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  1. Need to target a RB again in the summer as both options will be away then.
  2. Gutted to miss today. Next week is the real acid test away to Kelty!
  3. Mind when our Fife friends told us we were up the tubes because we were selling 10 year season tickets? When in actual fact, we’ve paid a fee for the leagues 3rd top scorer. Bliss.
  4. Great signing for this level. 2.5 year deal and a fee paid!!
  5. He did want someone else before losing Juan so maybe another to come.
  6. Be shocked if we weren’t picked after tonight. Mindset will be “if they can beat Aberdeen, they will beat Falkirk”
  7. They can’t be favourites, even if folk do fancy them. It’s like making us favourites against a Livingston or such.
  8. Tonight might just be the best thing to happen for us. It highlighted on a national stage what to expect from them so no one can say we’ll be taken by surprise when we start the game against them, we know exactly what to expect. Maybe now the expectation that they are playing a team two leagues below Aberdeen will also help.
  9. To beat Montrose away and Aberdeen at home, they aren’t going to be mugs. We need to play and prepare professionally and it’s a great chance for a one game shoot out for a place at Hampden
  10. Massive credit to McGlynn and the team. To be losing and not playing our best against a team in good form to come back in win is a very good sign. Oliver was decent first half and that’s why they brought on Graham to deal with his hold up Play. After that Oliver was anonymous.
  11. Another clear penalty for us denied. Becoming a farce now.
  12. He should have seen red in the first game against us. Horrible tackle when already on a booking and he ran away from the scene as he knew he was at risk of going.
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