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  1. Building bridges with the tanner fund . Young Gibson is a player but none of them will be ready this year. Full time training will find out if they can step up.
  2. Connolly checked out weeks before the end of the season. He'll definitely be gone. The only time Fitzpatrick has looked like the player we hoped we'd get has been under WG. You'd like to think he'd give himself another year under WG as a result. East did well for us and I hope he re-signs. I'll be surprised if he has loads of offers elsewhere. That's twice you've said you want him at LB. What have you seen to suggest he could play there? He isn't the quickest and he's only just been converted to CB. It would be a bit much expecting him to go on to another position surely? My own opinion. Good on the ball and would give physicality to the back line.
  3. I understand waiting to get best deal. Fitzpatrick, Connelly and East. Fitzpatrick poor injury record but really good player and we seen that in a few game under WG. Connelly done well but after January constantly played out of position might encourage him to look elsewhere. East done well but I would like him to resign and play left back. But he was signed as a striker but going forward he may be better as a defender. To answer the question if they are taking the time maybe they have other options.
  4. If they are not willing to commit now then time to move on surely.
  5. O'Connor released by Motherwell I think him and McKay would be a good pairing but imagine he will get championship offers
  6. What kind of players is everyone hoping WG signs. We have Cowie, McKay, Todd, Gibson, Cochrane, McGrory, Mckechnie and Paton. Still waiting to hear about Connelly, Fitzpatrick and East wether they are staying or leaving. Muirhead was mentioned but he is reported to be Thistle bound. Moxon from Annan going down south. Gavin Reilly meant to be a target and would imagine he will score goals in League 1. I have said I think East would be a good option at left back if he stays. Getting someone who can score goals at this level is so important. Experience is important for us this year so whoever WG gets will increase out average age. I don't think McKenna that was released by Thistle would be a bad shout. Let's just hear people's thoughts
  7. Happy McGrory has signed on again. Mckechnie is raw but can progress. Joaeph had to move on as needs to play. Hopefully that is the start of the signings happening.
  8. Think Murray is the kind of player WG would be interested in. More experience than Mckechnie.
  9. Dom Thomas signed for Queens Park on pre contract. Shows that they are willing to spend money again although they might already be in the championship. If they stay in L1 them Falkirk, Kelty and Dunfermline will be paying good money. Here's hoping WG gets the players he wants early as we could be outbid by clubs with higher budgets.
  10. Anybody hearing any player rumours. Who of the players WG did not mention are staying.
  11. So that leaves Rae, Fitzpatrick, Connelly, East, Joseph and McGrory. Would be happy is some of them stay. Joseph needs to leave though.
  12. Defo. Just putting it out there he wants to stay I think. Not the player to take us forward.
  13. My thoughts give WG job on a 2 year deal allow him to sign up some of our players from this season if they want to stay. For me I would keep Rae, East, McGrory and Connelly. Connelly stock must have dropped since January as his performances and goals have dropped. Add Muirhead, Reilly plus signed players gives us a really good base to start from. Get signings done early.
  14. Think that tells us he has been given the go ahead to start getting building his own squad
  15. I will be glad to see the back of Cameron. He gives nothing to a team and his goal scoring record is shocking. How he has started every game is unbelievable
  16. You would have thought if he was retiring it would have been announced
  17. Hearing that QOS might be interested in Owen Moxon from Annan.
  18. Just a place for everyone to put the rumours they are hearing about players coming to or leaving your club. Below is a list of all players out of contract in the championship. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/scottish-championship/endendevertraegeliste/wettbewerb/SC2
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