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  1. Rice is a big no for me. I definitely don’t have any names I’d like to see in now that Yogi is gone. Only thing I’m certain if is that it has to be someone with experience. As much as he was a totally idiot of a man, Hartley was the best tactician we’ve had since Houston. He just shouldn’t have gone daft with that super scout. Im sure I heard on a podcast not long ago (maybe Mark Kerr) and he said he couldn’t believe we didn’t take Jim McIntyre
  2. The Raith winner is almost identical to Alloa’s equaliser the other week. Can’t defend the long ball and then Miller completely gets done by Ross.
  3. I’m still utterly gobsmacked that I heard that come out a Falkirk manager’s mouth.
  4. The most worrying comment I’ve ever heard from a manager in an interview there. “We need to get better, but maybe we can’t”. Jesus
  5. I genuinely don’t agree with McKay being worse. He played with an injury and was rushed back from what I was told. He may not be much better than Hall but when fit he is better IMO.
  6. We started the second half very well. Should have went in front when we were on top but it fizzled out into a half where it was us just trying to break them down. We literally only had to defend one real attack second half and still couldn’t do it. Dixon wasn’t great today but Ben Hall is, by some considerable distance, the worst defender at the club. Its clear as day that we are only delaying the inevitable by keeping Sheerin any longer as his sacking will come at some point. However, Holt must go for his terrible recruitment.
  7. Awful first half. Should have gave us a chance with Tumilty’s stupidity but we’ve looked even worse. Please just sack him.
  8. That was disgraceful. Montrose well and truly deserved that, especially first half when it should have been more than 1. I have no idea why Morrison continues on penalties when, even though some go in, they are truly awful. As for Sheerin it’s time the board or whoever is making decisions out their big boy pants on and sack him. We aren’t even getting the playoffs under him. We fucked about and lost out on Yogi although he probably wouldn’t work under Holt. There is not one single manager realistically I would take. Don’t want Brian Rice for certainty. One podcast with a former player, can’t remember who said we should have appointed Jim McIntyre before but he’s been out the game too long IMO.
  9. Off the field he was an absolute gentlemen and one of the nicest people I’ve met. My parents met him at an awards night one year and both said he was fantastic and spoke all night. My Mum thought he was genuinely a good guy and he became her favourite player for this reason (her not knowing anything about football). When she died a few years back, Bobby found out and got in touch. He donated to the charity for her and signed his match top which she had for years and went with her as she treasured it. Not the best keeper by any stretch but a thoroughly decent guy that we’ll never have a bad word to say about him.
  10. Telfer was a joy to watch today. Much, much better performance that really should have been more than 3-0.
  11. We are an absolute mess. Liquidation sounds better as each day passes.
  12. Not a chance he’s a country mile better than McKay. Not a straw between the two of them.
  13. We had to defend once all game and we couldn’t do. Ben Hall lost a flick on from Conor Sammon. Absolutely horrendous. We definitely had a lot more than 52% of the ball however we created nothing and it was boring as hell. To score that late on and not win is criminal. Go out in January and get Paul Watson and a striker in.
  14. Totally agree with this all. We over rely on Morrison but that is stating the obvious.
  15. Not at all. Do you think these coaches and managers go through A and Pro licenses for nothing? We had people actually boo our players for keeping the ball. The first thing you are taught in keep the ball and move it until openings open up. Some of our support want us going forward every single time even when the pass may not be on. Now whether we like it or not, Hetherington is the captain so we either like it or lump it I’m afraid but for someone to say the fans could organise our team or give them orders over someone who isn’t a young professional is incredibly unfair.
  16. Most of the folk in the crowd don’t have a football brain cell between them as we’ve seen when folk boo keeping the ball so I think that’s unfair on him.
  17. In fairness to Hetherington, I noticed he was barking orders at the players yesterday. I’m not his biggest fan but I felt he was good yesterday apart from the yellow card he picked up for poor control. I hope his red card is appealed.
  18. It was the same when Raith went up. Not much between us both and look at them now.
  19. Going to try and be positive for a change I thought we controlled the game from start to finish however I think Clyde, from what I’ve seen, are the worst team in the division. The penalty never was from first viewing and the players and management were rightly raging. Much better performance without scoring as much as we could have, even though we did actually score 3. Ruth was much better and Telfer was/has been our best player each week IMO. Finally, credit must be given to the team for the fact we have now played with 10 men and won twice, whether we were winning before hand or not. Could easily crumble but didn’t. Still loads to address but having a week off being negative until next week
  20. Stating the obvious here but until we get someone more clinical we’ll be in this league for a long time. We get into some really good positions but ruin it with a lack of killer instinct.
  21. In which scouting reports or games did anyone seem to think McGuffie is a player? He’s absolutely rancid.
  22. Stenhousemuir love to try and chip in with sarcastic comments but they try too much and it becomes desperate. It’s like they are trying to create a rivalry that will never really be there.
  23. Does anyone know if you can pay at the gate tomorrow?
  24. I didn’t want to speak about the game since I wasn’t there but going by the highlights (granted they are only a few minutes long) but at least we created a good few chances. Sheerin can’t do anymore than that. He can’t go on the pitch and score them for the players. Where he, and mainly Gary Holt, can do is recruit better but at the moment we have to work with what we have. I followed the game on Twitter and we should have won that game. Defensively we seemed a bit better too.
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