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  1. An absolute rabble that your support could only dream about. You wouldn’t have a team to support if you had went through what our team has over the last few year. Enjoy your flutter at the top before the bubble bursts.
  2. Alegria was superb when he came on. Set up the 3rd and nearly got the winner.
  3. We aren’t going to get better than McGlynn. We need to stop changing managers every season and try and get some consistency.
  4. Positives were that we came back twice rather than lying down and created enough chances to win 3 games never mind one. However defending like we did (and have this season) will stop us winning the league. There was a clear foul in the build up to their 3rd however we have to defend better. Henderson was bullied all day by Jordan Allan just like he has been by Higginbotham twice this season. The guy is murder. Our midfield can’t handle a physical midfield. We’ve seen that today, Dunfermline and Kelty. I would bring Hetherington in to help McGinn and allow our forward players the platform to go and play.
  5. I don’t get the love in with Henderson. He’s muck. Every single week he gets bullied by players half his size. We had them penned in until we scored then we stopped. Oliver has been awful as well.
  6. 2 points better off with half the team not his. The football, on the whole, has been much better. Think of the turn around in players we had last year, Nesbitt, McKay etc. He is the man.
  7. You hit the nail on the head. A 0-0 draw would have been exactly what that game deserved had we managed to defend one cross. I don’t buy into this from Dunfermline that McPake went with this grand plan. His grand plan lead to nothing of note from open play.
  8. I thought we were slightly the better team, a 6/10 performance. They are brutal however brutal has got them clear now. Time wasting in the first half, faking injury and getting every decision under the sun probably helped. They will drop points but we need to be better.
  9. Two terrible teams where a 0-0 draw wouldn’t have looked out of place. In games like today we need to defend set pieces better. Neither keeper I think had a save to make. Referee was atrocious. 7 points is a big gap and now puts the pressure on to beat them twice later in the season.
  10. First and foremost, extremely sad news about Gordon McFarlane. When I used be a ball boy whilst at school he was always so approachable and welcoming with us. A brilliant guy. As for the game, we were worthy winners and again I can’t believe how poor they are for some of the players they have. Gibson surely must be about to be punted. Our front three caused them no ends of bother and it was a joy to watch how quickly we broke at times. Yeates back in midfield was also a big plus for us, he was superb. Donaldson and McGinn were their usual 7+/10. Sets us up nicely for next weekend.
  11. Don’t think he was near terrible. He was so isolated first half. Second half it helped having Burrell next to him.
  12. Navy blue and Maroon being too similar. That should have been the warning sign we needed about the ref.
  13. A draw would have been a fair result. Kelty much better first half and us the second. The third goal killed our momentum for a period. The two up top caused a few problems for the Kelty back line. The subs all made a different IMO and could all start next arguably. The terrible first two goals cost us over all. Final mention for the atrocious officiating again. Two weeks ago Alegria was sent off for two bookings, one for blocking a free kick and one for diving. Their number 22 striker done both and did not receive a yellow for either. Really really poor decisions again with no consistency. Luckily, Dunfermline didn’t stretch their lead, but on the other hand it’s a big chance wasted. Let’s see what Kelty do at East End next week.
  14. Henderson being bitched by higginbotham for the second game in a row. We should have changed the midfield for today. It’s clear their midfield is no nonsense hatchet men, who are eating Oliver, Nesbitt and McGuffie alive. Hetherington should have been in.
  15. Alegria was superb. Second half was really poor by the standards we have set.
  16. First half poor, second half better and should have won. Kennedy should have had a penalty when the defender had no interest in trying to play the ball.
  17. Burrell could have had a hatrick yesterday with three chances that looked easier to score than miss.
  18. Did Alegria dive? If so, what was going through his head? We were 4-0 up!!!
  19. 1-0 Morrison. Goal had been coming although Oliver cleared off the line from their corner just before we scores
  20. Agreed, I’ve always said the linesman’s actually do very little. He’s very close to the action and no one obstructing his view, so he could have flagged.
  21. My thoughts regarding the goalie incident with Alegria was that if that was the other way around and Alegria had his hand on the goalie (soft or not) would it have been given as a foul? Yes it would.
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