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  1. The replay with Montrose was one of the most mental games I've ever attended. Austin McCann in goals is something I never thought I'd see.
  2. Oh good, the pub bore has decided to get involved again
  3. Are you trying to say there is more than a 7 day gap between 4:45pm on 15th October and 3pm on 22nd October? I also assume you no longer work for Queens when you're posting such pish online?
  4. Have you lost the plot Saturday - Tuesday - Saturday is three games in one week. I'm not sure what you're struggling with? Falkirk are, of course, in the same boat but have a more straightforward game on paper tomorrow.
  5. You've claimed something that didn't actually happen and are now asking me to explain a comment that I didn't make. "keep avoiding"
  6. I never said they were liars you walloper I have explained this to you twice already and you still don't understand so clearly you're not only an arsehole but thick as pig shit as well.
  7. I don't think anyone is "debating" you buddy - they just all think you're a bit of an arsehole.
  8. It will happen at some point and Saturday is a tough game, especially being the 3rd match in the space of a week. Will be interested to see how the team respond once that first loss is on the board.
  9. You'll swat Kelty aside on Saturday. Potter will try and shitfest so it might not be an exciting game tbf. Not that I'd object to Cardle and/or Higgy doing the Pars a favour.
  10. I said "either a lie or your club is run terribly". To explain in plainer terms - as it appears that's necessary for you - either Clyde can afford to sack Lennon but are claiming they can't or they've made a mess of things financially. Hope that helps.
  11. Nothing screams "well-run club" more than giving a manager a contract that they can't afford to release him from.
  12. When was the Highland League at a high standard?
  13. We've been behind for 25 minutes all season so I'd say the team deserve a lot of credit tbf. I predicted Falkirk would win the title pre-season but will need to see how the impending administration affects them.
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