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  1. As patriots go, this guy is off the scale.
  2. There must be masses of Oligarch money in Dubai?
  3. I find it somewhere between courageous and absolute nuts that he has almost accepted death as head of state.
  4. Yeah I don’t think he’s necessarily worrying about it, but worldwide “celebrities” being killed in a conflict he created will do nothing for his popularity in or out of Russia going forward.
  5. So serious question. If Zelensky is apparently at risk of being killed by the Russians, are the Kiltschko’s too given their closeness to government (and taking up arms)? There’s something about their worldwide fame that would make them martyrs, and surely that’s not beneficial to Putin?
  6. Courier reporters more concerned with how Vlad liked the bacon roll than negotiations.
  7. Is that Janey Godley behind that banner? Probably trying to get another payout from SG to do a recruitment advert for WW3.
  8. Of all the videos I’ve seen, that one really hit hard. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  9. Surely that wouldn't resolve anything in Luhansk or Donetsk. Would part of the agreement be that those are absorbed into Russia or atleast under Russian control? Zelenskiy gets to keep the rest, albeit under the conditions set down by Putin?
  10. Been reading a fair bit about Emmanuel Macron’s part in this, and as regards their call yesterday, he and Putin have agreed to stay in touch. Any chance this is the start of genuine negotiation on the end game being agreed?
  11. Murdering captured or surrendered soldiers is off the scale next level tho.
  12. No chance. They’ll believe there will be a seismic change in rates between now and masks being dropped, otherwise Mammy wouldn’t allow them to be dropped, like the reckless Tories. Spoiler alert: there won’t be any change.
  13. Your answer is right in there. Binning restrictions for now, but not the ability to reimpose them any fucking time they feel like it. Basically their whole framework from today hinges on it.
  14. I’ve only had a quick scan of the framework, but I could not see it stated that the 1m distancing rule in certain settings has a date to be dropped. Was also raised to the FM today and she waffled an answer. Anyone able to clarify?
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