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  1. You’re the form team in the league and we’re bottom, without a victory all season. Rovers might not win but it’s hardly “bizarre” that most people fancy an away win.
  2. Hopefully Buddies abandon their gutless tactics in the second half and actually have a go.
  3. It was an absolute stick-on penalty. St Mirren have no one to blame but themselves. Sloppy in possession and sat back trying to shitfest it.
  4. Is the pitch terrible or are both these teams just absolutely pish? Quality is dire.
  5. Even though I know how bad we’ve been this season, it’s still remarkable that we’re behind Morton, Queens, Ayr and Hamilton.
  6. Would not be shocked if Reece Cole left and ended up at Kelty.
  7. I mean…we still lost to a shite Queens’ side and were 30 seconds away from losing to Killie as well. We are still absolutely shite.
  8. Killie sold out that stand and the atmosphere was still shite due to our enveloping apathy. I was going to say Rovers won with a last minute Allan Walker header but they just celebrated it like a victory.
  9. I think that’s part of the appeal for us neutrals tbh. Like when Wimbledon play MK Dons. Best potential ties I can find: Talbot vs Killie Kelty vs Pars Clydebank vs Airdrie Sauchie vs Alloa
  10. They’ll be happy clapping them off when we earn a plucky point at Kelty next season.
  11. We have drawn 5 of our last 6 games, so it certainly wouldn’t come as a shock. Asked my mate if he wanted a ticket and he just laughed, which sort of sums up how Pars fans feel about the club right now.
  12. Grant saying it was windy and the grass was too long, before later talking about how he’s had a lot of injuries. I will never understand how he got this job and how after failing at it so badly, he’s kept this job.
  13. That’s essentially what Grant has turned us into; plucky minnows who just defend and try to nick a goal. Expectations have fallen to where being competitive is absurdly seen as an achievement. Considering he came in all brash, talking about attacking football and fighting for the title, it’s quite the humbling retreat.
  14. If we were sitting in the top 4 then draws against Killie and Thistle would be fine. Does anyone really see us winning against Rovers or Arbroath? The Morton game at EEP on 6th Nov already looks massive for our hopes of staying up.
  15. Fully expecting a shite quality game, with Rovers eventually winning 2-0. Young team will be out in force on Tuesday night so I’d leave your grandmothers in Kirkcaldy.
  16. Sauchie Juniors at home please. I just want to see us win a game.
  17. At least you’ll be able to get your revenge on them in the LL next season lads
  18. One of four goalless Championship games at half time. The quality in this division is just outstanding.
  19. Thornton Hibs have never been called Thornton Hibernian, so you’re full of shite I’m afraid.
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