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  1. You could try sobering up, or zip your jacket up to cover your celtic top? Seriously though, what's the issue?
  2. It'll mean plenty of game time for Edwards, Kazeem and Simms, hopefully Aiko makes a speedy full recovery
  3. Kazeem Olaigbe & Owura Edwards would be the width around Jordy going by the LC games, I'd assume. Does Tillson have an injury? He's not had much game time, like White but both have always been on the bench. I'd have Tillson starting with Callachan in the engine room, seen as we're away at Tynecastle. Also we're all back to having 5 substitutes each again, which will give the opportunity to really change it up as the game developes.
  4. I seem to remember a lot being spoken about the way Ipswich and also Norwich went about integrating the club with the community. The Ipswich chairman Sheepshanks, or something like that, he was pretty high up & respected within the FA at the time anyway. I know Ipswich are languishing down the leagues at the moment but they have/had punched above their weight for many a year. Anyway I'm sure representatives of RC had several meetings and with it close ties with the Norfolk clubs, their business models and how they grew to take on large established inner city teams.
  5. The whole streaming live matches is coming to an end. There's a bigger discussion on it in another thread somewhere. Basically Sky have the rights and they agreed to wave those rights for the lockdown period but that's overwith so now it a blackout. The SPFL are at fault, they knew what it was they were selling to Sky so that's where we are until the current contract ends.
  6. At least it's some focus on clubs outwith Glasgow. The report writer even demonstrates a decent knowledge of the tactics used in some of County's matches last season. I've seen very little of this new lad Johnson and I hope he's as good a prospect as the report suggests. I'd expect him to have a hard time pushing his way into the starting XI as Randall was a steady performer last season and will start as first choice I'd imagine.
  7. They certainly could. County are certainly trying out several new players and if they fail to score an early goal, it could easily go wrong for them.
  8. County sign Gary Warren. Caley Thistle legend Gary Warren is set to join Ross County in a brand new youth academy role. The hero of the Terry Butcher and John Hughes eras in Inverness will deploy coaching and educational expertise to head up CountyÔÇÖs own mini-version of the SFAÔÇÖs much-vaunted performance schools system. A key plank of the SFAÔÇÖs player development strategy since 2012, the seven central belt, Dundee and Aberdeen schools have enabled some of ScotlandÔÇÖs best young footballers ÔÇô including Chelsea and ScotlandÔÇÖs Billy Gilmour and EvertonÔÇÖs Scotland international Nathan Patterson ÔÇô to train and be coached during school hours. CountyÔÇÖs plan, with Warren at the helm, is to ensure the Dingwall clubÔÇÖs own under 18s academy prospects can do the same on a daily basis, whether at school, college or in employment. Warren (37), a qualified PE teacher and sport, exercise science and coaching lecturer with UEFA A and B licences, is relocating from Bristol after leaving Tiverton Town, his fourth post-Caley Thistle club. The Scottish Cup winner, who tasted Europa League football with ICT, will mix the new role with a part-time playing contract at Highland League Clachnacuddin. https://www.ross-shirejournal.co.uk/news/ross-county-snap-up-caley-thistle-legend-281700/ Sounds like a good progressive plan and helping talented young academy players fulfill their potential and move to become professional players is well with investing in.
  9. How much of a fee are Hearts going to stump up for him? I think he'll work well with Boyce up front.
  10. It's hard to tell. The new guy from Portsmouth, I've read that he plays RB & CB but that's maybe right side of a 3. The Canadian, Victor, he's primarily a DCM but also a RB. Don't know enough about these new guys to say whether there's enough cover or not but it's fair to say an extra CB would be needed for the long season ahead.
  11. This is the strongest squad we've ever had going into a new season, not only that but we've a top management team with a clear focus on what we're looking to do. I was very impressed with the new signings yesterday. Ben Purrington looks a very good acquisition so too does Jordy Hiwula, who looks like he's got goals in him. Owura looked very quick and Olaigbe very direct on the ball. To me Dhanda could be a gem, well a bit of a rough diamond. Imo he was trying too hard yesterday and the Pars seemed to leave something on him in every 50/50 but these are the things he'll need to get used to with the hammer throwers we have in our league. Simms isn't new but will be a big player for us. The squad depth and the 5 sub rule could really help us change things up mid-game this season.
  12. Enjoyable game. Certainly a good workout and probably just what County were needing. Thought both were teams had a poor 1st half and were just finding their passing range. 2nd half was better quality. I thought the Pars were unlucky not to score and a draw deserved. I was very impressed with County's new signings there's obviously still a fair bit of work to do to mold this squad into a fully functioning unit but the signs are promising.
  13. In a 4231 Callachan & Paton holding, Owura & Simms wide, Dhanda behind Jordy Hiwula.
  14. I'm expecting a tough match against the Pars this afternoon. It's looking like a nice afternoon for it too. I've heard that it's only the west stand and the jailend that are open today. It's a shame cancelled trains has made it more difficult for some away fans attending though.
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