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  1. Doesn't say very much about their security that this is the fifth time it has happened
  2. Does Renfrewshire really need another team in the pyramid? I make that four teams now
  3. Are City moving to Meadowbank early or is someone being a right comedian on the Futbology app?
  4. Largs 2 Blantyre 3 Nice weather , sunshine with a nice breeze to take the edge of it.
  5. Got to have a bit of sympathy for Blantyre being 1-0 only to lose goals on 91 and 96 minutes
  6. I thought it was South , East and West champions played each other and the best team of the three went up. In this case St Cuthberts Wanders would play Penicuik to decide who went up in the event of Pollok not having a license
  7. Beith 1 Wishaw 2 Last minute penalty for wishaw followed by a glorious stramash that gave off serious Irvine Vics - Pollok vibes
  8. Is the outbreak of runny noses likely to prevent the game against Elgin City going ahead ?
  9. Any reason for the lack of fixtures in swpl 1 and 2 next week ?
  10. I think we need to include clubs from Galicia , so that would mean Deportivo and Celta Vigo would be in it
  11. Wouldn't it be more worthwhile for Gretna to go into the South of Scotland League from a travelling point of view
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