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  1. It’s been a downward spiral for a good few seasons, but by God, it hasn’t half accelerated under this BoD and Holt. His recruitment buoyed by data analytics is woeful to say the least. The sooner he leaves our club the better. I was all for giving Sheerin a chance, but his time is up too. If we still have ambitions to go up, the whole club from top to bottom needs a clear out and start afresh!
  2. I’d be surprised. One, for it being too obvious and two, wouldn’t it be Colbo? more than likely a pal of the guy involved.
  3. For Gary Deans to accept this behaviour from one of his Board members is truly scandalous. For a so called PR guy to actually consider that doing this is OK, questions his integrity and ability to see the bigger picture. If the Q&A wasn't bad enough, this is dragging the club into more disreputable territory. His position must now be considered untenable.
  4. Heard the same rumour. The message I got was that he wants the fans group to fail so that the club gets no new cash and he can bring his investor buddies in. Ones that the club would particularly do well to keep at bay.
  5. Think this referrs to our PR Guru. Unbelievable that he hasn't resigned over this. Also unbelievable that GD has not done anything to make him resign over this. If the Q&A wasn't bad enough, this is now bringing our club into more disrepute. You would think that the Board could not stoop any lower to divide itself between the club and fans but this is a new low. How much more shambolic can we get ? If the press get this, they will have a field day !!!!
  6. We have a PR guru on the Board?? Who knows what the club would be like if we didn’t !
  7. statistics and damned lies...... his shot accuracy is better as he never takes any shots ! If I only take one shot at goal all season and hit the target I have a shot accuracy of 100%. Paul Dixon has had as many shots on goal as Ruth and he is a centre half...albeit played more minutes.
  8. I never said he was worse than Keena...just that he is rubbish. He is too lightwight and over his playing time on the park has missed loads of chances any half decent striker would have buried.
  9. Pretty much sums up the club. The same story gets played out time and time again with volunteers who work for the club for nothing, simply because they love the club. I'm not talking about those in the Boardroom, who mainly are only in it for what they can get out of it. Without naming names (but you can guess who they are), I'm talking about a previous programme editor treated terribly by the club, the guy who previously wore the Fergus the Fox outfit and now the stadium announcer.....its a recurring theme. All have been treated shabbily. I know some people who have been on the Board who are good, decent Falkirk fans who are trying their best for the club....but this is the minority. Unfortunately the toxicity of some lingers on to this day - even after they have left the Board. Time for major shift in emphasis to a true fans ownership model. My only concern is that we need to get the right people in, with the correct skill sets to take us forward and with the right motives. It's not going to be easy !
  10. He was mince yesterday and rightly hooked. He had two very good chances in the opening half to take a first time shot and wanted extra touches. By then he was closed down or forced to pass it. A good striker has the instinct to hit the ball first time and make the goalie work. He tries hard but he is not a striker and never will be. I'd put him in the Jamie Wilson category.
  11. .....and our Board is full of "financial" men .... you couldn't make it up !
  12. ..or to Andy Walker....”your shite....and so are your crisps”
  13. they can't sell shares without the Boards approval. That may come in time. ....but then you have to ask ...who would want to buy 26% of the club?
  14. This could just be the catalyst to get the fans and club back together again. The divide has been getting wider and wider. Now might be the time to build the bridges if the right guys are in place.
  15. exactly....I think its the only way to go as long as you have the right folk on board (notice the pun :)) .......or it's the same old !
  16. the "3 legged model" approach was proposed recently with major shareholders, medium sized shareholders and the FSS to all have an equal footing in the Boardroom - 2 seats each with an independent Chairman. There are some very good guys in both the "medium" group and the FSS. Only hope that some of them decide to participate.
  17. More than ever we need good guys at the helm......serious days ahead !
  18. .........to the rumoured "new investors" ? this could be out of the pot and into the frying pan !!!!!
  19. Falkirk Football Club can announce that Directors Gary Deans and Gordon Colborn have tendered their resignations from the Board of Directors and will step down from their respective roles at the Club’s AGM which will take place in December. Phil & Carrie Rawlins have also announced that they will also be stepping down from the Board at the forthcoming AGM. These decisions have been taken for a number of personal and family reasons and it is important that there is now a smooth process to appoint new directors to the Board. Discussions will now take place with key stakeholders over the coming weeks around the future governance of the Club and we will keep supporters updated on matters as they develop.
  20. That was my original thought before they flew over and participated in the Q&A a couple of weeks back. However, I cannot see them not "signing off" on what Colborn was about to say that evening. They have been pretty vocal re online abuse etc and it smacks of what was stated at the beginning of the night. If that's the case, they are as culpable as the rest of them. What happened next could be used in future PR training exercises of "How not alienate your customer base".
  21. That statement by Gordon Colborn was prepared before the meeting and agreed. Having our PR Guru sign off on it (prepare it?) was an example of how out of touch he is. The Rawlins would be in on it as well, which doesnt really bode well for the future bridge building between club and fans. I'm not even sure that Colborn wanted to be the guy to give the introduction, but think he has/had aspirations to be Chairman when Deans eventually goes.....and therefore was stating his case for the position. Unfortuntaley for him, it all backfired in a big way. You could tell at the Q&A Gordon Wright wasn't too happy with what was about to be stated. His face was a picture thorughout the event and he didn't say a word. As BPM stated, nice guy, good Falkirk fan but out of his depth with this lot ! If I were him, I'd be tendering my resignation as I wouldn't want to be associated with the shambles thats ongoing at the moment.
  22. Clyde is probably the worst team in the league along with East Fife. Next week will be the acid test (again) to see if we have really improved, or revert back to type with Sheerin playing not to lose. Our defence has certainly improved (not difficult) with Dixon and Hall back in there and McKay out. Hetherington is a waste of a jersey as everything he does is at snails pace, if he can actually control the ball or not makes a pass to the other side, that then allows the other team to re-organise. We need someone who can see a pass forwards quickly and he isn't that player. The last few games where we have lost, Charlie Telfer has played almost at centre half due to Hetheringtons inadequacies and that leaves us short of one of our potentially creative midfielders joining in with the attack. I can see Miller being put back into the space in front of defence next week if Williamson is fit..
  23. Rawlins sit on the Board with 26%...Colborn bought a reasonable amount in the last fire sale.
  24. There are a load of unissued shares waiting to be snapped up. The problem is that the Board dictates who can buy and sell. As an example, I can't sell my shares to you without the Boards permission. ......but if the Rawlins want...... since they effectively "own" the Board...... they can buy and sell anytime they want.
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