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  1. Bottom line is that, if they want to get it completed in the manner befitting Crunchie, then they have to work with the Board.... who they have no time for and which has created problems at every turn. it wouldn't surprise me if they would like to reveal all discussions and correspondence ......but only once the Stadium work is done.
  2. One of the issues is with Mrs Rawlins No.2. I think it is Mrs Rawlins No.1 who was the PR Guru in the relationship. I know 2 or 3 of the guys pretty well from the Crunchie Initiative and a couple of the Investors. Both have received letters from Mrs Rawlins (no.2) , in which she has been totally patronising and also has made personal attacks on members of these Groups. It's no wonder some individuals have walked away if thats how she wants to treat fans who have supported the club all their life.
  3. The conditions were parity with the Rawlins...which to me is pretty reasonable given the fact that the Investors are putting in way more cash. The sticking point is some of the Directors , including our Chairman who dont want to gve up their blazers. Based on the fact that the Rawlins have them in their pocket would mean that the Investors have nothing in return for their cash with the exception of 2 seats on the Board and absolutely no influence. Who in their right mind would invest over £500k for nothing ?
  4. Wonder if the tagline for next seasons tickets will be "no looking back" .....??? Basically forget whats just happened !
  5. Not me. I have a feeling I know who he is, although could easily be well wrong lol ..... but there is a link to the BoD's
  6. You were the one who was talking about "big balls". ...... watch this space !
  7. Let's see if you have the balls ....you go first and explain why you are supporting the Board in all this ! ...... especially when I know what I'm stating as gospel. Why don't you go onto FB and call them all liars if you know better .
  8. As I've stated before, no one in their right mind will reveal sources or who the investors are without their permission. It's up to them to provide the evidence at a time of their choosing, which is beneficial to them As an aside......The story is now all over Facebook ,with quite a few posters who have connections to the Investors providing comment on its veracity
  9. ermmm naw, as Ive actually spoken to one of the investors........but then again I'm not a BoD sycophant.
  10. I have the information on several of the backers. All credible Falkirk supporters..... but I'm sure as hell not putting it up on here.
  11. The problem is SA and MR can't bugger off from the club if the BoD won't let them sell their shares. There is a good argument that they have been part of the problem in the past..... but not at the moment !
  12. Unfortunately we are not a diddy wee amateur team that has just been formed and want to play football with our mates. The governance of our club will play a huge role in how we progress in the future. A good example is Fulston..... we won the league with him but it came crashing down very quicky with Back the Bairns stepping in to keep the club running. Yep... great football is probably 100% of fans priority...... but for some, particularly those who have lived through the Deans and Fulston times, the way our club is run and it's future wellbeing is also is very important.
  13. Because it all just happened yesterday. I heard it... looks like others have heard the exact same thing form their sources. Far too much of a coincidence and pretty much the same detail given on here that I heard too, to not believe it. As an aside to another post on here.....it would make sense for the investors to make public what happened. However, they may have other ideas what to say, as well as how and when to do it.
  14. I think you will find they are all legit !!! No one is goiung to admit their sources on here.... but they may want to make the concerns public. Bottom line is that you can accept it or not.
  15. Exactly... you have hit the nail on the head !
  16. Just had a chat with someone who has insight knowledge. Apparently the letter back from the Rawlins to the guy heading up the investment, was both dismissive and patronising in the extreme. If what he says is true...the wording of the response from the Rawlins was worrying in that it was personal, vindictive and basically scalding him like a wee kid. Worrying times ahead for our club !
  17. Have to forgive my ignorance of business here.... Whats stopping them from donating/selling their holdings to the fnas group and the fans group then forcing their way to a position of influence accordingly? They cant sell without the Boards permission. There are legal situations regarding donating. The Board and Rawlins basically do not want anyone that can answer back or to have potential power within the club and therefore are effectively blocking the sale.
  18. While we are on the rumour mill...... heard another belter ! The BoD and Rawlin's rejected an offer from some local businessmen to take a £600k stake in the club. Apparently the sticking point was that certain members of the Board didn't want to lose their blazers and Rawlins supported that.
  19. must have been all that work pulling down the college then !
  20. Heard a wee story yesterday that Central Demolition are not going to renew their sponsorship of the shirts .... on the basis of how the club got rid of Totts.
  21. My lad has a double degree in politics and in finance. Can he get a seat on the Board, as he would do a far better job than anyone there at the moment?
  22. Lets just say my sources on this one are absolutely 100% reliable
  23. Do you ever wonder why Bryan Flynn called for Deans to resign? The two statements are pretty much related !
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