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  1. None of that should have mattered because we "had" to get promoted at the first attempt.
  2. We finished 7th in L1 in 2014/15 and still had over 4000 at our first home game of the following season. I agree that our goal next season should be to get promoted as champions but not doing so won't affect the crowds. People having no money is a far bigger issue for the club to think about, which I hope is reflected in their ticket pricing for 22/23.
  3. We were there for three seasons last time. Nothing dramatic happened with the club.
  4. I think if I had a source telling me James McPake was going to be our next manager then I'd probably just pretend I didn't hear him correctly.
  5. He was talking about Dunfermline getting city status. Tbf he did say big news for Dunfermline and didn't specify the club.
  6. Exactly but as @da_no_1 said, as long as he's away then that's all that really matters.
  7. My mate is hinting there will be more exciting news for Dunfermline tomorrow
  8. He's been sacked. The agreed line published is just PR fluff, as shown by the fact the club had quotes about him leaving ready to go. Clearly been taking an extended time to agree a pay-off.
  9. Thank *f**k* for that. No chance he's quit - will be part of the agreement of him leaving that he gets to say he resigned rather than got punted. Get Murray/Petrie/Thomson in sharpish and let's move on as quickly and effectively as possible.
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