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  1. Am I getting this right? Are we having two teams called Rossvale next year, playing in the same colours and within 3 miles of each other?
  2. A wee trip into darkest Lanarkshire is always a good day out. My favourites in no particular order are , Lesmahagow Lanark Cambuslang Rangers Larkhall Thistle cracking grounds and well worth a visit
  3. Its not a problem for the “Clydebank” fans
  4. Since others have picked cup games so can I. Sorry to OP. Darvel 2-4 Hurlford, under the lights on a Friday night and In front of a fantastic crowd. The game was end to end with Hurlford the much better team that night and I thought they schooled Darvel. I think the lessons learned that night was telling for the success that Darvel went on to have, Mick Kennedy would have identified his strengths and weaknesses and I’m sure he used that lesson to move on.
  5. It’s enough to make my heart go, “ you are not pleased”
  6. You don’t have to , lots of us get plenty of opportunities to give ES Clydebank a slagging
  7. I would just like to thank all the to55ers on here, who have provided hours and hours of entertainment in the last year.
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