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  1. Airdrie 3-0 Alloa Edinburgh 1-2 Falkirk Kelty 1-3 Dunfermline Montrose 0-0 Clyde Peterhead 0-2 QoS
  2. I didn't realise mcginley was a Montrose fan. For some reason I thought he was rangers
  3. Based on pars playing both teams so far. Granted Edinburgh were 10 men but by all accounts don't think they were up to much. Alloa were unlucky not to get a draw. Based on that I reckon an alloa win.
  4. If you're at the abbey then your in the "city centre" so there are plenty of traditional pub grub places to go to. Old Inn, 7 kings, city hotel, commercial, somewhere else and spoons. There also the ballroom that do American diner sort of stuff. As for the best chippy debate. Golden chip when its open is decent, my go to is genarros on Robertson road. Brig is decent but pricey. As for sauros, it's not even the best chippy in abbeyview, Been poor for last few years imo. Still to try that place that used to be alaris tho heard it's good. As for the rest, all a bit hit n miss
  5. Alloa 2 v 0 Edinburgh Clyde 3 v 1 Kelty Dunfermline 4 v 0 Montrose Falkirk 1 v 0 Peterhead QoS 1 v 2 Airdrie
  6. A mixed bag but quite chuffed at getting 3,4,5,6th all correct.
  7. I think most will agree that on the pitch in particular, it's been a guff season as a whole. But there has surely been some highlights and lowlights of the season. I'd say more off field things will be remembered than on it Pars appointment of Peter grant,Pars board blame fans for guff results, Pars board tell fans to accept grant, Board then sack grant. Not our league but Falkirk board ... that's not a question, that's a statement Dundee appointment of Mark mcgee Falkirk and raith linked with goodwillie Raith sign Goodwillie and the world go mad except mcglynn and a few people upstairs, then try and punt him and fail.
  8. Only been to Hamilton once, that Stephen Kenny season whats the deal, how far from train station, Any decent pubs nearby ? Etc etc anything suggestions would be appreciated
  9. I think by the end of his tenure he only lost 3 games by more than 2 goals, 3-0 raith cup game (first game in charge) 5-1 raith last season. And im sure there was another game but could be wrong, also would have been last season.
  10. Forgot all about us having reilly and its just made me think. Of those 2 former pars players in the morton squad (unless Muirhead has left) Which one was more useless for pars ? Genuinely think its a tough call to make Reilly or Muirhead???
  11. This will be my first pars game since the half time whistle blew at home to Partick. Now that grant has finally been punted, I'm quite looking forward to this no doubt horrible shitfest of a 0-0. But I hope the crowd turn up as a bit of proof that we really didn't want grant and we do support the players. Hoping for a comfortable win and ohara with few goals would be pleasing
  12. i personally think that this statement will have pissed off people a lot more than just wanting the manager changed. even in the unlikely of event that the board made a U-turn and did sack grant, and they replaced him with pep, tuchal, klopp or even petrie, i cant see the fans letting this one go for a while. i personally wont be back anytime soon while grant is in charge. and even with that statement probably longer as its a dreadful way to word it and make such a dig at the fans. if any more than 1000 home fans go to the killie game then id be amazed. crowds were already on the decline, now they have just enraged a whole lot more with that 1 paragraph alone.
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