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  1. It was a suggestion from somebody who doesn’t understand marketing. Thought process that sales people would use on folk to make them buy advertising packages they don’t need. As if anyone driving past EEP who could possibly give a flying f**k about football doesn’t know Dunfermline play there. Christ almighty.
  2. Well done you because I still have no clue. Still an absolutely nonsensical and hugely damaging decision.
  3. Felt that was a very positive evening, with excellent news regarding the new training ground - at Rosyth and hopefully at least partially opened for pre-season - and the proposed Youth Academy. Ross McArthur performed very well and although I totally understand his reasons for stepping down, it’s clear he still has a lot to offer the club. I was heavily critical of the decision to appoint Grant in the summer but his passion and knowledge of the off-field activities is indispensable. I hope those morons who targeted him in public are proud of themselves. Yogi was exactly how you’d expect Yogi to be at one of these events; passionate, cracking jokes and trying to inspire the fans. Definitely could feel a different energy on Sat and hopefully him and the team can back it up in the next few weeks. Only a couple of daft questions (put the name of the club on the stadium??) and it only dragged a little toward the end. Definitely glad I went along.
  4. Afolabi’s was surely on target? Basically passed it to the keeper but still.
  5. Not a single Dunfermline supporter would disagree with you. Hopefully there’s some sort of explanation/apology at tonight’s fan Q&A.
  6. For as long as I’ve followed Scottish football, it seems as though almost every club makes it as complicated as possible for people to actually attend matches. £20 for teams like Thistle and Pars is already absolute robbery. At least we should get a wee cut of the gate receipts.
  7. 800 folk is awful for the Flyers. Thankfully, ice hockey is absolutely irrelevant shite.
  8. How do we get tickets? Link I saw on Thistle website didn’t work.
  9. We’re one point off the bottom and *still* the wee team’s inferiority complex proves immovable. A constant petted lip over in Kirkcaldy.
  10. Yeah I can imagine a Scotland squad regular will end up leaving Hibs for hee-haw.
  11. Listened to Duffy’s post match interview from Saturday and I can see where Ayr fans are coming from. I’d have expected him to be absolutely spewing after that performance but it was the equivalent of a verbal shrug, just admitting Pars deserved to win.
  12. Aye think it’s been a wee while now. Saw his son talking about it when tabloids were suggesting his son as our next manager. I’d agree that period until Cup Final in 04 was superb. As a kid I absolutely loved our team and had no idea we had players we couldn’t afford etc.
  13. We could do with Hibs selling Nizzy in Jan and get a nice wee windfall.
  14. The undead bears are in absolute furious turmoil tonight. Apparently Morelos, Tavernier, McGregor and Barisic are all shite and need to be sold immediately. They simply can’t take it.
  15. Is it no extortionate? Depends what you find expensive I guess. Some folk spend £15 on a Dominos.
  16. Went to Jack O Bryans recently and the food was sensational. Definitely worth a try.
  17. Absolutely madness that Brechin vs Darvel is televised ahead of this because of the shite Monday night slot and the even shiter Challenge Cup.
  18. They clearly did a good job promoting this match as I had absolutely zero clue it was even on today. Guessing most people would have watched Liverpool vs Arsenal anyway.
  19. Looking forward to our Friday night in Glasgow, especially now we have a decent manager in the dugout. Speaking of, I don’t actually know why this is on Friday since it’s not televised? Thistle will rightly be favourites but I think a replay looks likely tbh. Will Pars fans get shoved in the Main Stand again?
  20. Steady on. We’re still only one point clear of the bottom and are absolutely miles from play-off contention. If we play like we did today for the remainder of the season then we won’t finish in the bottom two.
  21. Hughes must be absolutely baffled at how we were bottom. He’s only been in the door a week and we’re already 6th.
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