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  1. Are you signing Fizpatrick surely you have seen enough now to pay us close to what we want and get the deal done. You will not get him for free so why wait .
  2. He is exactly what we need but we could get nowhere near what Falkirk will offer him. That is the type of quality we should be after not the likes of our trialist on Saturday .
  3. Need to get the Fizpartrick saga sorted then WG can replace him . Very difficult to get quality up top.
  4. Are the trialists away from Wed night ?. I am sure Irving is a decent player but we will need more quality than that.
  5. It is a worry already that all 3 are out. Surely would be involved if fit . Down to 1 trialist now surely he should start to get a good look at him
  6. What a keeper and character . Think it was 2002 we won the Bells Cup he organised the party after it some Queens players not seen for days . Had time for everyone never once turned down a picture or autograph sad loss R.I.P. Andy
  7. Fitzpatrick you got 350,000 for him from Norwich after you developed him as a player now we have had him for nearly 2 years developed him more yet we should get nothing that is not going to happen. If you really want him pay us or move on do you not think he is worth paying a fee for.
  8. You would think trialists would play from the start to get a good look at them
  9. Was any of the trialists any good worth another look on Saturday
  10. Iain Wilson Michael Ruth and Euan East not involved .
  11. Why will you not pay a compensatory fee to Queens ? Do you not think he is worth it ?. Have to hope Queens don't give in and just wait till you pay what is due
  12. Did we get compo .for Rae from Airdrie . We are due compo from Thistle if they want Fizpatrick pay it or do a deal we get a free loan Thistle pay the players wages .. What are we talking here around £10,000 surely a so called big club like Thistle can pay that.
  13. I get your point like last season we just fired high balls at Cameron missing out midfield but as I said it is just another option to have someone good in the air up top as we don't have that just now. In the press now that Gordon Marshall is the new goalkeeper coach.
  14. So we can mix it up top gives us another option.
  15. Really good post I agree with it all. Wullie next 2 signing are crucial a wide player and a big forward they could make all the difference somehow we need to get real quality in
  16. Any interest in Russell ?. Clubs not wanting to pay a fee still think he is good option for Queens very difficult to get a big forward who can score goals . On Peterhead gradually building up a good squad .
  17. Innes Cameron scored 2 for Killie in a friendly against Falkirk just hitting form before a loan move somewhere . WG now has to get a quality wide player in and a big forward who can score goals very difficult as everyone Is looking for that .
  18. Excellent keeper but I think he expected many offers when he turned down our contract . He got none even Partick and Morton who need a keeper offered him nothing so he had to take the Airdrie offer on less money . At least we got a compo fee for him not a huge amount but better than nothing
  19. That is a great post Josh Rae must have thought he would have a choice of many clubs but none called . Partick and Morton in the market for a keeper are a example but he was not wanted so the end up he had nowhere to go except the one offer from Airdrie does that not say it all . He will probable be on less money as well . There is no mention of a compo fee are we not due something
  20. Palmerston just needs a tidy up for now next big job is getting a new pitch for next season. Back to the football could really do with a update from Wullie on how training is going and everything else from adding to his staff and more new signing.
  21. We are due compo for him ? Thought Thistle would have to sign him first rather than play him as a trialist
  22. Hopefully we now get a decent offer from Thistle for Fitzpartrick we are due compo. for him .
  23. Our 1st pre season friendly tomorrow away to Killie . Should give the players a good work out result means nothing all about fitness . Hopefully we get a update from Wullie on how pre season training is going and if we are close to signing anyone.
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