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  1. I've seen nearly all of Kelty's matches this season and I don't recognise much in your descriptions above.
  2. The better team won, overall Kelty deserved to win. It was tight, but the only spell that Kelty stepped up the pace they scored, and they should have had a second. Forfar made it tough though.
  3. If only Agyemang had stuck away that sitter at 1-0!!
  4. Terrific performance yesterday in difficult conditions, resulting in a well deserved win. Cowden made it tough though.
  5. Thanks, I wasn't too far away with my original guess.
  6. It was a bit frustrating yesterday but it's encouraging that plenty chances are being made against teams who are content to sit in and frustrate Kelty, but a combination of bad luck and slightly off finishing means that a lot of these chances go begging. I think the pitch at NCP being comparitively small goes against the home team at times as it's harder to stretch the away team on the smaller pitch, but that's only my opinion! I agree Tidser has been outstanding this season, he's a pleasure to watch.
  7. Thought it would be more than 685 as there was 1202 at the cowdenbeath match and 937 yesterday, I was positive that was a couple of games in the 700's and a couple in the 600's, but I'm obviously wrong!
  8. Average league attendances will be around the 800 mark, maybe a little above. The averages have been going up season by season since Kelty left Junior football, excluding covid restrictions.
  9. Agreed, Albion made it a tough game but Kelty should have won.
  10. The only survivor from Kelty's Junior days, a class player who can play in just about any position. My player of the season from the last campaign.
  11. You've let yourself down with that remark. Very childish.
  12. Of course it will, but as I say they will go again next season. Btw I hope your team climbs the league league to safety soon.
  13. If Kelty don't win the league or go up they'll try again next season, simple as that, it's been their outlook ever since they left the Juniors to go Senior.
  14. Perhaps, but Kelty obviously spent most and are top, but none of the games I have seen have they been miles ahead of the opposition, and there's no guarantee that they will win the league.
  15. There's no doubt money helps, but my point is that throwing money at a manager does not guarantee success, football history tells us that. If league positions were decided by how much a club spends then there would be no point in playing any matches!
  16. You won't find many at Kelty who would criticise Ferguson, he did what he was asked to do, playing good football in the process.
  17. East Kilbride spent big to get out of the Lowland League for several seasons, but failed.
  18. He's entitled to buy the players that the club can afford, every manager would do that. Anyone that knows anything about football knows that it's not always a case of buying players and throwing them onto the pitch expecting them to win games. Ferguson also changed the way Kelty played, he had too, and that helped his team into the SPFL. It is true to say that having a lot of money to buy players, but that doesn't always bring success, football history tells us that.
  19. Fergus did an excellent job at Kelty, he inherited a team that wasn't quite good enough to win the Lowland League, and in no time overhauled the squad and had it ready for the start of the season. Plus at the end of the day he got kelty into the SPFL, so he did his job.
  20. As a Kelty fan my wish is that your player makes a full recovery and gets back playing again as soon as possible, after whst was a horrific and unnecessary "challenge" by a player who should never be allowed to step onto a football pitch again.
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