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  1. I dont think they would stop look for better quality up front. Just the priority may have shifted to the back with Kabia coming in.
  2. yep....although my main worry would be Dowds as Morrison and Kabia will be the other partner and possibly interchangable. I think the dynamic of the team has changed over the last few weeks, where we look as if we might score more goals. The problem now is how to stop us losing them at the back.
  3. As it stands we have Dowds, Kabia, Morrison, Ompreon and WIlson....the last 2 will unlikely be in Rennie's plans. Over the last few weeks it looked as though Keena wasn't too interested and I'm, not surprised he was offloaded. I have sneaking suspicion that both Rennie and Miller wouldnt have stood for that attitude. My thoughts only....is that they may think we are OK up front at the moment, particularly afer bringing Kabia in and probably focussing now on other areas where we need to improve i.e one half decent enforcer for the middle and a couple of players for at the back. I would also like to see a new experienced keeper coming in but priority should be the centre backs as we are woeful in that dept.
  4. Just wondering if Rennie is following the US trend of hiring athletes who can play a bit of football.....rather than immobile haddies
  5. I think we are in the unfortunate position of being in a league where really good players want to remain part time rather than go full time. I think this may be part of the problem for Rennie to get who he wants in. There are some cracking players in our league who will just not go full time for economic reasons. As we progress up the leagues (if we ever do), then there will be more cash to attract a good full time professional on a reasonable wage. For the moment, either we go to a hybrid part/full time squad..... or we splash the cash to get half decent players in. As it stands, I don't think we will ever get our of this league paying the wages we do, where It has shown we can only attract bang average players.
  6. Like the May, Bannon, Hartley, McKinnon, Sheerin or M&M experiments ? ..... or maybe the Yogi, Totten, Jeffries or McCall experiments ? You could make a case for appointing all these managers good and bad. In our case it's been a mixed bag of how successful our managers have been. Some I would never have though would turn out to be good.... some I've really been disappointed in. You never know how it will turn out and I woould like to think the BoD have appointed the person they think would do best for the club. Considering Rennie's experience and record abroad, in various countries turning teams around, he may have been the best option. No back up plan needed
  7. Stick him on for the last 5 mins.... or for the last corner / free kick of the match before the ref blows his whistle. He is a proven goalscorer and knows where to position himself to get a chance. No way would I have him on the park for much more.
  8. should have edited that ..... we only have limited cash and it would be better spent on a goalkeeper, central defender and midfielder. Signing DG would cost us a transfer fee plus his wages which I think would be top earner at the club. I'm not convinced that he is needed as long as Dowds keeps fit....as we would be paying a substantial amount for a guy who potentially would be a bench warmer.
  9. Dowds fills the Goodwillie role adequately and that should put this rumour to bed. There is no point in having 2 similar type of players vying for this one position. Just need to keep our fingers crossed that Dowds doesn't get injured. We still need a half decent keeper, another Centre Half and an enforcer in the middle of the park to take the pressure off our lightweight guys. Yesterday was interesting in that we wanted to get the ball moving forwards much quicker, rather than playing it across the back line all the time.. In saying that, Dumbarton were woeful, made so many mistakes in giving the ball away and allowed us to play. The next few games will tell if we are moving in the right direction. I may be the only one on here who thinks this, but I have a feeling Ompreon might just come good as a wide man on the right, not as a striker. He hasn't had much chance playing in this position with Morrison out there, but now the style has changed with Morrison (or Keene) partnering Dowds through the middle, he might just be the perfect foil to partner Williamson on that side.
  10. Absolutely mental. Folk arent happy that he FSS are actually doing what everyone wanted in the past i.e. giving the fans a voice. We might as well go back to the MSG and ask for them to take over the club again, install Deans back in as Chairman and let them make the decisions we want to moan at. Apart from that , the FSS should have realised with this system it was going to be hijacked. Stupid way to get their members to poll. There must be a more secure way of doing it.
  11. Rumour is, not for some folk associated with both clubs at the time !
  12. Shad, although I agree with your sentiments, this is the one issue where I think the fans should be pro-active and go mental. No point going mental after the deal is done. The BoD need to know the depth of feeling on this one.
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