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  1. It is but as last season proved, for me, its easy to forget where we were and get caught up in a (probably premature) title chase. Much as I liked OC, his apparent inability to turn a terrible run of results around was a concern. For now am happy to believe in MBs vision and if there was friction between them....... Am content with the lack of rumours as prefer this being done away from the media (knowing someone else turned it down is not the ideal start for any new manager). Hopefully we can get some stability with this appointment as not sure its easy to build something if you're continually changing key staff.
  2. Would tend to agree with this. Established (older) managers who initially convince MB they believe in his vision will inevitably revert to type, want to spend.
  3. ....... but 2 of those were Arbroath home games and only 1 of the others was due to QP.
  4. I believe Hearts have offerred Connor a 2 year extension so may be a loan. Decent player.
  5. I get that there's a risk but got to be better than the employing one of the usual names who will ultimately revert to type and fail (again).
  6. Noticed a few weeks back that when Longridge signed his extension last year it included an option for a further year. Not certain but assume that is sonething he initiates.
  7. Appointing someone who has been sacked for underperforming in essentially the same job. I know it happens constantly in football but will never understand it. My fear is that we'll do something to make this look like a sensible move.
  8. If you could keep hold of him till we've made an appointment..... please.
  9. Thats just not funny.... but imho nothing would surprise me.
  10. Am good, disappointing finish but still got 3rd place. You sounded a bit angry earlier but you need to let it go as it will eat away at you.
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