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  1. well dalglish 80s adopted it n even worse ure noo adopting it . anyhoo its piss poor patter
  2. woeful kenny dalglish patter of the 80s that
  3. talbot arnae every1s cup of tea but they r classy winners n classy losers fae top tae bottom ,darvel in the other hand hav zero class startin wae the wee pie man gall what a brass neck the way he went on in that interview after buffs gemme
  4. wee baz in the dug oot wi his big pal boab malcolm ootside the complex selling cones in his tally van at hauf time
  5. wee baz has bn approached already am hearing . match made in heaven albeit its now pennyburn and nae killwinnin rangers now
  6. says the biggest fud ever tae come oot of darvel. people remember u bein an arrogant fud when all was sweet wae u and the rest of them and on here trying tae bellittle every1
  7. at is a crackin post ure bang oan the money here they huv turned into a bad lot and shld do there talkin oan the pitch
  8. buffs saying it wiz 12k and wee mick sayin it wiz only 8k and a lorry full o chicken wings
  9. crackin resulut fur us peasy today ohhhhhh we do luv to be by the seaside ohhhhh we do luv to be by the sea
  10. huv ladeside paid buffs theyre 1k plus off damages yet or is it sweep sweep after there fans trashed buffs ground?????
  11. ive been doon wi peasy a few times in passed only for beith tae have a few late call affs so u only pickin oan darvel and no your own club ????
  12. who would actually even want to play for that shite anyway
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