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  1. All fully charged but not needed yet. Maybe now the window has closed clubs will release players on loan surprised we have not done any business in or out after Bartleys comments on Saturday .
  2. Connor Sheilds has signed for the wrong Queens on loan. What a player he was for us at times unplayable with his pace and power . Deadline day looking like it is going to pass without any action for us . We still have another month to get loans in so no panic for us.
  3. Thank you for that . You almost make the rubbish I post seem not to bad.
  4. He could surely do short term job for us has the experience and is a leader at the back. At 34 offer him deal till the summer His previous convictions are ancient history
  5. Hope come midnight on Tuesday SD mobile has been well used . Hope we get the aggressive experienced centre half who is a leader at the back .
  6. Has not trained for over 2 weeks apparently his dead leg is not responding to treatment .
  7. Marvin first home game in charge hopefully a big improvement on the last few home games. Kabia has started well hopefully more to come from him. We have a few Injuries big miss is Wilson in midfield.
  8. Bartley speaks really well good upbeat interview hopefully quality signing in before Tuesday night . We will still have the back up of the 3 Domestic loans we can use in February . Will be difficult to get players out who would take most of our players.
  9. Thanks for that Skyline now no panic to get Domestic loan signings done for Tuesday night.
  10. You are the man to ask the Loan window when does it close . How many loans have we got left to use ?
  11. Anyone could have picked up a injury in training . Think 3 out today with a injury plus Wilson and Morrison .
  12. Surely would not let Connelly leave. He like Wilson got injured in the Kelty Cup Tie. That is one thing Wullie always done was open with injuries let us no what the problem was and when expected back
  13. Wilson a huge miss our best midfielder. Connelly offers us something different up top hopefully both not long till fit . Kabia hopefully has something but will be short of match fitness right now . My worry is we are still weak in defence .
  14. Still think we are desperate for a aggressive experienced leader at the back untill we get that no amount of coaching will stop us losing goals . We still have till Tuesday night. Do we have another month after that to get loans in ? How many loans are we allowed in a season ?
  15. Decent player ? . Has a bit of pace left winger ?. Have heard the bad attitude stories hopefully Bartley can get the best out of him.
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