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  1. It’s not as jarringly bad as the first 2 episodes as Obi-Wan. Third Sister’s is up there with the very worst points of the prequels.
  2. I’ve just watched the first 2 episodes of Obi-Wan. McGregor is fine but a lot of it is comically bad. Some of the action sequences are a shambles and the Third Sister character has had me laughing out loud at the standard of acting and the appalling dialogue. I also can’t believe they made the Chinese looking character in the Inquisitors wear that hat! I have heard it improves drastically so sticking with it.
  3. Disney Plus as well. An episode ends and it goes way, way into the end credits before you can press to watch the next episode. Though Apple TV+ is the worst for this. What a shambolic platform that is. I gave up on it.
  4. I hate how it makes you do extra clicks. One to select the show and then another to start watching it. And I hate how you start a show and it tried to get you to watch a trailer for some other absolute bbc shite that they think we should all be watching.
  5. All4 is an abomination. iPlayer I’d way ahead but is still very poor compared to Netflix.
  6. McCartney dimes out on a few decent songs. Some of his lionised stuff like Hey Jude and The Long and Winding Road are absolutely shite songs. Dirges. My heart sinks whenever I hear them starting up.
  7. I would rather be set alight than attend any music “festival”.
  8. Anyone hear had any positive experiences? The ones I see in the shops look like they will fall apart if I was to hit a shot at them. They are for the kids obviously but I’m thinking they might as well be decent.
  9. I call pavements sidewalks, just to get a reaction. Always works.
  10. Time condensing is a worry for me as well. I think we might see a little bit of Feánor in flashbacks but I wold expect that only to be the case with Finrod also. Finrod should under no circumstances be in the 2nd age and I’m sure that will be covered by the conditions set by Christopher Tolkien and the Estate. In the 2nd Age Finrod was in Mandos and then returned to Aman where he lived with Finarfin in Eldamar. I suspect the image we say is a flashback to the Dagor Bragollach, which Finrod survived but which wiped out Angrod and Aegnor. If Galadriel in the story is full of rage over the “death of her brother” as has been hinted, it had better be those two and not him and also there is the fact that the Quendi don’t actually die anyway.
  11. That’s great. If you care about fidelity to Tolkien’s work there certainly should be female orcs. Excellent. The Orc images look fantastic.
  12. i don’t need to give you anything to go on; I’m not accountable to you. Seeing you lashing out at individuals now is no surprise whatsoever. There is an undercurrent of narcissism in the way that you couch your posts. The only way to win when dealing with that mindset is not to play. So no, I will not justify my thoughts to you.
  13. I agree. There’s a lot of word salad interspersed with lots of false assertions attributed to others. It’s very disingenuous and malevolent. The example following your posts today is very clear.
  14. that’s a horrendous read. How can these medics and surgeons sleep at night?
  15. I think the term “autism” has been rendered meaningless. It used to mean a particular condition but it’s now used to apply to just about any development or character quirk, passing or otherwise.
  16. I actually don’t mind the England football team these days. They seem like a nice enough bunch. I tried to make myself want them to win the Euros after we got papped out but found myself on my feet clapping at Sterling being held back and was thrilled by the entertainment value of the penalty shoot out catastrophe on the deflation in the studios.
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