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  1. Not sure if Goodwin has really pushed St Mirren on in 2 1/2 years tbh. 3 wins from 16 this season and only scoring a goal a game is brutal. Could be in deep shit by start of 2022 unless they pick up a couple of surprise results.
  2. Green dot sweepstake for when Sevco get their penalty on Saturday. Whichever poster gets closest everyone involved gives them a greenie. I’m going to say 72 minute.
  3. You’re so thick you don’t even understand why I was making fun of you. Unreal.
  4. Aye what a smashing run as they somehow managed to get eliminated twice. Are you thick or a troll?
  5. Top notch investigative reporting from our resident Walter Mitty moon howler.
  6. I had two different folk telling me Alba had a chance of being the second biggest party in Scotland before the election in May.
  7. Today’s polling should scream to anyone with a brain cell or a pulse that Twitter and Pie and Bovril are in zero way an accurate reflection of the general public’s mood. I’m sure the Alba moon howlers will still be screeching that it’s the end of society as we know it blah blah something about “woke culture”.
  8. I see the latest polling projects Alba winning f**k all seats again. Almost as if 99% of the public realises it’s a party for deluded old bigoted fuckwits.
  9. I’m actually really looking forward to Saturday. I’ve enjoyed going back to the football this season in general, even if it’s mostly been dire.
  10. Tells you all you need to know about the shite at the bottom of the league that everyone just assumes we’ll be fine after winning two games.
  11. Think someone mentioned that Crawford won and lost the same amount of games as Pars manager and that sums up his reign for me; just plodding along. He was never going to take us to the top flight but doubt he’d have ever bombed as badly as Grant. Hopefully he’s learned a lot from his spell at EEP and I would say the pressure is off a little with most folk expecting EF to drop into League 2.
  12. You know the crowds were horrific tonight when they don’t even announce them. Bin this competition for next season. an absolute waste of time.
  13. Absolutely zero chance of this getting televised.
  14. Come to the conclusion Grant is actually just thick as shit but harmless.
  15. Who are we finishing in the top half ahead of exactly? I think most Pars fans would be quite content if we ended up 6th given our horrendous start. To me, I think Accies are without a doubt in the worst state. A disaster on and off the pitch, embarrassing cup exit etc. Like us I thought they’d be competing in Top 4 but they’re a mess.
  16. We’re going to Hamilton West which is apparently a 5 minute walk to the ground. Probably have a couple of drinks in Glasgow.
  17. While I have you Queens’ fans, Pars are hosting a food bank appeal at our game at EEP on 11th Dec. Everyone is being encouraged to take part and all those under 12s who arrive with a donation will get in for free. More info here: https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Festive_Foodbank_Appeal&ID=13450&fbclid=IwAR1oberEmN1k2fe1Y_8cti4X7XgrI4pcc8YEjmCQNanZJYTl5oT1444DT80
  18. Boxing Day game I like and the derby at New Year is also good. Absolutely no need to shove another game in the middle when everyone is rooked after Christmas. If it’s at all possible logistically then club should definitely try and move it to a Saturday afternoon.
  19. On an unrelated note, if Caley Thistle lose their Cup replay with Morton then I’d hope the club seriously considers asking to switch our game with them on 29th Dec to the SC 4th Round weekend. Would be far preferable to play a home game on a Saturday afternoon than at night in that shitty week between Christmas and New Year.
  20. How many young players who break through into a first team have played in front of any serious number of fans? If you can’t handle a couple of thousand folk at EEP then you’re not really made for professional football tbh.
  21. If I was chairman and Peter Grant had threatened to resign then I’d have been over the moon tbh. Watson acted like a p***k but hopefully it didn’t cost us too much to pay him off.
  22. Do Premier get first two picks? Surely BBC will take the other OF game if not?
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