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  1. Have been offered a ticket to this and quite tempted as it’s a big game and not enamoured with the prospect of a another Dom Thomas-less Pars performance.
  2. Still reeling from the revelation that roman_bairn is 58 tbh.
  3. Between the worst commentators in the business, the amateur audio issues and the hilarious defending, Falkirk TV highlights are a good laugh. I’d probably retire if I was Hetherington after that.
  4. If I was a United fan then I’d probably be quite happy to escape from that with 0–3. Could have ended up very grizzly indeed by the end.
  5. Was that not an offside in the build-up? Missed the replay.
  6. Butcher doesn’t get a second yellow for that tackle either? United certainly can’t accuse the refs of cheating them.
  7. I’m so confused by this; are you complaining that the Celtic fans are singing songs with “Celtic” in them? Of all the list of reasons to detest their club that’s a really weird one.
  8. Someone needs to explain to me why Johnston shot at goal from that free-kick when he could have slid in his mate to the right.
  9. I *think* the ref believes it’s hit Dorrans on the shoulder and he’s then pushed the ball away with his other hand. Still a poor decision but I can see how he could think that. If he’s given it for the initial contact then he’s a fucking moron.
  10. There was no bookable offence in the incident but the ref used the classic shitebag move of handing both guys yellows. There was another incident where he wasn’t going to give Accies a free kick when one of their guys went down but when he saw we might have a dangerous attack he changed his mind. He was pish throughout, as most refs are in Scotland on a weekly basis. As Yogi said though, Hamilton still thoroughly deserved the win so it matters not a jot.
  11. Best result for us would be P-P and get Queens on a midweek in 2022 when we’ve hopefully signed a few better players.
  12. In fairness, that’s exactly what we did against Ayr and we won 3-0. It was more about the performance and commitment of the players, rather than the way we set up IMO. If Edwards, MacDonald & Kennedy never played for us again then I would not shed a tear.
  13. Bottom of the table clash at EEP next weekend and it’s looking like we’ll be without what Yogi has described as our two best players, Dorrans (suspended) and Thomas (knee injury). We were an absolute shambles in losing to Hamilton and very much need a win here.
  14. I don’t understand what’s weird about it? Idea is they’ll know about the club’s current situation and might get some entertainment when they bitterly take potshots at the club who wronged them.
  15. Just heard this; an absolute disaster for us if he’s out for an extended period. We were struggling even with him running the show most weeks so very worrying.
  16. Yogi pretty scathing about the penalty decision, accusing the ref of “guessing” but does make clear that he felt Hamilton deserved to win the game.
  17. BBC have had Lennon talking about Ange, Levein talking about Hearts before. BT had Lampard as a pundit for Chelsea’s CL win. Sky have had Alex Neil on talking about Norwich etc. I think it’s a pretty lazy pick from the producer in charge but definitely not weird. At least not as weird as anyone willingly listening to Open All Mics in 2021.
  18. Popescu stormed in with a fantastic challenge at the end which McCann probably felt in his bones. Was perfectly legal, though. I don’t think that’s strange in the slightest tbh.
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