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  1. Wouldnt be the first time ! Didn't GW resign at the AGM? I didn't attend as I was away on holiday at the time.
  2. Holt is clearly at the root cause of most of the problems at the football level of our club. Unless there is a helluva good reason for him not be given the boot, it's time for him to go before he causes any more damage.
  3. Simply Gordon Wright is a good guy and a Falkirk fan through and through. Appointed by Deans, possibly as a "yes"man. Therefore, as being part of the recent debacle he had to go. However, with his tenure in possibly the worst Boardroom in recent living memory, with quite a few issues such as the rumoured "letters to fans", the fights with the CI, the background to who was responsible for the disastrous Q&A session etc. I am sure that he is in the know of more that we don't know about.
  4. One of the good guys who got bullied by Deans and McFarlane. Unfortunately not a strong enough personality to stand up against them. I suppose, for being part of the Board that got us into this position, he had to go......but I think he may have been a good help with the "transition" to the new regime. ....plus I think he knows where some of the skeletons are hidden.
  5. Makes sense to me CP ! Maybe just trying to make sure that all tickets are snapped up. I was at the last game where the ballot was used. Unbelievable the number that didn't turn up. We estimated around a third at that match.
  6. I will criticise this Board and any other if it’s warranted. Knowing the previous incumbents I think the club is in a bigger governance mess than many realise. Outsiders still pick up on how much of a laughing stock our club is. Deans et al have a lot to answer for. If you read back, my original post indicated that no Board will ever get the full backing of the fans. It was intended to highlight that some will have a moan at every little problem....hence the “hot Bovril” comment. I’ve been a shareholder since Moffat’s time as Chairman. I’ve yet to see a Board that hasn’t got flak for something. I’ve yet to see a Board that has had the full backing of the fans. The original post just suggested that this Board will see the same. I just don’t think this ticketing issue warrants the ire that’s been posted on here and other social media. Yep, our new CEO made a bit of an arse of it, but considering the timescale I’m not surprised that a mistake has been made. Hopefully one that will not be made in the future. I think there are bigger issues to be addressed (still some hangers on to be booted out of the club) and pretty hopeful that we will continue to see positive changes in the near future. Knowing some of the guys on the Board, I’m a lot more hopeful of our direction than I was a couple of months ago. That doesn’t mean they should get an easy ride, but some leeway in time should be given to allow them to steady the ship.
  7. I agree Holt should be shown the door. I have no idea why he is still there t.b.h. There may be contractural issues to be overcome. Thats my opinion only and I think that his days are numbered. Time will tell.
  8. If you look back at any of my posts, you will see the majority are based on criticising the ”old” Board. This one has only been in the door for a few weeks and getting pelters already. It’s a wonder anyone would want to put their hard earned into the club, volunteer to take on a role of responsibility and then get blasted for every small mistake that some fans think lies squarely at their door, even when there might be mitigating circumstances.
  9. I revert back to my previous comment re “bovril being too hot”.....just change that to “ticketing arrangements”
  10. Absolutely no justification for this number. It should have either been no fans allowed, or a % of what the stadiums can hold. 500 at Annan with the fans sitting side by side in a tiny wee stand is more likely to spread the Covid than 500 at Parkhead. This is a knee jerk reaction and one not well thought out. The Scottish Govt should look at the real areas of concern like Muppets not wearing masks on a jam packed train or schools where half the pupils haven’t been vaccinated. They just want to be seen doing something and footy was an easy target.
  11. Not that I’m a Holt apologist as I think he should go, but there will never be full backing for the Board. If it’s not Holt, it will be something else like the FSS Director’s don’t represent me or the Bovril’s not hot enough. Until we see the full picture of who does what over the next few weeks, particularly into the January transfer window, I’m quite prepared to back this Board. At the moment they haven’t done much wrong.
  12. I think it's pretty clear that change has already happened. The 2 Temporary FSS Directors have been fast tracked onto the Board without the necessary % in shares yet being achieved. This has been a key point of the "3 legged stool" model. They will be replaced once elections are organsied to nominate suitable candidates from within the FSS membership. I think this will be some time early next year once the FSS is fully established and up and running properly. This shows how seriously committed the club is to making the fans membership model work. We are now seing a dramatic shift in the governance of the club away from a Gary Deans and pals scenario to one that has well known and respected Falkirk fans taking the lead, from all sections of the fan base with the 2 FSS and 2 Patrons. At the moment, this gives a majority in the Boardroom of fans to make the decisions needed to take our club forwards. Knowing all those involved, I have confidence that the decisions made will be in the best interests of the club rather than individuals who used the club to enhance their personal CV. The one point I want to make, is that if we want to see this work, we need as many fans signing up to both the Patrons and FSS Groups ASAP. The alternative is the unthinkable in that we go back to the previous scenario's of MSG's not caring or allowing the club to be a plaything for certain individuals.
  13. Unfortunately that’s what has happened. The few in power have tarnished it for the rest. As soon as fans are vilified and threatened by the clubs custodians, then it ceases to become a “community” club. Loads of great things are done by volunteers and helpers, but let’s also not forget many of them have been trashed by those who run the club and think they are better.
  14. That was just sheer stupidity on the Boards part, to be seen to be doing something after accusations by a player without doing due diligence to see if it actually happened. This is a lot more sinister, in that they are targeting a section of fans who are openly criticising their governance. Mental really !
  15. Interestingly heard the same recently from another fan on Saturday and this only appears to have started since the club appointed a new Deputy of Stadium Security (another unwarranted wage that loses cash from the club). It looks as though the club are trying to outdo the KGB and threaten fans with criminal activity to stifle dissent against those who run the club. Another PR disaster unfolding here, as if we haven't seen enough. You wouldn't believe we have a PR expert on our BoD with all the recent disasters that have engulfed the club. The quicker we get rid of those who do nothing but bring our club into disrepute the better.
  16. If the guy does a decent job for them, then he may be worth every penny. All it takes is one Lyndon Dyke type player to move on and he has paid for himself. With Holt we are more likely to find a Max Wall (for the younger Bairns on here... look him up)
  17. There are 3 things I took away from the game today :- 1. Apathy has set in with the fans. The attendance from our support today for a Scottish cup fixture against Raith at home was appalling. 2. Williamson is made of glass 3. Sheerin does not have a clue. As soon as he took McCann off, I said to my mate they would score coming down the left channel. What was that substitution all about ? Unless he was injured , it must have been tactical. Bringing on Keena and leaving the defence exposed with Dixon, Hall and Miller in place was just madness. It was almost as though he wanted to lose the match.
  18. Just had a look at the official website. Does anyone know why we have a deputy safety officer on our expanding payroll? ....Mark Leonard, Deputy Match Safety Operations Manager. Also saw Andy Thomson has collared himself a role as disability access officer. It goes from bad to worse if he still has a function in the club.
  19. To get us out of this league, I’d take Dick Campbell of Arbroath. Would be interesting to see if jumped at taking on a full time squad with total control of player acquisition. He might not be the man to get us to the Premier League, but he would certainly have us up there. Obviously Holt would have to go.
  20. 750,000 shares at 40p = £300k. However, I think this is a target figure and not the amount of shares bought by the Patrons Group as yet. If I read correctly, it was stated that a 6 figure sum had been achieved....but that could be just over £100k. Irrespective of the cash put in, I think it's a step in the right direction to have a more balanced model of ownership, with a greater number of fans invloved. Let's face it, it can't get much worse !
  21. I can help with a few Bairns for life is an initiative to raise cash (on a regular monthly payment) for transfer funds in the January window...plus you get put into a raffle to win prizes. The CI simply exists to rename the South Stand after Crunchie The Equity Bairns is a group of fans who stick in a tenner or more at the start of the season to sponsor players shirts which are then auctioned / raffled to raise cash for local charities.
  22. It’s apparently what Holt is using to identify players. His lad must have hacked into his laptop.
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