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  1. Exactly but as @da_no_1 said, as long as he's away then that's all that really matters.
  2. My mate is hinting there will be more exciting news for Dunfermline tomorrow
  3. He's been sacked. The agreed line published is just PR fluff, as shown by the fact the club had quotes about him leaving ready to go. Clearly been taking an extended time to agree a pay-off.
  4. Thank *f**k* for that. No chance he's quit - will be part of the agreement of him leaving that he gets to say he resigned rather than got punted. Get Murray/Petrie/Thomson in sharpish and let's move on as quickly and effectively as possible.
  5. Um, no? Probably because it's not tbf. As for the nonsense about the Pars, do you seriously think we're not aware how shite our recent managerial appointments have been? Why that has anything to do with the subject being discussed is beyond me.
  6. I mean, if you consider collecting cones for Tam Courts as being part of the management team then I suppose you'd be right.
  7. "Starting at the top, at board level, we have decided to give ourselves a leaner and more flexible structure in order to be able to act more decisively and swiftly in the future" lol Nearly 11 days after relegation and we've had no communication about the manager, his staff, playing squad, season tickets, pre-season etc. David Cook will combine the roles of Chairman and CEO - so what? There was no explanation of what this means in practical terms, just the painfully vague notion he will be "totally focused on the full time running of the Club" and that he is "well placed to drive forward the changes we wish to make". Kip McBay retiring from the Board - I'm sure he's done a fine job but there is no mention in the statement of any of the work he's undertaken over the years. Jim Leishman has retired from the board to take up the new position of Club Ambassador - as said previously, I thought this had already happened and I sincerely doubt Leish was regularly making thought-provoking contributions. Thomas Meggle "will be playing a more active role in day-to-day football operations" - to the best of my knowledge, he was already working closely with the manager so how is this a change? It was statement full of words and meaningless phrases that, as usual, told the fans nothing of note. The club wants our cash and is either incapable or disinterested in working with the supporters. We are a necessary burden for them and nothing more.
  8. Except 95%+ of supporters had zero idea what any of the Board members did so them leaving meant absolutely nothing to the average punter. I wasn't even aware Leish was even still on the Board and assumed he already had a Club Ambassador role or similar.
  9. "Dirty Fife B*astard"? That's a bit harsh, he's not been with yous long enough to become a full blown Fifer, im sure he's still a Bairn at heart! Classic shite 'yer da' patter.
  10. It's amazing that Liam Fox is a candidate when his only managerial experience is winning 6 games out of 30 with Cowdenbeath half a decade ago.
  11. It's gone on so long now that I assume the line they'll be taking is that Hughes is under contract so they didn't feel the need to confirm he'll be in charge next season. That argument is utter pish of course and treats the fans like morons but I can't see anything else. Also, doesn't explain why there has been retained list for the squad.
  12. Agreed, Annan sounds like a far more appealing away day.
  13. Always taken aback by how many wee team fans struggle to form a coherent sentence when they post on P&B.
  14. I've followed football enough to know that fans - including myself - can be fickle. If we romped to the League 1 title under Hughes then the fact he had "Dirty Falkirk b*****d" vociferously chanted at him would likely become an amusing footnote of his story at Dunfermline. However, I'm also aware that it's far, far more likely we toil for a couple of months, the club eventually bins him in November and we've wasted yet another season through the Board's infuriating inertia. Either way, we were relegated almost 10 days ago and all we have heard from the club is some bland reorganising of chairs in the Boardroom and that one of our coaching staff is leaving. The appointment of David Cook as CEO was supposed to bring "fresh energy and professionalism to the club" but he's been completely invisible. For someone purporting to be a lifelong Pars fan, he's surely aware how interminable and damaging this silence is?
  15. It also needs to be taken into account that the standard of the division was absolutely atrocious and we *still* managed to get relegated. That's pish tbh. Every team in every league could point to similar incidents and mewl about their misfortune.
  16. Any fan who thought we were "unlucky" last season is unspeakably thick and I hope I'm fortunate enough to never have to speak to them in person.
  17. They were underdogs against us and against Airdrie. Fair play to anyone who thought QP were going up after winning 11 of their 36 league matches. Anyway, hope you enjoy Bonnyrigg.
  18. In the current format, unlikely any of them will return soon. If they improve the pyramid and make more slots available then probably Brechin City.
  19. Holidays, hikes, visiting friends when weather is good and catch up on TV shows if it's pishing doon.
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