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  1. Hopefully we will make changes for this game we need to find goals from somewhere . AJ has plenty of options hopefully he will use them
  2. We need to get goals from somewhere very disappointed so far with Cameron hopefully he will get better with game time. Reben will run all day but his job is to score goals something he can't do . Roy and Paton should have been on with at least 20 mins to go both have pace we did everything far to slow today. Now on to Max Johnston he is not ready for Championship football only plays because his Dad is the manager we are even playing players out of position so he can play. Todd Roy and Paton should all start against Hamilton get Gibson back to his best position right wing back .
  3. Max will play he has the key name in Johnston can't see Josh losing his place even after that crazy tackle at to gift Ayr a pen . Would like us to go a 4-4-2 get Fizpatrick and Connelly wide get balls into the box for Cameron and Ruben but none of the above will happen .
  4. Do Queens not receive payments from Livi as part of the deal they have with Q.P.R going by appearances Dykes has for Q.P.R. and Scotland . If ever Q.P.R get into the Premier league does that not get us a bonus as well
  5. He might be almost 25 but has played under 50 games in his career so far. Got lucky at Morton with a stupid tackle and again last week against Thistle made 2 poor mistakes lucky not to get sent off ! Really could have cost us the games at Morton and Thistle last week . Said so yourself he cost us the points at Ayr that can't go on any longer.
  6. This is what happens when you have young defenders had a crazy tackle against Morton today was even worse no excuse for it time to leave him.out the team next week
  7. Apparently we have a great squad at Queens been unlucky to lose 6 games so far .Both teams struggling so far expect a poor game . AJ has to make changes think time to take Josh out the team making far to many mistakes .
  8. Some decent Ayr fans on Twitter with the facts as I thought every word true from Wullie . On to the football very disappointing defeat again
  9. Only way really Willie can get the truth out really amazes me what some fans think they can get away with . End of the day it is only a game of football have banter like Querns fans do with Muirhead but that is going to far to actual want someone to die in there sleep that is as bad as it gets
  10. That is like a negative post from Northfield . Got to look at the positives we only lost 6 games in the 1st quarter. Our young players will learn from crazy mistakes.
  11. 1st half we had far too.many long balls giving the ball back to Thistle . Brynn had 2 really good saves to keep us in it . 2nd half much better we actually started to pass the ball. Connelly what a goal top corner from 25 yards top quality. Thistle had.a few half chances . Brynn had another good save really had a good game tonight Roy took his goal well taking.it round the keeper. Good win hopefully keep it going.for the Championship
  12. That stat is misleading . Kennedy was a inch wide with one shot. Dunfermline scored but thankfully a tight offside decision saved us . Poor game could have gone either way great that we got the win it is fine margins in the Championship .
  13. Paton back in as well try and get game time into most of the squad hopefully Todd is fit as well
  14. I suppose not every club is lucky to have someone like you . I like to think Queens would not make a stupid mistake when you are there . On to the Partick game very difficult AJ has already said he will make changes good chance for some players to push for a start every week
  15. Happy for now will surely find something else to moan about .
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