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  1. forum is dead on its arse bcoz ure pish patter belongs in the 80s
  2. total deflection n the 2 names you mentioned gies u zero substance .u shld concentrate on your vile fans bill AMEN
  3. why only fine 1 club n no the other? as fr pollock they like 2 look dwn at other clubs tut tut
  4. gd gemme at the rec tonight and medda well worth a point v the serial spenders
  5. no bad for a celic fan as you state ,must hv bn at parkheid the rest of the time,
  6. loads r bigoted celic fans though ,,,ure flags and nonsense hv no place in non league fitbaw
  7. aye attitude is vry arrogant n bigtime charlies only plying 4 mad £££££££££££££££££££ u tryn to tell me darvel are payin wages even close to the others? .wee mick n pie man r spendin crazy money at this so they shld b wiping floor with every1 this is a senior chmpionship team in all by name . nt hard to work that oot surely?
  8. guid 2 see darvel being brung doon a rung or two v buffs the other night,,,,,,,, darvel wi their mad budget shld be wiping the floor of evry1 this season , anything else bt promotion 1st time is failure and wee mick shld b given the heave ho if he doesnt deliver .
  9. went tae new tinto today as wrking near by ,felt ladeside hard done tae but bens will take the three points .ladeside with ferry n roache is nvr going tae work btw
  10. Vowels are allowed on P&B. lbrnie hv heavy previuos fr carnage to Vowels are allowed on P&B. ocht gt ovr it wee jay is a crackr
  11. agreed however the ldside eejits seemd to go oot there way today to get at thm so bth as bd as 1 another surely . kilbrnie hv heavy previuos fr carnage to
  12. aye baith as rancid as said glsgw and ayrshire fans theyre the wrst evr
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