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  1. Bit of a joke considering you could park at church street and walk into the ground to see it if you really wished. charging folk for tea and coffee after you’ve charged them £5 is even more of a joke. What a great community club we are
  2. An incredible run comes to an end! it’s a shame we managed To get ourselves level and then give it up as a point away on a Tuesday night wouldn’t have been terrible….but to lose in the last minute will always be a sickener. hopefully anyone who was there will be able to shed some light on it but giving away a pen to 10 men is giving me horrible flashes of some of our defending at times last season. hopefully it’s a hiccup and nothing more and we manage to come back next weekend after the break with another positive result
  3. Piss poor decision to cancel the game…not like she was the ref
  4. Brilliant, hopefully we show our teeth and grind this out whilst hitting them on the counter
  5. Not managed to make it through today, work commitments. Sounds like there’s not a lot between the teams going by Twitter etc. happy to be going in ahead!
  6. seen as the dust has settled on the weekend...ive got to say that is the best i have seen us play in probably 12 months ( since the start of last season) it actually kid of reminded me of how we play under SA when we were top scorers away from home in the chmpionship. Happy to absorb presure but equally happy to get bodies forward especially on the counter. It was good to watch. Long may it continue....and long may Faz continue to prove me wrong. Roll on stenny at the weekend!!
  7. I am actually quite looking forward to this one...I know cant believe I'm saying it either. Here's hoping for another 3 pts. confidence can only grow with results and we of all teams could use the confidence booster once we grow in confidence results will take care of themselves, but for the most part the last two games we have still looked a little on edge/ unsure of ourselves when we shouldn't be. It all points towards an entertaining game if nothing else, roll on saturday
  8. This exactly…we will have more staff than players at this rate. id rather see a youngster with something to prove about him than a retired former player sign on the books
  9. I said a few weeks ago I’d like to see how we play when we were expected to win…so I ventured through to Clifton hill. The first 20 mins were a tough watch if I’m honest, we were second to every ball, no real style of play going forward as much as we got a few glances of goal but Albion rovers were worthy of their lead at the time, they forced a good save from Brett in goals and also crashed the bar from about 4 yards out. The sending off was fair I thought, Albion no6 clattered into young gray and his studs were up and with some force too you could hear it from behind the goal nxt to the wee Albion ultras who were very pissed when they seen the red card come out lol But after that I thought we done well, deserved the penalty, were unlucky after that not to score and go in ahead after Blair crashed one of the post and along the goal. As for the second half it was frustrating, Albion set up well and done everything they could but 70mims with 10 men is telling and they fell asleep allowing Waldo to fire a good ball in which beat everyone in the box and sneaked in. 2/2 6pts/6 you can’t complain, we stuck to it the second half as frustrating as it was and that can only be applauded. It’s a game we wouldn’t have won last year that’s for sure. also…does anyone know what happened to Love? I turned back round after celebrating and he was crippled in front of me but he looked like he was in some pain?
  10. It was a red card and a penalty. Both spot on. refs are only dodgy when ye get beat.
  11. Pleasing start to the game, thought we looked a threat in the first half especially on the break. Pleasing to see us manage the game a little better too in terms of some tactical fouls and time wasting. Brett Long, for as poor as his kicking was, won us the game with 3 great saves. We definitely have him to thank for the 3 pts and the clean sheet. what I will say is the squad looks fitter than it did last season hopefully Lynas is ok too that looked a sore one and I thought he was great before he went off. I was right in front of it and it was some clatter he took
  12. I was cautious that we were slumping towards another defeat where we were expected to win but it sounds like a good second half turn around from those on the park. Div Wilson really has been well off the pace since he resigned from what ive seen and from the sound of things today. Does anyone have a name yet for the trialist? I presumed one of the two would have been Layne again ? Young Gray looks like hes playing without a care in the world and everything hes touching turns to Goals! good on him for taking the opportunity hopefully he kicks on come the proper stuff!...and hopefully he suddenly doesnt end up benched like young wilson ended up last season after he won his POTM award. On the Callum Wilson front...does anyone else think he miles off it at the minute? or can we only expect the best from him once he gets a chance to play games and gain his match fitness? Pleased about the season tickets being cards too....I still haven't purchased one yet and I wont be anytime soon, but it seems like we are finnaly moving out the dark ages and cards are a bit more professional than some wee paper stapled book.
  13. Missed it tonight through work commitments…but by all accounts sounds like we battled away which as many have said certainly wasn’t something we done last season. I’ve yet to see Broun in goals but sounds like we have a first choice keeper debate coming if he keeps turning in these performances. Glad to hear gray is playing well, we have missed having a midfielder willing to get on the ball and create since the likes of Vaughan and Stanton were at the rock. If he turns out even 50% of some of the performances they two contributed then we are onto a good one. I’d love to be optimistic, but I’d like to see how we cope when we are expected to win. The first 3/4 league games will be crucial! But I’m looking forward to the real stuff starting.
  14. Haha you ok bro? I never enjoy seeing us get beat…what I will say is, each time we get beat, especially As a consequence of Peps tactics or lack of then it’s another step closer to him leaving. even the most optimistic of sons fans can see he’s killing us.
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