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  1. She’ll come to your view in time. Unfortunately it might take a few more incidents. I was the one who didn’t want to give up on what we had built and walk away but I came to the view that I had to move for the sake of my wife and it was absolutely the right decision.
  2. Make sure you have your with you at all times and if you come into contact with him or are likely to then ensure the voice memo app is recording. there is another legal thing you can do, which is get lawyer to get an interim interdict. Cost is between £800 and £1000 but it would specify that he is not allowed to speak to or in anyway interfere with you or your family or any visitors to your property. If he breaks it, it’s contempt of court. He will not see that coming. the only drawback with that is that it’s then a legal “neighbour dispute” and would need to be disclosed if you tried to sell your house.
  3. This complete absence of crowds really fucks it.
  4. Point 3 is correct though, is it not? It is something that would happen. Point 7 - I did not advocate “male” entitlement. I am bringing both my daughter and my son up to feel confident to do whatever they wish within the law and applying good judgement. That was clear. That you need to lie suggests you might be in a state because some people on the internet aren’t telling you how right you are.
  5. Indeed. I think it’s a bit of saviour complex and is so patronising to the group they are telling themselves they are intervening on behalf of. Women are adults and like male adults can handle most situations themselves without some random member of the public in a metaphorical cape sticking their oar in.
  6. I’m not responsible for anything other than doing my job, paying my bills and looking after my family. and I’m definitely not accountable for someone else’s deeds on account of having the same chromosome. Or hair colour, or skin colour, or eye colour or anything else.
  7. Entitlement can be empowering. I’m entitled to do anything I like within the law abs that’s a good thing. It’s called being free. With that freedom you need to learn to exercise good judgement. That’s what I’m teaching my son. And my daughter. My son is innocent and I’m not interested in giving him some kind of complex because he’s male, nor I teaching my daughter to be some kid of fearful victim because she’s female. They are equal and I hope to they go into the world as adults as good people with good judgment. If they take an interest in gender politics themselves that’s up to them, but I’m not interested.
  8. You’ve got to bin her. She is a moron and this is only an early sign.
  9. I’m not doing that. Too busy to do free work for the council.
  10. If cat calling and wolf whistling stopped overnight, people would still claim it “happens all the time” and “remains a massive problem”. I don’t engage in these behaviours myself and I’m not responsible for those who do, or for solving the problem. No, I won’t risk a broken jaw on account of someone whistling.
  11. It’s the lowest common denominator of the lowest common denominator. Complete saddoes. Thing is, that out of millions of people, they will be fairly numerous.
  12. People do get carried away with some of this stuff. Yes, some people do behave badly at times, but there needs to be a level of calm. Whistling at a woman walking down the street is real saddo behaviour, but do I believe it always results in a immense trauma and requires think tanks, navel gazing and psychological self-flagellation from all men because “we are all responsible”? No. Get a grip.
  13. Well looking forward to this. I often think of when they are at the hotel night before a game and he says to the squad "what's it to be? Movie night of tickle fight?" Just been watching season 2 of Mythic Quest as well. Sublime.
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