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  1. I agree with your whole post, however at this point I reckon we agree to disagree. Realistically he will go to be 2nd or 3rd choice keeper at Hibs, he’s a good cheap option and someone playing below his level at a club who money is priority number 1. Is he better than Aidan McAdams at Ayr? I don’t think so. He’s a great guy to have about and does coaching etc he has a lot of upside. It’s a great move for him and deserved, it’s a good move for both clubs and he goes on with the best of wishes and he has been integral to us staying in league 1. Parry coming in makes this a minimal blow. I hope the guy proves me wrong btw. Would love to see him be number 1 at Hibs. Would be good from a recruiting point also
  2. Mitchell is a excellent league 1 keeper and a average lower half championship keeper. The fact Parry is available at this time is a godsend as we wouldn’t be able to get better in
  3. Nah obviously that’s how football works. I just meant from our perspective it might have been better knowing in July he was off. Parry as good as we could get in at this stage. He’s better than Hutton anyway
  4. If Mitchell is away it’s disappointing that it wasn’t sorted earlier in the season, I’d imagine he’s one of our highest earner maybe second behind Goodwillie, could have maybe got a couple of better quality players in earlier in the window
  5. Signing Parry to sit on the bench is a weird one considering the reason he left Alloa is falling out with Ferguson and not getting any game time. Maybe Mitchell is away somewhere?
  6. I’d imagine a lot of our playing budget is spent on 3 or 4 bodies and the rest is filling in the gaps based on what’s left over.
  7. All Iv got to say is that if you sign dross you get dross. I’m sure Falkirk won’t play an easier game this season, until they play us again.
  8. I assume that owners were informed of the change in board personnel in advance and had a chance to voice their opinions on the candidates and vote it through? Or did the owners have no say about who gets to lead the club forward? 4 Chairmen in 5 years, no wonder the club is absolutely directionless
  9. Turn what around? We haven’t looked handy in League 1 since we got promoted and have regressed every season since promotion. This is ultimately our ceiling in League 1 under the current regime, battling it out to stay in. Dannys signings have progressively got more erratic and bizzare every season. We have no idea what our brand of football is, and when we did have an idea we didn’t have anywhere near close to the personnel to execute. Realisticaly where do supporters expect our club to be in the modern game? Competitive In League 1? Championship? A league 2 team with the odd trip to League 1? Given by our fans reaction to just barely surviving last year and applauding the team and manager out etc then you would think that was a success. No wonder the ambition is to do it again In 5 years where do fans expect us to be?
  10. That’s a bit harsh, they have had some good results recently against teams at our level East Fife being the obvious one. They are better than you would expect.
  11. You are assuming the ambition is to push for the playoffs and not just try to survive
  12. Appreciate your reply, however I wholeheartedly disagree with the position that they are volunteers and therefore can’t be criticised. Being a volunteer simply doesn’t buy you a free pass. ETA: I’m talking about valid criticisms, not personal, angry over the top abuse here. Obviously that behaviour is out of order
  13. I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. People saying it’s just one game is using a straw man arguement. The writing has been on the wall for years, the excitement around the promotion to league 1 evaporated quickly when we all realised we weren’t going to be competitive. We have been lucky that there have been teams that have been slightly worse than us in previous seasons.
  14. The club have said numerous times that The fans are the main source of income for the club and we run basically a charity, yet there is zero fan group representation of the board. Members of the board get co opted on in secret and fans have to find out about it through other sources despite being fan owned. People that are maybe able to add quality never seem to last long on the board. Ian Fitzpatrick an example of a guy who wanted to try different things and ultimately had a short tenure and walked into a position at another club operating at our level. The ownership is ultimately a joke and nothing more than a scheme to get money at this stage. There is something pretty rotten at the core of this club. I’m not someone Who believes we should be back up in the championship competing, I feel we should be operating safely in league 1 with the occasional trip into playoff territory. That’s is what I believe is our level in the modern game. It’s not being delivered and hasn’t been for over a decade now. Going forward what are the alternatives? For me it’s having fan representation on the board, annual or bi annual review of board members performance, new channels of open communication, interviewing people and having active searches for people who would be interested in joining the board. I for one can’t believe there is no individual in the whole country that can add something to our board and wants to do it. Surely there are people out there who want to work within the football industry with skills that can benefit us. There simply has to be. We also need a complete from the ground up review of the fan ownership.
  15. This isn’t a dig at yourself or any other fan that thinks this way, however Iv seen this statement given over and over again with regards to the board. They should absolutely be criticised fairly and when due, at times they have operated very poorly and costly to the club and have got away with their actions without repercussions. I understand it’s a voluntary role etc but that doesn’t excuse anything in my opinion, the board has been a boys club and a closed shop for years. This is the equivalent of saying if I go to the cinema and I see a really bad movie that I should only be able to criticise it if I’m willing to then direct a Hollywood blockbuster movie of my own.
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