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  1. Why wait. We need to be at the front of the queue not the back for better quality players
  2. We should have moved him on at start of January. The fact we are 3 weeks in and only 1 signing in January with the prospect of losing Cochrane also. Trialists are not going to keep us in this division. We need 2 centre halfs a solid defensive midfielder and a nippy striker.
  3. Overall quite disappointing. A couple of flashes here and there. He had 2 poor loan spells away from Hearts before joining us. Don't imagine we paid much to Hearts for him. If he goes I don't think to many fans would be bothered. Small profit is better than no profit.
  4. Well that is a welcome point. Thought we played well at times but we gave Inverness to many chances they did not take. Thought Gordon do well in first half but non existent second bit that could be down to lack of game time at Thistle. Ref was right with out second goal. Was Gibson injured or has AJ grown a pair. Liddle was anonymous for me. Why did Wullie let the ball bounce twice for their second goal. Agree that Nditi Connelly and McGrory played really well. Players still giving everything for club. Game on 29th is huge
  5. AJ needed experience he said so he brings on a 23 year old player who has not played a lot of games this season.
  6. B team does not count. The boy has dropped like a stone in form. Don't think he ever started a game for Thistle. Oh wait a minute that means we will sign him.
  7. Agree Todd has been our best player in the last few weeks. The Same Todd who was never played by AJ. I think we need a solid midfield player to play with Cochrane or McGrory. Someone who can break up play and pass to the better players. A centre Half is a must AJ said McKay is out long term so I would say 2 solid defenders required. With that we could play Gibson in front of Max. Cooper seems.to.be a bit injury prone so share LB duties between himself and Debayo. Connelly has to step it up again. Junior and Roy would be better loaned out. Cameron is obviously AJ first choice with Connelly behind him. I don't know if we will make any signings before Saturday. If we lose I would expect some movement in manager and players.
  8. We have the same squad plus Wullie Gibson back. Guaranteed 5 at the back again
  9. But he was signed as a CB playing him LB and CM. Debayo signed as a left back now CB. East signed as a forward now CB. Gibson a RB playing every where. Paton a forward playing RM. There is a pattern!!
  10. Wow he did not miss Nditi in that interview. Bet you he still starts at Inverness though. He constantly plays him out of position then expects him just to slot back in when AJ requires him to. I don't understand why Nditi plays in midfield I don't get it. Why not play Nditi at the back and play Gibson in middle it would give the team some experience in the middle of the park. Max is looking reasonably solid at RB. Yesterday when we went to back 5 I did not understand how the rest of the team were playing. My problem with us just now is we just seem to be punting and chasing. We have got guys that can pass the ball. Why not play to our strengths? Connelly must have touched the ball less than 10 times yesterday and that try from inside his half summed up our while game. Todd was the only player willing to travel with the ball on the deck.
  11. Last 2 games at home no shots on target. Why are we keeping our manager?
  12. Why would we allow AJ to bring in more players just because he got lucky last year. He likes tinkering with players and their positions. He signed some promising players this year but still no one knows including him what his best formation and best players are. Who is going to loan us players and that drains their confidence even more.
  13. Why did AJ not just start with a back 5 if he was planning to do it after 20mins. We were up against it anyway then he gives Killie freedom of the park. With Debayo on the right of a back 3.
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