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  1. That’s Airdrie lost their manager. Now time for a few of their players.
  2. McGovern Duffie Aafjes Barr Leahy Vaulks Latapy Arfield Stokes Moutinho El Alagui
  3. I cannot believe Queen’s Park actually beat Dunfermline and Airdrie to promotion. The 6-0 game aside, I thought they were awful the other three times against us. Just shows you what the play-off’s can do. Delighted they are out the road
  4. I presumed he noticed for himself with being here for a week or so and from playing us in the cup. Seems like he’s been told it’s getting replaced next year.
  5. And he’ll have my season ticket money. Myself and my group said we only wouldn’t renew if Miller or Rennie was in charge so we’re true to our word. I really hope all other ST holders do the same, if they can afford to.
  6. Whilst it’s all fun and games Dunfermline coming down, it’s going to make this league extremely difficult, and to even make the plays off will be a tough ask without investment. It’s been stated we must get out this league next year, and I don’t see that happening I’m afraid. Don’t want to be Mr doom and gloom, I just don’t see where the money is coming from to get the players we need.
  7. Great to get him in now so he can start the ball rolling with signings rather than waiting about.
  8. Whilst I fully agree with your point, the pitch is awful compared to what it was maybe 4/5 years ago.
  9. I’m not sure about Liam Craig. At the recognition awards night a lot of the players were moaning about the pitch. Do you think he has the legs to play on that pitch? I doubt it but there is better people more qualified than me to make that judgement.
  10. I would take Benedictus and Spencer in a heartbeat so hopefully they follow soon. I, like others, would have kept Telfer from that list.
  11. Hope this is announced soon and not a ploy to try and get a better deal at Raith.
  12. Welcome to Falkirk John, you have my backing. Let’s get right behind the man and his team and for once everyone pull in the same direction.
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