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  1. Agreed, I’ve always said the linesman’s actually do very little. He’s very close to the action and no one obstructing his view, so he could have flagged.
  2. My thoughts regarding the goalie incident with Alegria was that if that was the other way around and Alegria had his hand on the goalie (soft or not) would it have been given as a foul? Yes it would.
  3. Felt we were superb until the second goal and then we were very complacent and slack. That was a real chance to give ourselves a decent goal difference.
  4. Makes that Kelty game even more gut wrenching when we dropped Oliver and shifted McCann to RB. We’ve been crying out for a McGinn and Donaldson for years. Absolutely superb!
  5. Agreed re Nesbitt I thought he was also good and probably the next on the list behind the four mentioned. If we had Donaldson and McGinn a few seasons back we’d have been up by now.
  6. McCann, McGinn, Donaldson and Burrell were my top picks yesterday. There wasn’t really a failure. Burrell had Benedictus on toast and really should have seen red near the end.
  7. We should have won that. Liam Henderson got them out of jail with that moment of lunacy. Much much better than Kelty.
  8. Did McGlynn not say he should be on the bench this weekend against Alloa?
  9. McGlynn doesn’t rate McCann we all know that going by his interviews. He also clearly rates Nesbitt as he never subs him. He shouldn’t have hooked Alegria, he should have played Burrell next to him and went two up top.
  10. Can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed. As said above this is all on McGlynn. Absolutely crazing decisions.
  11. Mackie horrendous at LB, Hogarth murder and McCann looks lost at LB. What the actual f**k was McGlynn playing at?
  12. That’s what we getting for changing up the defence. Henderson bullied for the goal.
  13. Should also point out the obvious here before someone else does but McGinn was a massive miss. Vital we keep him fit for the league games. Thought we lacked physicality up top when Alegria went off as he was competing well with Ashcroft and the other CB. Even left one of them on the deck first half where Morrison should score.
  14. For the penalty the ball seem to strike Oliver at some pace. I have no idea whether it was a handball or not however what I will say is I immediately looked at the referee. He looked to the linesman who gave nothing. No signal no movement. The referee then pointed to the spot. The fact the referee looked to the linesman tells me he wasn’t 100% sure and if he isn’t 100% sure he shouldn’t have gave it.
  15. Carbon copy second half to Saturday with the difference being it wasn’t only a 20 min spell tonight it was the full half. Passing was particularly poor. Mackie awful again, like Saturday. Hopefully McGinn replaces him and Henderson moves to CB.
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