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  1. Seems to have all quietened down again.
  2. Buzzing to hear there’s going to be a lot of Quenya rather than Sindarin. I love Sindarin but this will be a nice change.
  3. “Cookie was euthanised in the back garden by a trained vet” as opposed to an untrained vet.
  4. Has meaningful action not been taken, with more meaningful action planned?
  5. I hereby issue a formal apology to the Met Office.
  6. Many types of prediction huh? Can you list 5? It can also be safely argued that all predictions are forecasts, whether they are based on anything or not.
  7. Even that page you’ve quoted has a distinction between “math” and science.
  8. It was part of the discussion. I’ll be clearer then. “Statistics” is not a science, even if someone says it is on the internet. Neither is economics. Neither is accountancy. That’s simply the truth of the matter.
  9. With a bit more investigation, it seems the science bit that some claim seems to be “computer science”. So the IT side of their job. Is IT really science when you are running numbers to predict football scores? I’d have to say no. surprising to see people being so quick to ascribe things as being scientific. I would have though that’s a term people would want to protect.
  10. First hit on google. Most people who call themselves data scientists are rarely involved in science at all. Instead, their work primarily involves mathematics, and usually the branch of mathematics called statistics.
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