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  1. I’ve been a witness in court before. It was easy. The defence QC tried really hard to intimidate me and trip me up but it was very easy because I was remembering actual facts and being honest. when you are telling the truth it is not difficult, but woman H seemed to struggle. I bet the conspirators and those who pushed them so far down the track wished they hadn’t bothered.
  2. You’re right of course. People should be able to act without consequence and accuse people of whatever they wish then lie in court with impunity. All for the greater good.
  3. I hope she is jailed and if so she should not have anonymity.
  4. The guy is clearly not in a good place. If he can make peace with Chris Rock then it should be forgiven and forgotten IMO.
  5. Puritanism finds more and more fertile ground in Sturgeon’s Scotland.
  6. The Boyne is in the Republic of Ireland, isn’t it?
  7. Those who would ban Orange Marches are really no better than those they wish to see banned. It’s very much a slippery slope when people hit out with “I believe in freedom of speech/freedom to protest but…..”. It’s just another form of intolerance and they think their intolerance is better than other intolerance.
  8. Who really cares though? They are an absolute underclass.
  9. I’m putting in a 4KW system which will produce enough energy basically to run my home, give or take. I might have an electricity bill the odd month but it won’t be much. Undecided on a battery. Even if it only powered the Air Source Heat Pump it would be worth doing.
  10. I’m getting them soon. Building a garage with a south facing roof. Also installing an Air Source Heat Pump.
  11. I’m a Catholic and can honestly say I’m not remotely bothered by them marching around, past churches or whatever. What does it matter? Anti-social or criminal behaviour should be dealt with accordingly. I don’t believe in collective punishment. Banning would make huge martyrs of them and more problems would be created than solved by such a measure.
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