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  1. Heard that the current BoD’s might using the same tactic with another new fans group and rejecting the possibility of serious cash, so that they can keep their blazers.
  2. Sheerin today or tomorrow. Probably today. .....followed by “your club needs you......give us yer cash for season tickets” on Friday.
  3. There is bullying and there is assault....unfortunately the last time he was with us it was the latter. That’s why I wouldn’t have him near our club.
  4. "we were great and playing really good football " ......I'd like to have some of whatever you are on. We were only marginally better than rank rotten. Just as we'll the season ended as it did, with a curtailed number of games, or we could have been relegation candidates !
  5. It's not the signing of players.... its who we sign and the quality of who we sign. A team of Habers, Lewis's and Durnans aint going to cut it for me.
  6. It was tongue in cheek.... However, Allardyce or Sheerin ? I think I know who I would rather have lol
  7. Have to admit, I'm a bit meh about Sheerin but who else are we going to attract given our position. I was hoping that The Rawlins would use their contacts and get us an upcoming Pep G based on the fact that they managed to get Kaka signed up for Orlando City. Allardyce likes short term huge challenges ! As for the other stuff re the BoD & MSG . I am gobsmacked at any on this site who can support a Group of individuals who have managed to turn our team into a Div 3 mid-table bunch of also rans. I also really worry about the future financial impact it will have on our club if we don't get the fans back on board for next season. The covid crises has given many people other insights to what they can do on a Saturday. I also think that sponsors will be less willing to part with cash for a club that appears to be going nowhere. It needs to be turned round and quick. There is a huge disconnect between fans and the club and I can't see it getting any better if early results don't go our way.
  8. Yep... we had to have a proper paper vote after the shareholders went ape shit at one or two hands being raised in his support. Think he got the message as we left.....
  9. Heard a wee story that they are thinking about buying the South Stand from SA. Don't know if its true or not.... but could be a reason why they didn't invest in more shares. They are keeping the cash to buy the stand.
  10. While I agree with a lot of that, particularly the bit about cliques and egos, I think a fans group is better than someone with no FFC background. If it is a small group of fans who are willing to put in a bundle of cash, invest in the future and also work as a collective then it can be successful. I would worry about a fans group that has a thousand members all puling in different directions. We have seen in the past with Fulston and Deans what one (or 2 guys) can do to the club. At the moment we really only have 2 guys and the Rawlins running the club .....and see where that left us....languishing in Div 3 and hoping for a miracle in appointing a new Managers
  11. Deans certainly doesn't have my backing. I could be wrong, but I think he was a Colin Liddel appointee. The problem is that once they are on , it's hard to get them off. A similar situation arose with the EGM to oust Doug Henderson on the basis of a vote of no confidence. 99% of the folk there voted for him to get the boot, only for some on the MSG to keep him. He wasn't for shifting either... but then finally got the message.
  12. It may have been one of the more vocal MSG / Board members who got Deans onto the Board....Liddell? That has been the problem for some time with SA & MR just sitting watching the numerous fiascos unfold. They didnt appoint their own Board members and the constitution of the club means that they then couldn’t make any decisions without calling EGM’s. That’s the situation at the moment I believe with The Rawlins effectively running the club with just over 20 odd % shareholding. Another interesting thing about the constitution is that you can’t sell your share without approval of the Board. I believe this is a pain in the arse at the moment for some major shareholders who are totally pissed off with the current governance and want to make changes by buying more shares from others to increase their holding to match The Rawlins.....and subsequently be able to appoint their own people onto the Board. effectively it’s a closed shop.
  13. I didn’t say I didn’t like him. What I was alluding to is that just because you come from Bainsford, it doesn’t mean you support Falkirk. From my dealings with both they are both very personable people. I would say that MR is not a huge football fan though. SA is FFC through and through.
  14. Means nowt. I went to Langlees Primary and half of the lads there supported Sevco Part 1.
  15. Pretty much my thoughts. I think you are spot on with MR. I would tend to disagree about SA though....not on all points though. I think he had good intentions, but then decided to sit on the fence and let other people make decisions that had a significant adverse impact on the club. The stubborn bit then came into play when he had to be seen backing his horses, particularly Doug Henderson. I have heard that he is looking at a way of gifting shares to the fans but there are obstacles in the way. Hopefully it will all come out shortly. as per the South Stand you have a point....but without SA’s cash there would be no stand. Even a millionaire doesn’t spend around £1.2 million without some payback.
  16. Would have thought The Rawlins with their extensive football contacts and intentions would have someone “out of the box” lined up....rather than the same old.
  17. A PR open goal with a tap in from two feet...only to be blootered a la Marcus Haber to hit the Imperial Car sign.
  18. I think they are more involved than you think.....which is a big worry !
  19. I think it's pretty obvious it's one of the CI guys ! No where does he say that he wants a stake in the club. In fact, if you know anything about the CI .... it's nowt to do with club governance
  20. I'd take Dick Campbell any day to get us out of this league.
  21. This is what I was inferring to on a previous post. I think you will find that this is just the tip of the iceberg !
  22. Just hope that Jim McIntyre is not in the frame again ! An awful lot of people talking him up as a possibility at the moment.
  23. Heard through the grapevine, that GD has made a "balls up" with respect to the first choice manager.
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