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  1. Would take Ugwu as another striker would allow us to mix it up a bit. On trial at Falkirk just now
  2. Reilly back fit after today Ruth and Wilson have not trained properly since return. East should be back training this week.
  3. Totally agree. We cannot be talking a high figure here as he was only permanently with us for one season. What are we talking 5k maximum. Would take Cammy Smith from them in exchange. Think that boy is a good player.
  4. Have to say have been impressed by WG's policy of sorting out the poor back line from last season and installing a bit of height and strength in that area. Also give him the scope for formation changes as well. I think we still need another GK, a wide player, centre midfielder and another striker. Whether these would be some loans or permanent signings.
  5. I am not honestly bothered about Josh Rae leaving. Sol was a far superior goalkeeper when he settled. Only got his position back as Sol recalled Middlesbrough. Does not come out of 6 yard box and slow on distribution in my opinion.
  6. He was only at us for 1 season as a signed player so we would not even be due that much probably about 5 grand
  7. Just was hopeful with the positivity going round just now the club would build on it and tart the place up a bit and even clean the roof. Maybe that's the reason we are playing all out friendlies away from home
  8. Has any work been done to the stadium to tidy things up?
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