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  1. I’ve been a people/line manager for about 10 years. I read here about managers “pulling people up” and “giving people a hard time” about things and I honestly struggle to understand. Similarly when I see other managers doing these things, it baffles me. I don’t understand how some imaginary hierarchy actually gives people the brass neck to behave in that way towards other human beings. What right do they feel they have? I have never needed to give anyone a hard time. Sometimes I need to talk to people about certain things or ask for things to be done differently but you just treat it as a conversation between 2 adults. There is no need to flex “power” or be in any way confrontational. With this approach I’ve found that the work gets done well, I get good manager review scores and team engagement scores are high. I would love to understand what drives people to treat other people like c***s. I cannot see the benefit to anyone.
  2. My tech industry sources are telling me similar.
  3. No, but the thing keeps the kids away from it when it’s hot. Probably the last winter with that thing in place.
  4. No, been down that road before with you to no benefit, as I’ve said. Were you just making up pish when you mentioned PMs?
  5. No. The last time I did that took us no further forward and here you are again claiming not to remember things. no point me going to effort for no reward. when you mentioned PMs were you just completely making up pish again, aye?
  6. Aye, you certainly seem to have memory issues at convenient times. Nobody mentioned PMs. You always do this, start dissembling and talking shite. So dishonest.
  7. Well, you might see it that way. Other people might see it as you being territorial about what other people post on a football messageboard. grow up and try to find some perspective. I choose not to name members of the clique.
  8. Oh, pretty sure are you? Even though we’ve had numerous discussion about the other alts you’ve accused me of being. Interesting.
  9. Jotul F370. Had it 6 and a half years and it is fantastic.
  10. I had a log in years ago but cannot remember what it was or the email address I used. I set up a new one as the Euros we’re coming up. some of you are very cliquey and bitchy. Mumsnet type behaviours. Anyone who says something certain posters disagree with is labelled a troll or an alt. That’s life, I guess.
  11. BFTD has accused me of being numerous people and been wrong every time. He’s a little bit obsessed. And barking up the wrong tree.
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