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  1. Wonder if we could get him back as say reserve team manager/ 1st team coach just to have him back at the club would give everyone at boast. Young players can learn so much from him.
  2. East is not a centre back he is not aggressive enough or good in the air he was our weak link in defence . Take the Cup Final for the first 2 goals he completely lost his man free header both goals . It he signs again good squad player to have .
  3. O'Connor has been released from Motherwell WG must try and get him he was easily our best loan signing. Get him Moxon and Reilly that should be WG 3 top targets.
  4. Cooper offered a deal as well suppose WG will have to wait to see if any of the 4 offered deals will be back . Gavin Reilly has to be at the top of WG list but will be difficult to get as other clubs will be interested . Muirhead would have been perfect for us a aggressive centre half but he looks like he is going to Partick . Fleming at Annan he will want to stay part time but surely we could work something out . Try and persuade Moxon at Annan to sign again that will be difficult as he will have a few offers . Hopefully WG can get his squad signed get players he wants not go down the route of gambling on trialists in the hope he finds a decent player
  5. Believe what you want but I no for a fact it is true. Do you think players sign for Thistle because they like Glasgow no all about the crazy wages you pay you will easily have the biggest budget in the Championship before Dundee arrive
  6. He has moved back to Dumfries probable about a year ago
  7. Another player who like Holt lives in Summerpark in Dumfries . Company for Holt on the drive to Glasgow every day . You will easily offer double what Ayr offered him I as I have mentioned before you have a few players on over a £1000 a week most clubs can't get near what you pay Holty on £1200 heard it from a close reliable family member
  8. Another player who lives in Summerpark in Dumfries going to Partick . Company for Holty on the drive to Glasgow every day . Hopefully this week we will find out if the 4 players from last season offered deals will sign then we can start the difficult job of building a squad . Have heard a rumour we are after Reilly but it will be difficult to get him as other clubs are interested
  9. Inverness huge credit hero's every player . Arbroath had 12 men Inverness only had 9 Arbroath had no idea how to break down Inverness . Great interview from Billy Dodds how he never had a go at the ref I have no idea . Bobby Linn very poor pen rushed it strange for someone so experienced.
  10. The pitch tests must be easy to pass almost can't fail . The stadium really needs a tidy up weeds out and several areas need painted . Hopefully we can organise fans I would be happy to help to go in and give it a tidy up.
  11. I take it we have our poor pitch for another season . Andy Murdoch ex Queens now at Ayr saying Palmerston is the worse pitch he has ever played on. Really good club horrendous pitch . Wonder how many other players think that. I suppose every penny we have must go to the 1st team budget next season
  12. A wee bit of advice never post before the game has finished. Away from that on to important stuff think best we can hope for it trying to get into the playoffs going to be very difficult to win League 1
  13. Give the guy a chance he deserves that . He talks a very good game time will tell if he is up to the job. My worry is his lack of experience massive job trying to build a squad good enough to win League 1
  14. McGIynn very good experienced manager was hoping we might be in for him but we can never get near what Falkirk will offer him . Does that make Kenny Millar available or just go with WG give him a chance think the board will take that easy option
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