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  1. Only @DA Baracus could find 1200 words to write about a goalless draw with Hamilton.
  2. I’d never want us to lose a match, especially not a local derby. Grant leaving may be the best thing in the long run but I’d always rather we got three points. I’ll be watching on TV but most other people I know aren’t even bothering with that. The apathy is palpable.
  3. What does “deserve” have to do with anything? If you lost, then you lost, there’s no “deserve”. Not sure how else one would describe a 90th minute equaliser other than scraping a draw tbh.
  4. I think the last two weeks would be a lot more palatable if we hadn’t started the season like burning garbage fire. A couple of clean sheets might stem the bleeding but it’s simply not good enough to have 3 points from 6 games. I’d be upset with that if we were in the top flight, never mind the Championship. Worrying to hear Wighton and Todorov both came off due to injury.
  5. I do find it quite remarkable that Watson and Comrie have so openly slammed the manager. His man management is clearly absolutely shite.
  6. The fact he was happier with a losing performance than a draw and clean sheet against the league leaders highlights the man is totally misguided. Just following on from how “well” Alloa played last season as they were flushed down to the seaside leagues without touching the sides.
  7. Peter Grant thinks we played better against Ayr than we did against Inverness. I’ll add no further commentary as I think that statement speaks for itself.
  8. Aaron Comrie with a not so thinly veiled criticism of Grant.
  9. Leigh Griffiths is not unlucky, he is staggeringly thick. Only a pea brained moron would go anywhere near a flare that’s been chucked onto the pitch. The man is an embarrassment to Scottish football.
  10. I’d be absolutely raging if I was a player and my club released a statement like that. So unprofessional whether intentional or not.
  11. I must stress, I’m not a fan of any of our central midfield options but can’t bring myself to include Pybus in my best XI.
  12. Best XI right now IMO: OFW Comrie Gaz Watson Edwards Thomas Dorrans Cole Kennedy Wighton Todorov
  13. Pybus still looks far too lightweight for my liking. Not sure the point of a midfielder who doesn’t get stuck in or provide any real attacking threat.
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