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  1. Difficult game Airdrie looked good at Palmy especially in the 1st half Frizzell the best player on the park. We still have a weakness at centre back plus we are missing a lot of chances hopefully at both ends of the park we show a improvement
  2. Paton missed 3 easy chances against Alloa they look worse than I thought each chance got easier but he works hard so he somehow must play. I do not care if he works hard his job is to score goals if he does not do that then give Ruth or in WG eyes our luxury player Connelly a game. Our defence is desperate for a aggressive centre half to win it in the air and who can organise things. That chance has gone so looks like we are stuck with what we have perfect example the Alloa goal a cross into the box McKenna and East nowhere goal. We are miles away from a team that can challenge at the top of the League we have too many nice players.
  3. No injury for Connelly as he played and scored in a reserve game midweek . Maybe WG only plays yes men does not like a player with a opinion great to see Reilly giving back as much as he got from WG today
  4. Long way to go as you say but we can't wait to re-assess at the end of Q2 . Results have not been good enough so far today was a good example this was a game we should have won but didn't why because of very poor finishing especially from Paton who is now starting to cost us points his open goal miss today his worse so far. Ruth and our best attacking option Connelly are on the bench not even used why ?
  5. Why is our best attacking option Connelly not getting a start yet Paton plays every game . He works hard seems to do no wrong a Wullies favourite but he is now starting to cost us games missing far to many easy chances open goal today top of the long list. Ruth is another option we could use . Is Wullie getting the best out of the squad we chucked away 2 points against Alloa yet another poor result.
  6. Nordsjaelland are from Denmark how can you compare that to Edinburgh. Some of our fans boycott Palmerston
  7. Worry as well apparently Alloa are a big physical team something we can't deal with and have won their last 4 games.
  8. Think this will be a step up from the Edinburgh games . Alloa have good experience and a excellent manager. We have to be at it again right from the start. Wullie Gibson must play from the start we look a different team with him in it players go up another level
  9. So you were not one of the 4 traveling support . Our support has gone down but not to that level Think that is the smallest away support I have seen .
  10. Another good performance. 1st half a bit slow deserved our lead Paul McKay went off injured just before half time Wullie came on . What a difference in the 2nd half with Wullie on we look a different team so much better he has to play every week.
  11. Somebody has to tell Wullie Gibson he must play . Tonight's game comfortable win far to slow 1st half but with Wullie on 2 nd half we look a different team he gets us playing seems to lift the whole team.
  12. Sound dodgy on my phone as well has to be the wind . Interviews good as usual Paton always upbeat just young Gibson this week
  13. If Wullie was not the manager he would start every week . Hopefully somebody has a word with him. Have seen the excellent highlights from Edinburgh take it we don't do QOS TV anymore . No interviews this week ?
  14. That is more like it night and day from anything we have played this season . 1st half deserved to be more than 1 goal ahead . 2nd half we started to lose control of the game until Wullie came on he has to start he did more in 20 mins than McKenna did in 70 . The other subs all did well special mention to Lewis lovely skill to beat his man to almost get his 1st goal .
  15. Wullie spoke to him before he signed for Kelty part time not a problem fitness now as good as it has ever been would have been a inspirational signing you said yourself he will be the best midfielder in League 1 with Kelty .
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