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  1. It was, it looks like he's come on a bit over the close season but he's still got a fair bit to go until he reaches that consistency. He could be a big player for us this season though. Thought Lewis Martin looked excellent at left back, it would make sense to me to play him there regularly as he was so good, but it's not me that's picking the team! Thought MacNab and Philp played better on Saturday, would either of them be okay at right back in League 1?
  2. Agyemang. He has come on leaps and bounds since last season, I reckon he'll be a big player for Kelty this season.
  3. He started at left back today and he played very well. Moved to right back in the second half and was less effective time although he still played well. Hope he is played at left back as his main position this season.
  4. It's written because it's true! Pre-season matches ARE all about getting match fit. You don't get any points or medals for winning them.
  5. Kelty are a part-time team hoping to be about mid-table in League 1 this coming season. Raith Rovers are a full-time looking to reach the Campionship play-offs, so yes Kelty SHOULD look poor in comparison to the Rovers. Although the latter should have won, Kelty caused them a fair few problems, and that was without two of their best players in Cardle and Tidser.
  6. The Glens played well, Kelty approached it a bit too casually. Kelty played well against Partick Thistle so there's no need for doom and gloom, but yes, they are a bit short and I'm sure that players will be coming in. I always believe that fans should back any new manager coming in and give him a fair chance. The club seem happy to have signed him so I hope he succeeds in achieving what the club are aiming for this coming season.
  7. Credit to the Glen's they were set up well and they were up for it. Kelty's performance was the total opposite to the one that they gave on Friday night. They will need the latter for this Saturday's match.
  8. Agreed, hopefully the squad will be in place by the time the league starts.
  9. I thought that O'Ware and Forster were superb last night. Looks like Martin could resolve the right back issue, just need a left back now. Good to see a fit and healthy Austin back on the pitch, he makes a big difference to the team. With Cardle and Tidser back in the side and a new left back in place, that would then give a strong starting eleven.
  10. That would be good, just need the same on the right side?
  11. 19 year old Brodie Strang from Inverkeithing. Defensive midfielder.
  12. Agreed. Also think a defensive midfielder. I thought teams got through our central midfield and onto the two centre halves a bit too easily at times.
  13. I suppose it's good money for the league.
  14. The B teams have been a distraction. Hope it was just a one-off.
  15. You too. Being selfish I'm glad that there's a Fife team in the Lowland League as it's a league I generally like watching, so I'll be at Cental Park quite often next season. Who knows, it may be Cowdenbeath's only season in the league.
  16. I watched Kelty a fair bit last season and I must admit playing teams 4 times did become boring after a point. I've always watched leagues whereby the teams play each other only twice, and it does make a big difference.
  17. It is a good league, and having a Fife team in it next season means that I can see more matches than I could in recent seasons, although Cowden fans may not agree with me!
  18. It has improved a lot in recent years, with more to come soon.
  19. As a Kelty fan I have come across Bonnyrigg fans on several occasions, and they definitely don't have much in the way of class about them, so I'm not surprised about the derisory content of their posts. Sad to see Cowden go down, just hope that they can get back up in the not too distant future.
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