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  1. The ref ruined it with the sending off , was a great game before that The ref applies the laws. Ruining it would be not applying the laws.
  2. Out of Interest, why do you feel aggrieved. Rx
  3. They folded. He did take a significant number of players with him to Darvel.
  4. Just like Darvels in the play-off... You are right
  5. It’s only dim if you have your heid up yet bahookie and can’t face up to that fact.
  6. You could say they bottled it. A wee bit of pressure over the last few games and their ar5es collapsed.
  7. How about a table of clubs with most reincarnations
  8. Can I change my mind, now that the. Darvel Legend has pronounced that next week is a must win.
  9. Darvel to be mentioned more than any other team on the forum on the way to their breeze to the title.
  10. It’s rumoured that one of the OF are targeting it for their own use, both already have a substantial presence in ED and would have no problem pitching for a lease.
  11. Don’t gie me yet Jimmy Sanderson pish. It’s no ma fault yeh hive a thin skin.
  12. That’s 4 less than the number of teams who have pumped you in it since you won it last.
  13. More people have viewed this thread than have watched Ardeer in the last 15 years. No such thing as bad publicity
  14. Maybe he was in Portugal trying to fix the floodlights
  15. The statement is an abhorrent, if your have nothing good to say, then say nothing. It’s almost like someone piggybacked onto to the poor man’s demise to settle a score. Sick ba5tard.
  16. Am I getting this right? Are we having two teams called Rossvale next year, playing in the same colours and within 3 miles of each other?
  17. A wee trip into darkest Lanarkshire is always a good day out. My favourites in no particular order are , Lesmahagow Lanark Cambuslang Rangers Larkhall Thistle cracking grounds and well worth a visit
  18. Its not a problem for the “Clydebank” fans
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