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  1. I think years of bad statements have just lowered the bar for you so much that this seems minor in comparison. I'm not even a Falkirk fan but found it wildly out of touch and Tory af
  2. A stupid and insulting statement. You're trying to get across that you're all in this together but make a point of emphasising that those putting in more money are better somehow? Those responsible for running the club should be so fucking grateful the supporters are still there after years of failure and total incompetence upstairs. Can't comprehend that someone could be so in their own little bubble to not only write that pish but then actually send it to people you're wanting money from.
  3. Injuries and suspensions will happen as will poor form. Except the players know there's nobody sitting waiting to take their spot.
  4. Should be able to park next to the school and then make the short walk to the terracing.
  5. Must have been us trying to use the Dorrans money. What a crazy coup that would have been for L1.
  6. We're not always brilliant to watch but Clarke absolutely knows how to get results. The best Scotland manager in my lifetime tbh.
  7. 🗓 Sunday 9th October for Euro 2024 qualifying draw Please let Hungary be our seeded team 🫶
  8. This game has flirted the Tense/Boring line very delicately tonight.
  9. 6/1 for a draw?! We've drawn two of our four home games already and have struggled to score goals.
  10. The 4-1 Motherwell game from 2007 or the Forfar play off semi 2nd leg from 2013 are 2 of my favourites and are outwith maybe the normal favourite games of the past that get mentioned. "Classic Pars wins...just before relegation" series?
  11. Ah! With our game called off I had totally switched off everyone else would still be playing.
  12. The absolute state of this btw. Even I'm almost rooting for us to lose reading that shite
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