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  1. I find it really strange that we are now 3 days after the car crash Q&A and still no comment from the club. If the club want to bridge the divide between themselves and the fans It's clear that an apology is required and that heads need to roll. I've banged on about how abysmally the BoD treated the CI Guys. Those that questioned my original posts, hopefully now understand why I was so vocal regarding their attitude towards the fans and can now see for themselves what the CI were dealing with. The only way forwards is for the governance model at the club to change. I hope that the "new" FSS (and maybe others ....NB Mk2?) can play an important role onto bringing the fans back onside. If the status quo remains, the club will go Down , down, deeper and down (quite liked that !) .
  2. Simply had to. Over 300 fans at the actual meeting posting about the shambles. Can you imagine what would be the fans reaction if they pulled it?
  3. First rule of running a business....you don’t berate your customers for everything that is wrong. Certainly mental way to start a meeting. I’ve never been a fan of this Board but tonight reinforced my views. We are going nowhere with this lot in charge. Sheerin likeable but no way enthuses any confidence in that he knows what he is doing. Scratched his head most of the night.
  4. Only Phil Rawlins is from Stoke. Mrs R comes from the US. MR and SA combined still own more shares than them. The worrying thing is that they are doing what they always do and sit on their hands and let others run the show.....although SA looked mighty pissed off yesterday. That’s how we got the Liddel appointed Deans as Chairman.
  5. Banta was a Board stooge. If rumours are correct he was very friendly with a Board member who was feeding him (dis)information. Considering it was mostly PR type stuff you can have a good guess at who the Board guy was. No way on hell will he come back on here to defend the current shambles.
  6. Stainrods opinion on tactics may be considered flawed, but it’s an opinion nevertheless. His comments on Sheerin re “fluid fitba” and “accomplished coach” are just pure mince!
  7. Williamson made of glass ? He has hardly kicked a ball for us.
  8. .....and others like Sharon in Marketing. Is Keith Hogg still the Stadium Manager ?
  9. Not one of them a football guy. All finance and PR (Politics not even a real business). All Deans appointments. You also forgot the Gow fiasco !
  10. Partick had proven goal scorers and a reasonable defence. We have Wilson, Keena and Ruth.....with McKay, Miller, Chocolate Teapot or Hall in our back line. Therein lies the difference.
  11. 2 things :- 1. Mobilise ? this is not Brockville and the majority of fans are apathetic and will probably just walk way from the club other than protest a la Deans from the Borders. 2. We probably can't afford to get rid of Sheerin and appoint another manager. We are likely skint as sponsorship and league cash is significantly less than previous seasons, whilst we have become more top heavy in the Admin side - a new CEO & Holt. As an aside.... I have also posted about the playing side, but your may not have seen that with your blinkered support for the status quo..
  12. nice to have a stalker timing my every post ! You are pretty delusional if you think it's all OK and not asking the questions why. Not making the play off last season and looking increasingly likely that we will also struggle to get promoted this season indicates that all is not well at the club. I would like nothing more than to bask in the glory of a winning team on and off the park..... but at the moment, is it any wonder that it's all doom and gloom and why CP, BPM, DF, MSG, Shad, white a few others and myself are all on the same page with respect to what is happening ?
  13. All the above ....I’m just re-posting to emphasise what a clusterf**k our Board is.
  14. Facilitated by Deans and his hand picked Board. Refusing investment and proposed changes was negligent and detrimental to the club......all based on his own misjudged ego.
  15. I thought last season was bad, but this season is looking to be even worse. Deans and his board must take responsibility for this and consider stepping down. We need both investment and a change of direction. Until we do, then it will be just more of the same. Unfortunately, there are too many at the club who see it otherwise.
  16. ......but......but.......The Rawlins are our saviours. Mr Deans told us so. We might be the only team in the 4th tier next season with a DoF and a 3rd strip.
  17. I hope I’m wrong, but there is nothing in that team that gives me any optimism. FFS, playing Montrose and hoping we get a draw.
  18. Would be interesting to see Pedro's and Banta's take on the current situation at the club. Interesting to note that they have been posted missing for a wee while now. If we don't win today, you can bet the knives will be out for Sheerin / Holt /Deans and The Rawlins. As a club, both in football and financial terms we are probably in our worst shape for many a year !
  19. We might not have the cash to pay compensation to get rid of him !
  20. All our signings have been pretty poor. To single out these guys does injustice to Wilson, McGuffie, McKay etc. Of all the new comers only Nesbitt, Lemon and Krasniqui look to be reasonably good and Sheerin will not play 2 of them. Therefore he has to take the blame for the recent results. On a positive note, I actually think Ompreon played his best game for us yesterday till he was taken out by their defender. He is not a striker, but certainly looked effective out wide. He had the full back on toast and some of his cross balls were just waiting for a big centre to nod in. I wasn't convinced by him from what I saw previously (Sheerin playing him out of position ?), but yesterday made me have a wee rethink !
  21. There is no cash in the bank. We are top heavy on the admin side. We can't get rid of anyone without paying compensation due to shambolic signing on conditions. Our team is no better than last season, with the exception of Nesbitt. We are in a state of free fall and still some on here can't see it. Who is responsible for all this and who is accountable ? I think we all know and now it's pretty damning by their silence. I've been harping on for months about Deans (and his hand picked Board of cronies and yes men) plus the Rawlins who have done absolutely nothing to move us forward, apart from maybe start up some form of Academy. Those who were questioning BPM and his bunch of investors, might want to rethink again. Their plans for a Boardroom shake up (plus getting shot of Holt), is beginning to look increasingly likely that they were perhaps the only Group that would have saved this club from the direction its now headed in. It's a shambles at the moment and it isn't going to get better any time soon. if anything, we haven't even seen the worst !
  22. Thought Grant got Alloa relegated ? ..... or have I got my timings wrong ?
  23. Although it pains me to say this, I have a little sympathy for the Board on this one. Yes, they have made an arse of it on too many occasions, when other clubs have managed to find the occasional gem. However, I can't really see much out there that I would have with the exception of Dick Campbell The only two I can think of, over the past considerable good wee while that I would have liked to have seen at FFC, would have been Ross or Goodwin, both at Alloa co-incidentally....although I think that was just pure luck when you consider they have appointed the likes of Lennon and Grant.
  24. The amount of cash we must have paid out on managers must by eye watering. We haven’t just paid salaries, but also paid compensation to get rid of them . With McKinnon we even paid compensation to get him in ! Lets hope Sheerin is not another on the list of cash p****d up the wall by our BoD
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