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  1. Sorry, sidetracked, was looking to see info about today’s game, going to take it in since we have a free week and see how Bonnyrigg will fair in L2 providing they finish first
  2. Hit a nerve did I? anger issues wee man, want to talk about it?
  3. The young team were subjected to vile chants about jimmy saville (that was from the older persons in the group) cups of juice thrown, attempted to steal the large flags and waited outside in a bid to intimidate 11 year old children. There has been all sorts of accusations thrown at Nathan accusing him of lying on twitter from the sets of fans, the albion rovers chat board is laughable and it looks like the albion fans are quite frankly appalled and sick of the Coatbridge boys as they like to be known as. nail on the head with the comments that people must feel comfortable in their surroundings to have the audacity to come out with racist abuse, and I for one feel that the old saying, you fly with the craws you get shot with the craws is fitting here. the behaviour of the group was deplorable and vile. the Kelty young ultras are a set of young fans who are trying to create an atmosphere at the grounds, granted they are a bit raw shall we put it with their chants and the language used, but children of this age need to be drawn into local football away from the old firms, the sustainability of lower league football depends on it.
  4. Full bus load, more travelling by car and such, 200 maybe? hope the comments by the rovers players in the daily record don’t come to bite them in the erse Edit: don’t forget the young ultras
  5. Shiny toys? They’re no bloody toys out a happy meal ffs
  6. Hi Website article says fanbase tickets available, but normally a pay at gate is available also. have fun on Saturday, great ground to visit!
  7. Wow use of an smiley.... here’s a few for you
  8. Twat in the hat? how long it take you to come up with that? Absolutely no need. Boys only supporting the club he follows? You might no like him but certainly no a twat. you sir are a p***k of the highest order!
  9. That’s right, I mean Nathan done well to get his £500 scoring bonus today!
  10. Young man, young family, wanted regular football and wanted to be closer to home instead of travelling. spoke with east fife, we put an offer to him, he thought about both offers and came to us?
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