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  1. Also needed were Cardle, Austin, Forster, DJ.
  2. A draw probably a fair result today, Alloa the better team in the first half, it was the reverse in the second half. Lots of good performances but I thought that Forster was outstanding today. Also thought that Cardle looked really good in the second half in a more cental midfield role.
  3. Appreciate Kelheart's and your comments. I'm not often right, but it does happen on the rare occasion!
  4. Does Potter read the comments on Pie and Bovril?!! I just thought that the type of player Alfie is, playing on the wing restricts his playing area, with that being to his detriment. However playing at centre forward gives him much more space to operate in. I'm gutted that I couldn't get to the match today, car trouble, but looking forward to seeing the highlights.
  5. I don't know why it was chopped off either. Getting the 6 points was vital, I would be happy with 2 draws for the two away games. Would love to see Alfie get a run at number 9 in those two games, the big pitches would give him the space to run at the centre halves and cause some havoc. Gives Higgy a rest too.
  6. Good win today, should have been a lot easier but getting the 3 points is the main thing.
  7. Barjo's run was right in front of me too, I don't think the queen's player got booked for the trip. Barjo made a big difference when he came on, brought some fresh energy to the team.
  8. I was mainly talking about giving Aggy a run at number 9 when Austin is out injured, which is quite often! Agree that Cardle has not had the impact that he's had in previous seasons, but he does get well watched by the opposition sometimes coming up against two defenders, but he's still an exciting player to watch as he can still make things happen. Agree with you about qos. They had a good spell at the start of the second half but their attempts at goal were woeful to say the least.
  9. I only suggested it as I've never been a fan of replacing a player with another starting 11 player, then replacing the latter with a squad player. That way you're weakening two positions instead of one. Higgy has played really well at centre forward, but that's obviously not his best position. I think that Aggy would revel in the space he would find playing along the front, feeding him balls in the channels would give him the chance to run at, or outrun the centre backs. Plus he has more energy and pace to shut down the centre backs than Higgy has. I also think that Higgy would be more than happy to play out wide again. We've only scored 6 goals in 10 league matches, so anything is worth a shot. Aggy's finishing can be erratic but he would get better at it through time.
  10. Injuries are a bit concerning. I presume that Forster and Austin are injured, and now Martin also injured, looked like it could be hamstring. Anyone think that Aggy playing through the middle would be a good move? This would then allow Higgy to go wide, although he has played quite well as the number 9.
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