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  1. Big midweek Cup Tie live on BBC Alba !!! Think most folk will just stay at home and watch the game be lucky to get 500. Chance for some game time for the likes of Rae and the other subs have Thistle and now Cove both more important games than this .
  2. Suppose the only thing we can take from the Cove game is we are still in the Cup. Queens have 3 home games now surely if we lose them all AJ must go . It is hard going supporting Queens just now
  3. Suppose that is all we can take from the game is that we are still in the Cup.
  4. It is top of Div 1 v Bottom of the Championship you try and find something positive to say about that .
  5. You really think we have the money to pay off both AJ and Clark talking the best part of £100,000 to get rid of both . Whatever happens Clark will be staying as a assistant or manager
  6. Gibson is not ready yet to be a manager but maybe assistant to Sandy Clark .
  7. We must get rid of Johnston if we lose at Cove next week . It will cost us but if we do nothing AJ will take us town.
  8. You should be able to pay cash on the day of the game right up to kick off . I will never buy a ticket online always cash on match day . On to football what a player Nouble is it will be interesting to see how he gets on at Livi .in.the New Year.
  9. What is the injury ?. Will he be out long term no news on him he just disappeared from the squad
  10. John Hughes will be a great appointment he is exactly what Dunfermline need .
  11. Alan Johnston said the last time we played Arbroath that the budgets were much the same . Will see on Saturday again that it will be men v boys experience is so important in the Championship
  12. Arbroath budget is much the same as Queens. Arbroath can get the best experienced part time players Queens can only get young inexperienced full time players we easly have the youngest squad in the Championship . Queens should get back to part time I just do not see any advantage with us trying to stay full time
  13. If you are paying Kevin Holt £1200 a week I imagine you will be paying Rudden more . Have it from a very reliable source that most Thistle players are on over a £1000
  14. That is Queens season under the cosh.we concede poor goals when on top we can't score. We really miss Dobbie he would have been the difference in many games this season We have the youngest.squad in.the League that is our problem if only we had Berra at the back .wins everything in the air
  15. It is true what was I saying again. One thing I have not forgot Nouble was the best away player i have seen at Palmy for years a joy to watch
  16. Okay not a very positive post but is football not about opinions. There is one thing i am sure about I have forgot more about Queens and football than 19QOS19 will ever no
  17. Is Aiden Kirkpatrick out with a injury ?. The streaming should really be £15 to cheap at a £10. A wet cold day pay £18 or stay indoors watch for a £10. I would rather go out to a game but a lot of fans will prefer to stay in especially saving £8 . Away fans I am surprised we get any really all the bother of traveling when for a £10 you can watch at home
  18. Men v Boys really experienced part time against young full time players . The League table tells the story of how the game will go experience will always come out on top
  19. What like if you are not doing well after 6 months Queens can get rid without paying AJ over £50,000
  20. Definitely a two year contract looks like we must keep AJ for a long time yet. Queens fans don't really complain they just stop going to games well under 1000 now at home games .
  21. Dunfermline will now improve with a new manager they have a really good squad us we will just struggle along with Johnston and Son
  22. Raith are in good form Queens now can't score and conceding goals all points to a Raith win . It is fine margins in the Championship according to Alan Johnston. That must be why we have lost 8 of our 12 games .
  23. What comes with age is experience something we don't have. Willie Gibson is our best player main reason is because he has a wealth of experience. Most of our players have little or no experience of the Championship . We must get back to part time football then we can pick up the best experienced part time players not just gamble on boys in the hope that they learn quick on how to win games of football .
  24. That why we should not have signed so many boys when the going gets tough they just can't cope lose games of football far to easily Harry Cochrane said in the press last week he was just happy to play every week win lose or draw that attitude will not win you games of football
  25. No chance he will get sacked we just don't have the money to pay off his 2 year contract . 8 defeats out of 12 but it is a hard League as he will say in his interview.
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