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  1. The worst thing to come from any of this is twice reading you say the word Facers.
  2. Pleased to hear that Jim McAllister has put himself forward! The more like him the better.
  3. Son of the rock isn't he? No chance of an investment in Dumbarton?
  4. There was a couple of posts a few pages back saying that cooler heads were required, and I couldn't agree more. Some of the people involved in and around the boards have fantastic business and governance experience, but they seem to behave differently when it comes to their plaything, for want of a better word. If a group of people got together with good ideas, good people skills, a willingness to do a solid handover and a penchant for the sensible and unspectacular running of a football club then I'd vote them straight in.
  5. Should have been called Edinburgh Friday If it's good enough for Sheffield Wednesday...
  6. Fair enough. I was blindly going on the fact he'd played for Albion Rover and East Fife under Young, similar to Ross Davidson, and that we need someone in his position. But if he was frozen out under Young, I can't imagine he'd be heading here.
  7. Can imagine him signing for us. Think he would have played under Darren Young at Albion Rovers and East Fife, and that combination normally means they'll sign for us.
  8. Ryan Wallace released by East Fife. Another player who played for the manager at Albion Rovers and East Fife. I can see him signing for us.
  9. Not that it matters at all, but was there even time for a VAR check there, given the 3rd goal seemed marginally offside
  10. https://www.nowtv.com/watch-sky-sports-online Sports Day Pass 11.98
  11. Not as I understand it..? What if Team A goes 1-0 up in the 3rd minute Team B equalises in the 8th minute and then takes the lead in the 10th minute Then team A equalises in the 80th minute If its one point per minute of each goal Team A would have 87 points for the first goal, and 10 points for their second = 97 points Team B would have 82 points for their first goal, and 80 points for their second = 162 points (not including injury time) Team B wins despite not getting the first goal?
  12. Think I've missed something. And I don't see anything on the club or trust website. Has Stuart Brown been removed? Or is it just a motion?
  13. I seem to remember it was people connected to the Junior Academy that were signed up? If so, I think that's different to just asking, say, 50 guys at your local bowling club who have never been to a game to sign up. If the people at the Junior Academy felt like the current chairman was helping them to prosper then wouldn't it be in their best interest to vote remain (for want of a better phrase). And, even if they weren't a member of the Trust (nor am I), isn't there just as much at stake for them as there is for your average supporter? That said, sending all 50 in on one email was poorly judged, and probably to make a point. It would have been far better if everyone just did it themselves.
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