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  1. Talbot vs Hearts & Barry Ferguson’s Alloa (as the media will christen them) vs Celtic are about the most obvious TV games you’ll ever see. Jealous of Rovers’ trip and I’d have openly spewed if I was a County fan watching that.
  2. It’s quite clear Ross should be staying on but can totally understand why he’s had enough. Seems to be fully involved with every area of the club and has probably ended up spreading himself a little thin at times. You’d hope the new CEO would assist with that. I’d keep him and let someone else make the decisions on choosing new managers etc. Crawford left us on the road to nowhere while Grant drove us directly off a fucking cliff.
  3. I can’t believe you think any Pars fan would care about your opinion on matters tbh.
  4. Don’t think “horsed” correctly describes the 0-5 defeat at EEP tbh. Utter and complete annihilation. In fairness, Accies did have McCarthy, McArthur and Offiong, who was in the form of his life that season.
  5. I wonder if recent developments is talking about new training ground, Grant being sacked or both…
  6. Jim Duffy hasn’t been successful for about 20 years if he ever even was. Perhaps the most blatant example of a man getting gig after gig because of who he knows rather than being good at the job.
  7. If Ayr are even consider someone like O’Ware then it just shows you why people don’t want dinosaur managers in charge. Of course they can still set up a team and sometimes be mildly competent but the lack of imagination and creativity is stifling.
  8. Can’t tell whether he’s a childish arsehole or has some sort of brain injury.
  9. Was actually really looking forward to watching tonight’s show and then realised it’s not on this weekend due to the storm.
  10. Is Clydebank’s ground worse than East Kilbride’s? Did they not get to play Celtic at their place?
  11. An absolute minter for EF. Didn’t realise Darren Young had been sacked until I heard Jeff Stelling mention it on Soccer Saturday.
  12. Even Auchinleck Talbot can beat Hamilton so I’m going to be a bit miffed when we lose next weekend tbh.
  13. Can’t even laugh at Falkirk any more tbh. The biggest embarrassment in Scottish football.
  14. Made up for the Bankies, great result Hope you get a great tie in Round 4.
  15. My only visit as well. Was a massive following through that day and the performance was a proper shambles. Is it Hamilton West the station that’s right near the ground?
  16. Only goal difference splits the teams ahead of this battle. Two sides who have been extremely poor this season and could badly do with the three points. The win and performance against Ayr was encouraging but cup defeat at Thistle seems to have been Grant-esque. A few of us planning on making this our pre-Christmas get together so hopefully I’ll be far too merry to care about the result.
  17. Very, very glad I decided not to bother heading through for this. Sounds like it was an absolutely shite game, we lost and it was fucking freezing.
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