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  1. That’s assuming the disagreement was on a policy direction. There are more reasons for resigning than just that.
  2. Playing devil's advocate here..... but if you have one or two directors forming a clique and getting their mates involved (who are not Directors), it might just p**s off the others who have been voted on by the FSS. Then you have a hostile atmosphere that descends into chaos ! We have just come out from that scenario with previous BoD's.... let's hope we are not moving back in that direction !
  3. Not an ITK post, but hope that Doug resigning was a personal decision and nothing to do with anything at the Board level. I've only had the occasional contact with him, but he always appeared to be a good guy with the Club at heart.
  4. Certainly some changes needed to make us a little more potent going forwards. We have the start of a back line that will not lose goals and we have some players that can adapt to playing in slightly different positions. After watching the last couple of games, I would drop Williamson. He offers nothing and can't defend. re-jig the back line to play 5 at the back..... Yeats, MacKay, Donaldson, Mackie and McCann. Both the full backs can bomb on and give us something going forward, whilst the other three can mop up anything teams can throw at us. Mackie looks a better left sided CH than full back as he reads the game so well, but is not mobile enough for a modern full back. Mccann might not be the best defender, but as we saw against Hibs he gives us another option going forward. Mackie covered well for him in that match. Having some width and pace changes the dynamic a little and maybe gives the midfield / forwards a little more support. Still need a striker though. The jury is still out on Alegria.
  5. For me it just doesn't make sense. The club have given the lad a one year contract and then sent him out to Bo'ness, presumably for one year ! Where is the logic in that ?
  6. Found this one a wee bit strange, unless there are some "add ons" to the contract. From what I read, we have only given him a one year deal and then immediately farmed him out to Bo'ness. Doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Wee bit surprised by that….it’s usually 2 away or 2 home on the trot…..in between the usual home/away basis.
  8. Quite pleased that the club have taken action and removed advertising that hasn’t been paid for e.g Imperial Cars. The free advertising fiasco didn’t cost the club anything, but it sure could have p****d off those that did pay. Knowing the guys in Marketing and Sales, I am a little surprised by the fact that they didn’t contact you before taking your board down. Maybe you just slipped through the net, or maybe you should contact them and ask for a rebate to produce a new board. I actually thought the level of advertising wasn’t too bad when I looked around last Saturday. More is better though!
  9. Would be nice to have the seats spell out KM7..in the Crunchie Stand.
  10. Fixtures working.... players page still honking ! 1876 Club winners stuck on February...nothing since ! Still a wee bit work to do
  11. I don’t do twitter! ……I also have a slight issue with Jamie responding to individuals (some may think no bad thing) but as CP stated, the responses should perhaps be made to a wider audience via social media channels. I actually mentioned the website issues (fixtures, players, sponsorship, personnel) months ago when trying to get a Marketing person contact, only to find old info. Delving deeper indicated serious deficiencies within the site and at the time I made the comment that this is the public face of the club and first place to get info. Not a lot has been done since. Maybe not of great interest to most, but it is a little bugbear of mine that the club still hasn’t sorted it out after 4 proper competitive matches into the season, when the problem was identified months ago.
  12. Have done on several occasions. Still to see an improvement.
  13. The new regime is not faultless, far from it. But in relation to the old regime, there is absolutely no comparison. I would like to caveat that with “old” regime being one or two individuals who saw the club as their own personal plaything and used it to further their own personal causes. To criticise the new regime on a forum like PnB is fair game, as long as it is justified. To defend them, when you know things are wrong is just sycophantic.
  14. Thought I’d join in on the grand website debate. In the great scheme of things, what’s on the park comes first……but the website is the public face of all things related to official FFC stuff. Irrespective of an “international”audience or simply local fans looking for info. At the moment, it’s a disaster area and something that should and could easily be rectified. As an example, shirt sponsors should be able to see their names against the players they have paid for. This is part of the sponsorship package. Putting fixtures up is the simplest of things. All in all it doesn’t reflect well on the Admin side of the club. It may not be a football playing related issue, but it’s still a significant part of advertising the professionalism of the club.
  15. Its just a number game in the great scheme of things. Buying shares in FFC is an emotional investment rather than a financial one. Does it really matter if you are buying in at 40p a share or 50p a share. In reality your £500 gives you hee-haw other than the right to attend the AGM. To have a few less shares if the price is 50p rather than 40p is irrelevant.
  16. …..or Chic Young has made an arse of it. He said Hetherington missed
  17. Absolutely ! When you read back at some of the posts on here stating that “Killie is the wrong choice”, “ Friday night is rubbish”, or any other moan, then tomorrows attendance will get right up them ! COYB
  18. Fixtures out….Fireworks night (5th nov) at home to Dunfermline. Need to travel to their place on 2nd Jan. other dates against them…17th Sept away…8th April at home.
  19. sorry.... but this is a match solely to commemorate Crunchie, invite his friends, ex team mates and family down. The focus is on the wee man, irrispective of opposition. To have done it with a league match v Dunfermline or the first game of the season would have just totally distracted it from the occasion it should be. Those that go will be there to show their appreciation to a Falkirk legend and nothing else !
  20. As a fan, I would like to see The Craig Gowans Stand ........... although it would take some persuading of his family to accept it and would bring back unhappy memories ....so in all probablilty a non-starter. However , it would have been a fitting memory to a young Bairn taken too soon !!!
  21. Have to admit I'm surprised by this. There was an issue in getting shirts signed during Covid and then framed by Fanatikool (think KK was at fault for this) and I didnt get mine until the start o fthe next season. However, Sharon at the club did keep me informed. Normally it's not an issue.
  22. If the club got shafted by Clarke EPOS.... can any one tell me why they are still prominent on the clubs website ?
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