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  1. Through the FSS there is an opportunity to become a member of the Board. It’s not just for the “privileged” few any more. The problem is either apathy or folk don’t want to put their head on the block when issues like this arise. The FSS have around 500 members, how many have applied for the Directors job? In saying that, the delivered message could and should not have been issued in a way that apportioned blame. As stated by someone else, the message was simple……………We have serious cash flow issues that we need to address immediately to enable us to meet our targeted budget for this season. Your help in any small way would be appreciated in allowing the club to remain financially stable during these difficult times. As always, our aim is for the club to increase fan ownership and allow the team to be fully focussed on winning the league. Please find attached ways you can help (links to FSS etc)
  2. Don’t think this is why there is so much negative comment. It’s not the intended message folk are getting angry about, it’s the tone and way it was delivered.
  3. I have mixed views on the Airdrie game. I thought their new pitch was atrocious and definitely played into their hands, as they are obviously used to it. The "stickiness" of the pitch with the ball not rolling freely and the strange bounces, was just not natural. Not to mention the injuries and having to finish with 10 men. Kelty was a disaster of McGlynns making, tinkering with the side. However, since then we have played really well with a fairly settled team. What has been pleasing is that we have almost totally dominated and controlled these matches, especially 1st half v the Pars and totally against Partick. McCann at left back has been a stand out. We need to keep momentum going with a good win against Clyde. Continue playing like the last two games and there were will be few in our league who can live with us.
  4. Think Yeats is currently our best option at right back. I think he is growing into that position and will get better as the season progresses. Williamson had one outstanding game in a team on the front foot, but has shown time and time again that he can’t tackle or defend well. Plus the fact he is made of “glass” doesn’t help.
  5. Still early days, but todays game will possibly define the extent of our progression. We need a result to show that we can mix it with those who will be our main challengers. Pity we didn’t turn up against Kelty as I think we could have gone into todays game with slightly less pressure to keep in touch with those above us. Fingers and toes crossed for 3 pts. COYB!
  6. McGlynn certainly at fault for this one. Trying to shoehorn Henderson into a settled team has been a disaster. Why change ? I hope its a blip and he has learned for next week. If he picks the same team again, we are in for another see-saw season.
  7. Your either fit to play from the start or not fit to play. Let him have a run out for 60 mins to get his fitness and speed up, then hook him if he is knackered.
  8. Henderson came on and played his bit on Saturday. If he wasn’t fit, I don’t think they would have included him in the squad. If he is there, he has to be first choice.
  9. Stunning dug..... it should lead the team out every home match !
  10. I'm a member of the 1876 club paying a tenner a month along with a good few other folk. No monthly draw reported since April ! reported to Jamie last week..... still nowt !
  11. I want to buy 3 tickets for the Dunfermline game in November. This would give the club some cash up front. I can't do that as it will not allow me to purchase.
  12. The problem is that the club wants you to go to the website, whether it’s to buy tickets, hospitality or merchandise. If you are going to put out info on the public domain, the least it should be is up to date and accurate. Just about every page has an issue …I couldn’t buy a ticket last week, matches missing, player profiles wrong, contact people wrong, 1876 club not updated since April. It’s a disaster which reflects badly on the club and our main sponsor.
  13. It doesnt matter what you personally look at or if the analytics suggest otherwise or not. The website is the public face of the club and should be updated and accurate at all times. Full stop ! It's been a mess for ages and its still a mess.
  14. Its a fair comment. Quite a few issues with the website, both in terms of consistency and errors. I've always made the point that this is the public face of FFC and the first place people go for info on the club. As an example look at Gary Olivers player profile. If the club want you to sponsor a player they should at least get the info right. Quite a few players dont have a profile up yet. This is only one example of how we get it wrong. There are more !!!
  15. Was pleasing on the eye yesterday ! McCann was man of the match for me. I posted some time ago that him and Morrison on the left hand side will pose problems for teams when we are going forwards. As indicated above, he has some leap for a wee man and gets stuck in. His problem (if it is a problem) is getting stuck up the park if and when the opposing team counter attacks fast.....but that's what the holding midfielder is for and a game reading CH, to cover for him. Had to love the fact at one point he went on a mazy and ended up at outside right. Another thing is that we now have options up front on how McGlynn might want to play. Alegria to hold the ball up or Lawall/Burell to run at players. With Henderson back we have cover for defence / midfield. My only concern is right back...but I think Yeats is actually making that his own position. He is a cracking footballer and reads the game so well. Although Williamson had a blinder last time out at Westfield, I still think he can't tackle or defend properly. Lastly, a shout out for Pearse Carrol. Only a cameo appearance yesterday but he looks like a footballer..... great control, head up, picks a pass. I don't think he will be with us for long once he gets a few games under his belt.
  16. I think it’s fairly clear in my reply to you. “Some of the Board acted in a malicious manner”. I think that kind of implies “some” but “not all”.…….or at least I hope that is the case.
  17. Let me rephrase that …..some on the Board acted in a malicious manner. Better?
  18. Absolutely not! Some of the previous Boards actions WERE malicious with respect to the CI and some other fans. They should be chased if they go anywhere near our club again.
  19. 3 things - 1. I don’t think the likes of Wilson or Ross will get any game time once McGlynn has assembled his preferred squad. In fact, its more likely that they will be jettisoned. 2. Hartley signed the players without having a look at them. At least McGlynn has had them on trial before committing his budget in signing them and 3. You could say Wilson was looked at before signing, but that was by Sheerin and Holt who couldn’t pick a player if they tried.
  20. Watson will still be some time away. Plus I'm not sure he is as good as what we now have. Henderson can move into the middle. That leaves Donaldson, McKay and Mackie. Although McKay looks a new player, I think Mackie is better than him.
  21. Still think he is our best attacking option up the left flank with Mackie in a left centre role. A good example was the goal against Hibs from McCann’s cross …..and Mackies great covering tackle when McCann was caught out playing outside left.
  22. You should watch the film "The Death of Stalin" and see what happens when a collective group try to make a decision. Don't think Beria was too happy in the end !
  23. That’s assuming the disagreement was on a policy direction. There are more reasons for resigning than just that.
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