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  1. mind before this mass psychosis when "theres somethin goin aroond" was the start and end of it
  2. nothing different. the same doomsday cultists on their 8th booster posting graphs about the new kappa epsilon II 3.211c variant
  3. doomsday cult moonhowlers gagging to turn the world into an open air mental asylum
  4. havent worn a mask or socially distanced in about 16 months, wont be starting now wont sign up to any jab subscription or download any app for permission to live as normal
  5. moonholwer doomsday cult leader in Australia as bad as that New Zealand prime minister
  6. no, moonhowlers disinfect their hands 20 times a day, wear useless masks, stand on dots in shops, post photos getting a jab, live by what the 'expert graph man' on the TV says... all while castigating normal people living normal lives for not joining their moonhowling doomsday cult
  7. evil delivered with a smile and giggle
  8. the moonhowlers are those all-in on end of the world cults https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_events
  9. its not funny though is it? going on two year of state sponsored mass delusion, fear, random powers, wi folk applauding it all
  10. ofc its the same bullshit climate was the the original scam - global invisible bogeyman end of the world 24/7 fear campaign 'the science' is God stifle dissent plebs must give up freedoms, normality hand over power and money all the way up the chain to global orgs and business Sound familiar?
  11. whos saying that? one of the first names on the teamsheet surely
  12. they will never admit theyre bullshitters on the take the news and papers will give them air time as long as theyre saying the right things
  13. keys in the bowl cult vibes Darcy lol
  14. wankbeans blocking roads normal punters are using and glueing their faces to things arent victims gi yer head a wobble
  15. here we go normal punters are radical middle-class crusties sitting on roads glueing their faces to things are normal
  16. compulsory Pfizer subscription wi a jab every 6 months or youre banned from society loads of people will still applaud this shite. "its your choice lol"
  17. theres two transfers to English side there Derby county and Burton albion tbh i quite like watching mls highlights but the standard is nowhere near epl or serie A. The odd tidy player, aye
  18. safe safer safety be safe safety is our #1 priority
  19. talkin oot yer arse as i thought https://www.espn.co.uk/football/major-league-soccer/story/2878287/nycfcs-andrea-pirlo-mls-has-too-much-running-and-too-little-play
  20. i dfag what u think pirlo said, the MLS is not the same standard of as serie a and the epl
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