to try and inprove us . Bartley signing have been okay but none have been outstanding really much the same level of player we have just now . Are we any better than when WG was manager I don't think so He will have up the level of signings as right now we are miles off it
  18. It was men v boys we had plenty of effort but Dunfermline had that plus experience height and confidence played like a team top of the League . What has happened to Kev a month ago he would have been off his line to attack that corner for the 2nd goal but he seems to have lost his confidence like the rest of the team thought as well he should have saved the header straight at him but the keeper is the least of our problems . Bartley now has to start planning for next season then he will be judged with his squad his very good talking will need to get replaced with results.
  19. We must have made close to £200,000 from the Rangers game yet we are still going to lose a six figure sum again this season . We have cash in the bank but it will not last long to cover the huge losses and to pay for a new pitch . As for this season I can't wait till it is over then I will judge Bartley. He can talk a very good game for now but come the summer when it is his squad his very good talking will mean nothing it will then be all about results.
  20. Wish i has asked this at the A.G.M. but what is the £20,000 taken out the accounts every season for it says pitch renewal .
  21. The pitch is going to be similar to Falkirk which is a excellent. Cost £300,000 think we have a pitch fund of £160,000 so still to find £140,000 . My worry is we are again for this season going to lose a six figure sum that is even after the money we made from the Rangers game . We have money in the bank but for how much longer already for next season are £140,000 down to pay for the pitch. We are stayng full time for next season but for how much longer can we take these big losses. Away from that Marvin Bartley was very impressive at the A.G.M. he speaks very well just have to hope that he can get some of his summer signing targets in and build a squad that can challenge at the right end of League 1.
  22. Has he a bad injury thought he was almost ready to come back. We miss him up top gives us something different plays the way Bartley likes quick sharp passing has a real goal threat as well .
  23. I am not turning on Bartley he has a impossible job with the squad he inherited from WG nobody right now even wants any of them on loan . It was difficult for him as well to try and change everything quickly he really needed more players to leave. Good to hear his interview that he agrees that yesterday performance was miles off it . At Hamilton every player gave 100% that is all you can ask but yesterday was nothing like it simply not good enough . Massive clear out needed be interesting to hear Marvin thoughts on Monday night at the shareholders meeting .
  24. Surely right to expect at least a slight improvement especially when Bartley has signed 5 players . That 2nd half was probable our worse performance of the season getting worse instead of better.
  25. The Bartley feel good factor now long gone. Never been so sure of a Dunfermline win go for 3 nil . Thought with Bartley in charge we would show some improvement but if anything we are worse than when WG was manager.
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