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  1. Thon number 7 disnae gi a f**k brilliant
  2. not sure about leaving out our best striker when we need goals Good to see Christie starting
  3. Robertson at rb was a masterstroke of shite was there not a single natural rb we couldve called up?
  4. doomed to mediocrity until we unearth a few
  5. two lads free at the back post ffs get Robertson away fae rb
  6. Way to easy twice in a row Robertson looks like a left hander trying to write right handed, all his muscle memory back to front
  7. Robertson not looking too comfy at rb
  8. 'covid call offs following gov guidelines' what a load of nonsensical shite
  9. He'll tear that league apart good luck to him
  10. shite game really but two standounts the atmosphere in the 5 minutes after England scored sounded unbelievable loved chiellini getting the win carrying the trophy wi that kids smile, what a character
  11. Back in the day I made a custom player in PES about 4ft11, max jumping keepering acceleration and speed, two positions GK and winger depending on the situation flexibility is how to fix our talent
  12. Point is we havent produced anyone comparable even to Durie since, its been a downwards plummet since the 80s, thirty fucking years without a new forward of much note
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