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  1. Was surprised we never got O,Connor he is exactly the type of defender we need. This has been our problem all season we don't have a aggressive centre back. Not 1st choice at Morton hopefully he might be available in January.
  2. A example is Wilson and Reilly both offered deals at Morton but sign for us. We offered more money that is the only reason why they signed for us.
  3. Disappointing if expected result in the Cup . Morton have shown get the right manager anything is possible. They will work with a similar budget to us but all to do with how you use it.
  4. Every time the ball goes out your long throw will come into the box then you win 1st or 2nd balls it is not really all about size it is the aggression you have to win the ball It will be a battle something that you are really good at we just don't have the players who enjoy a 50-50 challege think some will disappear as the tackles fly in
  5. After last week Wullie really should be saying thanks to the fans for the support . The noise and numbers of the fans will increase if we keep playing like yesterday surprised Sandra said things are not that bad. We are now at a crossroads in our season can we push for the playoffs for me our defence still has a soft centre hopefully we can sort that in the New Year . Is Rico suspended for the Morton game Hendrie back for that .
  6. Very difficult tie Morton in great form will be favourites we just don't have the physical players needed to beat them. The ball will be in the air a lot we just don't have enough height and strength to deal with it.
  7. Night and day from last week . We still look dodgy at the back but every time we went forward we looked like we would score. All played well but Special mention to young Gibson his crossing was first class Good team performance think we would have scored more but the sending off changed the game . Stupid from Rico to react when on a booking but he was hit on the face before it. Done now but Wullie should really have taken him off when on a booking. Montrose really lost it very lucky to finish with 11 players just glad we did not end up with any injuries.
  8. Everything in this post is 100 % correct only massive problem is how do we sort it when teams come at us physically we just don't have the type of player who loves a challenge to win the ball .
  9. If no reaction after Saturday disgraceful 2nd half then it will surely be time for Wullie to go.
  10. Nothing like the Harkness years the board have given Wullie a decent full time budget. The problem is Wullie has signed no leaders all nice players but not one would win a 50 -50 ball. We don't have a good goalkeeper or any defenders that are even half decent You could tell from our first game against Annan when they bullied us that it was going to be a long season . We have a soft centre all this is Wullie fault nobody elses he signed the wrong type of player . We will always lose games everyone does but it was the manner of the defeat at Alloa it was a new low point .
  11. Brian Rice for me has the experience we need is doing a great job at Alloa. Only problem is the cost of getting rid of Wullie and getting Rice in I can't see the board doing that we will no doubt just stick with Wullie that is the easy cheap option
  12. As I said our Chairmen is not perfect but he will have to do as I don't see a queue of folk wanting to join the board . The Dykes deal if Q.P.R ever make the Premiership or he gets sold for big money then we will get another huge pay day . Away from that wish we could play Edinburgh every week. Early days but have we another star in the making in Lewis Gibson .
  13. Very difficult game we never seem to do well against Alloa especially away. Hopefully have Todd back for this have almost a full squad . Think Lewis Gibson will definitely start !!!
  14. No excuse not hitting the target from a pen. I thought he had a corner he preferred. If going for power how hard is it to keep it on target really sums up our season so far .
  15. Okay the board are not perfect but remember they are in affect volunteers as well. They are fans like us just trying to run the the club the best way they can . I don't see a queue of people wanting to join the board most folk will not give up their free time to run a football club . The Lydon Dykes deal for example the board deserve great credit on adding a sell on clause that will hopefully still keep bringing more money in . Any blame on our poor performances are 100 % our managers fault he was given a decent budget to sign a full time squad good enough to at least make the playoffs. They look miles away just now. He still thinks he has enough quality in the squad time will tell if he is right .
  16. Have watched the highlights it was worse than I thought . The 1st goal what is Bange thinking about with that pass it is nowhere near a Queens player but after that we are so slow to react easy. 2nd goal what the hell was McKay and East doing standing watching as he had a simple header in . Currie as expected did nothing he has to come and claim that the ball was in the air a long time . 3rd goal think I could beat McKenna far to easy to side step easy again . The overall performance was easily the worse so far this season need a massive improvement to get anything from any game this season
  17. Much like our players. Players all care they give 100% but most are simple not good enough.
  18. This is the point we should be up challenging with the likes of Falkirk not getting outclassed . If no vast improvement in the next month is it time for a change in saying that if the rumours are true about a non football problem Wullie might be away sooner than we think.
  19. What happens if we had got a Auchinleck type draw and lost would put a hell of pressure on WG. Morton is a free hit if we lose we move on to the more important thing of the League.
  20. Bottom line is we won I don't care how we played. We played very well against Alloa only got a point . The subs changed the game was Wullie not right to try anything to win the game okay he used 5 subs but it worked we won the game nothing else matters .
  21. Made hard work of it but bottom line it is still a good win . We are still miles off it far to slow passing the ball but hopefully this will help the confidence .
  22. Our best system with the player we have seems to be 3-5 -2 why do we change it every week . It looked like a 4-1-3-2 we had no width we ended up over passing it in the midfield . Wilson is far better further forward breaking up play not sitting in front of the back 4 . Any manager interview this week ?
  23. I was speaking to someone who is 'as good as source as any' and when I asked if these rumours were true they confirmed it was partly down to the chairman not wanting him to pick himself. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm not one for rumours but without saying exactly who the person is, I can guarantee they will know for sure and wouldn't just make a story up. It is usually me who posts rubbish but glad someone else does as well . This has to go down as the most stupid post ever amazed somebody even gives this rumour a thought . The chairman will have no input in team selection or what formation the team play amazed some fans think that . Do some fans think Wullie has to contact the chairmen say to him we have a few injuries this week is it okay for me to play
  24. Brilliant video and tops just as good . I don't really buy tops anymore but will be getting this. On to the football good win today but we are still a work in progress have good spells in games at times we look good when we pass the ball quickly but then we over pass it far to slow and end up losing the ball . We seem to lack confidence especially in front of goal but hopefully that will come with a few wins. Hopefully through time Wullie will realise he has to play we are a far better team with him in it . Todd looks like a bad injury he will be a big miss.
  25. Comfortable win untill the 2nd goal I was worried it had a ending like the Alloa game. After the 2nd goal it should have been more but most important was the win. We at times over pass it we need quick passing like the 2nd goal . Downside of the game was the injury to Todd he will be a big miss did not look good him pulling up.
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