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  1. Don’t quote me exactly but it was around 3k Airdrie asked for 6. There’s a few loan signings lined up Raith I think that should be interesting, heard hendry’s most likely to go to Motherwell but nothing concrete
  2. Full time contract, not sure on the ins and outs but led to believe he’s been granted permission to work on days off from football. Also continue any relevant training courses etc relating to his job
  3. 6.5k I was told the fee was, he’s not part time either he signed a full time contract.
  4. Been a member for about 3 years mate but lost my account details. Just have a genuine interest in football outside the premiership (mostly junior tbh) and I’m mates with a few agents.
  5. You are correct, weirdly the Kilmarnock link was in the papers a few days later and TW had identified him as someone he fancied. Inability to move on the current left back meant there was never any contact between the clubs. Reckon my source is pretty accurate though and Hendry won’t be back, heard the deal to keep spencer is close though
  6. Kilmarnock have never approached the lad I believe it was all shite via some social media likes. Only clubs who showed genuine interest Alloa, Kelty, accies and Stirling Albion. Deals been agreed between accies and Raith rovers for 6.5k just personal terms to be agreed was the latest. A bargain IMO after watching a lot of the championship last season he was a stand out full back hearing no deal for Hendry he’s no interest in returning
  7. Watch how it pans out Then come back and revisit what I said and you’ll find I’m right. The offer from Raith was weak and didn’t make it worthwhile going full time. The player in question can’t help that, Raith’s answer was to transfer list him. It’s football and it happens, I don’t see him struggling for a team
  8. Better offers on the table from 5-6 clubs I’m hearing, accies,killie,Alloa and two premier league clubs all made enquires as soon as he was transfer listed. Hearing Raith made very little effort to persuade him to stay.
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