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  1. What you mean reserves please. There is no defenders and we have a signed amateur keeper. Guys that were on the bench on Saturday. Were 4 centre midfielders Cochrane Murray McGrory McMahon , 3 forwards Bange Ruth Irving 1 winger McKechnie. So does WG give all them a game on Friday. I would send big Bange back down the road just now it has not worked out for him. Better to play the defence together again see if they can get confidence up and fill the rest with players who have not been given a chance.
  2. A lot better today but hey it was our week to get a result. Good to see Connelly get a start but why instead of McGrory. Surprised by that. I seen East at EEP on crutches so that does not look good for us. Why don't we play Connelly up front with Paton. He has to do work he is not comfortable with in his position today. Just my thought but it's WG that makes those decisions. I would have taken Reilly off before Connelly today. The one that has been bothering me for a good few weeks is how little Todd is contributing to our game just now but plays full 90 every week. Young Gibson is a cracking player but is not a defender again this week put under pressure by someone taking him on. On the front foot he is a special player and love watching him while we have him. Thought Currie was good today good handling and coming for balls taking pressure off the defence. Think a draw was a fair result over the peice. Although as always we tried to throw it away at the end but thankfully got away with it. I think it would be better for all our young players to be loaned out they are not getting any football and understand that as WG needs results.
  3. @19QOS19 Do you think we have played better the last 2 games. WG seems to have decided his best team and formation he wants to stick to. Hendrie will come in for Quitongo and I would imagine he would go same again. I agree with you we do not have anyone who is willing to get stuck in apart from Wilson. I thought we played well against Morton apart from last 10 minutes and I did not understand the substitutions if I am honest. Young Lewis might be injured for this week after WG interview but I don't know who he would play there(we know who should) as McKechnie was not even included in the squad on Saturday.
  4. To be honest I did not think 4-1 was a fair result. I don't understand the changes. Why does he play McKenna when D McKay comes off a good performance last week. McKenna is really poor positionally and he has no heart or bravery in the tackle. I thought first half we were excellent Todd McGrory Wilson dictating the game. Second half we fell into Morton trap and we stopped playing our game. If we play like that next week we will give Dunfermline a game.
  5. On another topic I see Harry Cochrane and his partner have had a new baby at the weekend. Seen it tweeted by a hearts fan. Did I miss something or have the club not congratulated them. Surely it is a given for club to put out a message.
  6. A good insight into the match day experience by a young youtuber who was at our game on Saturday. Even catches young Gibson's lovely cross for Todd's goal.
  7. Well it looks like LG is a fantastic player in the making. I think we need to enjoy him while we have him. You know what the vultures are like with good young players and he is just going to go from strength to strength. Good to see the team bounce back and WG getting the reaction he wanted. Thought our midfield 3 ran the game and Wilson was superb. Great finishing for all the goals. Only negative is Rico getting sent off. Thought East had a good game at the back and the 2 McKays were definitely better. Well done WG as whatever you did or said definitely worked. Let's push on apart from Dunfermline everyone is else is catchable. I think yesterday showed we have a good team but desperately needs consistency. If we can get that then play offs is definitely possible.
  8. I wonder what WG is thinking regarding his starting team this Saturday. Obviously Hendrie is suspended. The area of issue is at the back. I would imagine McKenna and East will come in for D McKay and Hendrie and we will stick to the 3 at the back. Todd will I would imagine start over Cochrane. Does Connelly come in for Murray? Does Ruth or Bange replace Reilly or Paton. What has happened to McKechnie I thought WG like wingers with pace but he has not featured for a long time. A lot of things to consider as Montrose are always well organised and big McAllister will be a handful for our defence
  9. Who is charge if recruitment is it whoever WG wants or is there a scouting team that works for us. It was reported we were in for Muirhead and Broadfoot and it he must have seen that was the type of character we needed unfortunately the defenders we signed don't have that personality and character and I think that is a major problem.
  10. All I can say is that we are easy to play against. Our defence is to soft. If anyone attaches the ball they will always beat our defenders to it. No heart to try and bully forwards and Rice used all his experience to prove this. We have absolutely no leaders on the park our captain is a nice guy but don't imagine he would tell someone to get their arse into gear. It says a lot when our best defender is a converted forward in East. I don't think the BOD will do anything as who do you really get to replace WG.
  11. Our defence gives teams easy chances and goals every week
  12. Really enjoyed the win against Edinburgh again on Saturday. But it has to be said that is the worst viewing experience ever at a professional ground.
  13. I totally agree he makes a big difference to our side. Thought Quitongo and Gibson were excellent. Wilson gives us the security that others can push forward. I have to say I thought the defence were better today did not take any chances and just cleared their lines. Don't get the hate for Reilly I think he works hard on and off the ball. Young Gibson's performance should stop us asking when WG is going to be playing as he is the natural successor to his old man. Easy team selection against Alloa same again and let's build some momentum
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