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  1. Absolutely ! When you read back at some of the posts on here stating that “Killie is the wrong choice”, “ Friday night is rubbish”, or any other moan, then tomorrows attendance will get right up them ! COYB
  2. Fixtures out….Fireworks night (5th nov) at home to Dunfermline. Need to travel to their place on 2nd Jan. other dates against them…17th Sept away…8th April at home.
  3. sorry.... but this is a match solely to commemorate Crunchie, invite his friends, ex team mates and family down. The focus is on the wee man, irrispective of opposition. To have done it with a league match v Dunfermline or the first game of the season would have just totally distracted it from the occasion it should be. Those that go will be there to show their appreciation to a Falkirk legend and nothing else !
  4. As a fan, I would like to see The Craig Gowans Stand ........... although it would take some persuading of his family to accept it and would bring back unhappy memories ....so in all probablilty a non-starter. However , it would have been a fitting memory to a young Bairn taken too soon !!!
  5. Have to admit I'm surprised by this. There was an issue in getting shirts signed during Covid and then framed by Fanatikool (think KK was at fault for this) and I didnt get mine until the start o fthe next season. However, Sharon at the club did keep me informed. Normally it's not an issue.
  6. If the club got shafted by Clarke EPOS.... can any one tell me why they are still prominent on the clubs website ?
  7. I sometimes despair at what our fans will moan at. It took 2 and a half years to get this accomplished, at times against an uncoopertaive and hostile board and we still get folk complaining. I don't think people understand what a mammoth task this was to get the project up and running, to finance it, to organise all the details that will make it a success on the day and to bring it to fruition. Then folk take umbrage at the fact that it's Killie that is the opposition for the stand opening, simply because we lost to them in a cup final in 97 and in the play off's. If we go down that route then we can't play against Rangers or ICT. Why stop there?...what about losing to Partick in a LC semi, Dundee Utd in a play off or Stenhousemuir in the Stirlingshire Cup? What about the teams that voted against us getting promoted because we didn't have an all seater stadium? Realistically this is as probably good as it gets, if we consider Crunchies links. Hibs didnt want to play, Leeds and Chelsea would be a non-event with their under 16 team turning up (if they deemed to play us at all). That leaves Albion Rovers, Camelon Jnrs, Bonnybridge Rose and Stirling Boys Club. Hardly a huge draw for the crowds. This event has nothing to do with Killie. It's all about honouring one of our own, a legend at our club. Time some folk backed off and just accept the fact that this is for Kevin, no one else !
  8. I’m pretty sure that the deal with Morrisons included land owned by the council. We only got a fraction of the total cash from the sale of Brockville and the surrounding land. The council did stuff us though. If the Camelon mafia in the Labour group got their way, we would have got no council cash at all to build the Stadium. In hindsight, might actually have been a good thing in the long run.
  9. Good timing to get his own squad in order. Despite the rumours, it appears our new BoD have been doing the work diligently in the background to get this over the line. Fingers crossed we reached our lowest point last season. Onwards and upwards. COYB!
  10. Heard from someone (cant remember who) that the pitch was pretty much on a downer as it was neglected. Some tlc from the Groundsman has actually helped to preserve it's lifetime. Still needs to be replaced in a year or so though. I've actually played on the new generation pitches and they are incredibly good. Jim Dawson at Murrayfield has a grass / plastic hybrid. Costs a fortune though.
  11. Dumbarton for some reason were members of the Stirlingshire FA when it was part of Scottish footballs organisational structure. Think it’s defunct now, but historical links still apply
  12. New strips might be here already. Sponsor may not be signed up yet.
  13. We have a marketing expert on the new Board?
  14. There was always something dodgy about Clarke EPOS...a company with virtually nothing on their web pages except sport sponsorship. I would be surprised if they were sponsoring us again next season. Heard a wee rumour from a mate of mine that they didn't pay full whack and screwed the club, but don't know how accurate this is.
  15. Think it’s a case of quality PT players not wanting to go FT as it would mean a drop in their income. Our league is littered with very good PT players, who wouldnt go FT as it just doesn’t make financial sense to them. I also think the fitness levels between the two are less pronounced than it may have been years ago.
  16. Next time your lot go into administration remember and not ask for a handout from Falkirk.
  17. I'm still sitting on the fence re Rennie. He has brought in some players better than what we had and shipped others out. I'm not convinced about ATS or Jacobs though. Speaking to one of the directors last week, the conversation alluded to the fact that Rennie knows (but can't publicly admit) our midfield has been rank rotten, but has been unable to get the players he identified for this problem area into the club. One player in particular was thought to be "in the door" but his parent club refused the move at the last minute (Liam Craig???) Still hopeful that we get 4th place but time is running out.
  18. Looking at the way Kabia was carried off on Tuesday and the pain on his face as he tried to walk, I'd be very surprised if he is fit soon. Although my fingers are crossed as he has been the one shining light in Rennie's signing spree. ......and I know this one is going to get pelters, but I would play Ompreon as a wing back or wide player on the right....not as a centre forward. He had the full back on toast earlier in the season(Dumbarton or Airdire ? when Morrison was absent) and slung in some good crosses on one of his rare starts, until they kicked him off the park before half time. Might be worth another chance in this position from the start on Saturday just to check if it was a one off ?
  19. Having 5 at the back with the 2 wing backs is perfectly feasible if they actually could defend when we dont have possession. Effectively it turns into a back 4 and a middle 4 dependent on what side of the pitch the play is on. The problem with our lot is that they are continually thinking either as a defender (both useless) or an attacker (both reasonable). However, they dont have the guile to understand how the play is progressing, ultimately being out of position half the time. Essentially we play as a 5-3-2 or 3-3-5 formation. Our big issue in reality is the midfield. Made up of midgets and no real "Baptie" type player to mix it when it comes to to the rough and tumble. The number of second balls won by the opposing team and space given to them as we track back (slowly) is ridiculous. This is the real area of concern as it effects both forwards and defence, as there is no real ball winner in there or a link between back to front. On that basis and with the players we have, I would go for a 4-4-2 to try and shore up the middle. Nothing fancy, just get the job done. A diamond in the middle with either Kabia or Dowds supporting the front 2, Telfer on one side of the diamond and A.N.Other on the other side. The last point of the diamond in front of defence is where we need someone half decent that we currently don't have. I think with that we would give the other teams defences something to consider and they wouldnt push up so high on us, due to the possibility of Kabia getting in behind with his pace. My only concern is that our defence like to throw the ball in the net with hoofs over the top ! In saying that, I think MR will stick with the formation he has used in past weeks. It's OK against teams who like to sit back and allow us to play, but absolutley useless against teams who have figured out how crap we are.
  20. Best post for ages, by a country mile. The key "hangers on" seem to have departed, although there may be one or two still lurking about. I really do despair with those that come on here and still support the old regime, after all the damage they did. As long as the new Board suss out the blazer chasers and keep them at arms length , all will be OK !!!
  21. They really know how to treat their own. Have you seen the wee tiny plaque unveiled for the Tony Fitzpatrick stand? I bet he was real chuffed. Must have cost the club all of £5.99 to get it made Big club, my arse!
  22. If it’s pay per game, then it could be good deal. If he gets a lengthy ban it won’t cost us cash, but certainly not help us on the field.
  23. Just what I said..... but maybe, just maybe he was playing the negotiation game to get a better deal. Who knows ? I should add..... the only other people who will know for a fact are the Clyde Management contingent
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