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  1. Small glitch in the new software we use for website - now been rectified awaiting confirmation of new date.
  2. Cowdenbeath, AKA the emergency loan champions of Scottish football had ample time to get a GK in, going by their previous attempts it takes a day for them to achieve this. so why after knowing on Thursday are we having this conversation on NYD that they might not be able to fulfil fixture and then wait until 10.30am on the day of the game to officially call it off.
  3. Nah, see I agree with the idea and ways around it. Kids are more interested in the ugly sisters of Glasgow, so why not get them involved at a lower level and you’ll have supporters for years. Free today, £180+ a year per adult in 10 years time, sustainable model doesn’t mean gained commerce from day one, speculative accumulation is also key.
  4. Who weren’t actually banned just not allowed to stand beside each other - that came directly from a well known supporter of yourselves who I overheard speak to someone. you’re seriously crying over a couple young boys having a bit banter - Christ I’ve been called worse at a footy game! Grabbing I don’t agree in, I hope you reported it to a steward?
  5. Coming from the supporters of a club in which your kids threw juice over young children, tried to steal and set fire to flags, racial abuse a footballer and tried to intimidate small children leaving the ground... stones, glasshouses. glad to see we’ve rattled you enough by a demolishing of goals that you’ve dedicated your first post on P&B to the club that’s put 9 past you in 2 games
  6. Cowdenbeath have been circling around the drain hole of non league football for many years. I sympathise however the results on the pitch matter. They rely on a “big tie” game every couple of years to survive, how is that sustainable for any club? im failing to see any real train of thought in your ramblings, if affluent clubs can show sustainability and progress I'm all for it. The Gretna - Kelty comparison is becoming old and stale, change the record
  7. Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh this morning
  8. They seem to only be able to do maybes and almosts. Almost lowland league champions twice in a row, and maybe we would have won the lowland league twice in a row if it wasn’t for covid.
  9. Either that or you’re an arsepiece who doesn’t have a comeback to that. stick to stenny and chugging yourself off to mediocrity with swift and the BSC rejects
  10. Which was one of the poorest turnouts of the season coincidentally - yesterday was over 800. do you know something we don’t regarding the wage bill for KH? Or are you speculating? youre speculative opinion is based on rumours he said she said stuff and you seem to be highly motivated by the Gretna narrative. KH has a corporate sponsorship package for all areas which is easily found on their website which will recover a portion of the costs associated with the club, gate entries also contribute to this. most players are brought in on free transfers and intact the players you mentioned were free agents. so tell me, how ambitious club driving forward is somehow code word for Gretna in the eyes of the sour grapes of some fans?
  11. Our fan base is increasing every year - we have a fanbase and attendances that would put some L1 games to shame. i see the point of sustainability brought up every week getting. I’d actually like to ask where you think KH are not sustainable? Just curious...
  12. So are you contacting the club on Monday or you just being a big keyboard dafty as usual?
  13. Agreed! Young, hungry for a chance and with the correct development under KT and his coaching staff he is a valuable asset for the future!
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