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  1. I watched Kelty a fair bit last season and I must admit playing teams 4 times did become boring after a point. I've always watched leagues whereby the teams play each other only twice, and it does make a big difference.
  2. It is a good league, and having a Fife team in it next season means that I can see more matches than I could in recent seasons, although Cowden fans may not agree with me!
  3. It has improved a lot in recent years, with more to come soon.
  4. As a Kelty fan I have come across Bonnyrigg fans on several occasions, and they definitely don't have much in the way of class about them, so I'm not surprised about the derisory content of their posts. Sad to see Cowden go down, just hope that they can get back up in the not too distant future.
  5. It might be best if KT had another season or two at Kelty to gain a bit more management experience, however it would probably be hard for him to turn down a move to a club like Raith Rovers. Would love it if he stayed though.
  6. After today's win 8 points needed from 8 games, fewer if Annan drop points.
  7. Ross Philp could probably do a job there, wherever he plays, he plays well.
  8. It's not easy at any level to break down a team defending in large numbers. I thought that Kelty did well under the circumstances and they definitely deserved to win. The game was strikingly similar to the 1-0 game at Cowdenbeath earlier in the season, with a late goal deciding the outcome. I hope that Cowden stay up as the three games so far have been good, and the attendances have been excellent. Even if they finished bottom. I think they will be too good for whoever wins the play-offs.
  9. The floodlights made it seem that it was daylight!!
  10. I've thoroughly enjoyed Kelty's run in the cup this season, even though it ended in a sizeable defeat yesterday. There's been some terrific performances against some good teams in front of big crowds making for an excellent atmosphere. Back to the main competition next week though, with another big match to look forward too.
  11. All the best to Kelty today, hope they can do themselves justice against an in-form Premiership team
  12. Think you have the Mandela Effect I think you have the Kelty Effect!!
  13. Are you sure that you're not a Kelty supporter??!! You're in their thread a hell of a lot!
  14. St. Mirren will start strong favourites tbh, all Kelty can do is to put in a shift as they always do, as that will at least give them a bit of a chance.
  15. He definitely did, the St. Johnstone defence found it difficult to handle him and he was unfortunate not to have scored. Just need to follow up Saturday's performance with a win at Elgin on Tuesday.
  16. It was never the intention for Kelty to "skoosh" any league, they joined the Senior ranks to climb the pyramid to the highest level that they could realistically reach, and that level is getting close imho. They have been fortunate to have been given the Lowland League title, but knowing Kelty they would have much rather preferred to have all the games played, but that wasn't possible.
  17. The big difference is that Kelty know in advance when the sponsor is pulling out. I would say that they would be able to survive at League 1 or 2 level on their own. Kelty have always been a club that have very active committees, so I don't anticipate there being a crash as per Gretna.
  18. It isn't fair to say that Kelty are another Gretna. The plan is for the backer to pull out in a couple of season's time, as it's expected that the club will be stable enough to exist in the SPFL under it's own steam.
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