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  1. Absolutely. 5th in the Seaside league after being so far in front. Then Deans saying “it was an impossible task for Holt” to get more than 3pts from 5 games would be just laughable, if it wasn’t so soul destroying.
  2. How the tickets were marketed and sold last season. It can be considered a contract between business and consumer. Due to There being a curtailed season, the club should offer a refund.
  3. The SFA. It states in relation to refunds.....”where football clubs, as service providers, are not compliant with consumer law, they may risk action by the local authority or any other enforcer under consumer protection law. .........consumers can also take action themselves, through the courts if necessary. It is important that all parties are aware of how the law applies”
  4. Hands up....just looked at the FB post and clicked to the official FFC advert, where there was no mention of FFCTV.
  5. Here is one for you. I know a guy who shelled out for 3 season tickets last season for him and his kids which was nearly a grand, as a goodwill gesture to the club. All he got was a curtailed season on FFCTV ....which occasionally buffered and also didn’t work properly for the last match. So...he should just forget it and do the same? The club have offered him zilch, nothing, nada as an incentive to renew. There were so many things the club could have done to enhance our experience. They haven’t even thanked us for our support last season. Bitter? Me? ....you better believe it.
  6. All depends on how much you are willing to pay. There could have been cash in the coffers ....but that is gone now.
  7. It doesn’t matter what other clubs are doing. I have a copy of the Trading Standards letter. It’s clear and unambiguous. The club are breaking the law by not offering refunds. If this goes to court it could cost us big time....cash we can Ill afford to lose, again. We seem to be making a habit of this.
  8. The point is, that apart from McCann, opposition fans haven’t been too bothered about the players leaving that we signed. This seasons signings are just “meh” . Absolutely nothing to get the fans rocking up to buy seasons.
  9. It’s a legal obligation and the club have not made any announcement about it
  10. Phil Rawlins with his extensive contacts in UK could have at least put someone in the frame instead of 2nd choice Sheerin and players from the lower levels of the Championship and seaside leagues.
  11. Absolutely...... total shocker that they did not refer to refunds. To ask us to pay full price for a 3rd season, that may not allow the fans in to the full extent, dependent upon the Covid situation is just ripping us off once more. Not even a mention of free FFCTV if you cant get in.
  12. Quite liked the video. I know the guy that did it..... well done !
  13. You are clutching at straws ! I'll support them as always...but there is nothing there to suggest a team that will stroll the league. I just hope Sheerin is a miracle worker. Is this the kind of squad Deans and Rawlins promised us, after the disappointment of making a total mess of it last season ? .......... in a word "naw"
  14. I would agree if they are very young lads just starting off in their footballing career, like Robertson was at QP.... but if they aren't "jobbers", they wouldnt be plying their trade in Division 3 for a few hundred quid a week. Get realistic !
  15. Folk said exactly the same when the Deans and Fulston took over the club. Give me one good reason that this will be any different. The club is now Mrs Rawlins (Part2) plaything. She is making decisions without any prior knowledge of football or the game over here. Plus alienating fans as in the CI lads or a good chunk of potentrial investment is never a good thing. Let's just hope Mr Rawlins won't let her do anything stupid to our club. I also heard that they were a "no show" at last Mondays Board meeting. If they dont turn up again tonight something is going on.
  16. But....but......there is absolutely no indication with our signings that we will stroll the league next seasons. Perhaps with the exception of McCann, all are average “jobbing” footballers plying their trade in the lower levels. As it stands we are a mid table team in the seaside league. If you are not questioning why we are there or why The Rawlins are not investing more cash to get the marquee signings we need (whilst rejecting £600k) then something is amiss. Lets just hope Sheerin can perform miracles with a squad built on a shoestring budget.
  17. McCann excite the fans so they buy season tickets? Are you having a laugh? You must be easily pleased. He is maybe a reasonable 3rd Div player, maybe capable of playing at a higher level.....but no way will he or those that have been signed stick another 1000 bums on seats. If the club can sell into 4 figures they will be doing well.
  18. The club are bit iffy in legal issues. The 50/50 draw was particularly potentially illegal with PayPal regulations and transparency issues with draw. So, why start now?
  19. Simple. The club have been taking the fans for mugs over the last few seasons. Absolutely nothing in return for being loyal supporters and taking us for granted. 2 seasons ago, they asked us to forego refunds. We did that in spades. Last season they asked for us to pay the full price again (with a part going to charity, the amount of which was not transparent). Then we only get 10 and a half games on FFCTV and still no indication about our legal right to a refund. It’s a culture of “give us yer cash”...and once we have it ...we don’t even get a thanks! The club could have done so much last season, an online programme, a free scarf, anything that our wonderful PR or Marketing gurus could think up as a wee token....but naw!
  20. Just waiting for Pedro to post the latest Board edict ! I would wager he will be supportng the club increasing the season ticket prices as a necessary evil.
  21. Apologies for the confusion of my post.... I copied and pasted someone elses comments with my reply I only added the bottom bit !
  22. To be fair it would be a bit mental to do something like that publicly when the new kit isn't released yet. Not convinced it was all to do with cash why Central Demolition left. Think there may have been some friction between them and the BoD's when Totts left
  23. You and ZzzBairn are fair sapping the already limited fun out of a football forum. Not everything is a complete catastrophe. Unfortunately the fact is that 95% or more fans just want nothing to do with the Governance of the club and only interestsed in what is happeing on the playing side. The other 5% like CP and myself have lived though the Deans and Fulstons era, been active in Back the Bairns, bought shares in the club when it was cash strapped and don't want to go back there. As it stands we have American based owners who apparently have been posted missing for the last 12 days. The guys who were the major sources of income and sponsorship coming into the club have left (rumour from reliable sources this is due to Deans and Rawlins), still no sign of cash coming in from season tickets, very little cash coming in from our league position (a disaster the making of this and previous BoD's). You might not be interested or worried...... but if it seriously affects the existence of the club I have supported for more than 50 years then you better believe that I'll keep posting on here against the current regime. It would be absolutely brilliant to just be posting on our team and players, tactics, matches etc..... but there is more to a professional football club than just the 11 players on the park.
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