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  1. Agree……but that’s probably why, with the add ins, it’s a good deal for those that actually buy a main stand ticket and a car parking ticket. I think the car park alone is £80 a season. It’s a product that helps the club with immediate help. In the great scheme of things with around 2000 season tickets sold, it doesn’t really eat much into future finances, which we all hope will be better in years to come.
  2. £7500 loss if prices were kept at this season price (based on £300 for early bird sales). Not a lot in the great scheme of things if it helps get our club out of an immediate hole in finances, with potentially £125k in additional revenue coming in.
  3. It didn’t. It’s available to the first 25 fans that want it. Your point is?
  4. 20 odd fans stuck in £10k to help out the club in return for a piece of paper. Asking 25 fans to pay £5k up front for a 10 year season ticket with a load of “add ons” that actually mean they will be quids over time in is perfectly sensible to me.
  5. I think MR and SA still have enough shares to have their rep on the Board. The question is, do they really want to put someone on, or are they happy with the current incumbents?
  6. I actually think its a good deal if you add it all up. An "early bird" Prime Seat is currently £300 a season. If you take probable increases, it will certainly be a whole lot more than the £3k you mentioned. I noticed there are also a load of "add ons". Car parking over 10 years (if you have/want it) is worth another £800 over the time span (assuming no increase). 6 free tickets each season over the course of the 10 yrs for mates could be worth more than £120/season. Hospitality for 2 next season only. Free access to the Westfield Lounge (around £20/season), 10% discount in the club shop. All in all, you probably would be quids in if you currently use or want all of that.
  7. if only we could swap Williamson, Watson, Ross & Wilson for one half decent RB ! 4 players for the price of 1 !!!
  8. Just noticed and for info...... tickets for the home game against Dunfermline on the 5th November are now on sale on the website.
  9. Keep making chances like yesterday and someone is going to take a tanking. Hopefully on 5th November Nice to see McGlynn sticking with a settled (and winning) team choice. Long may it continue!
  10. Aye, let’s get Gary Deans back….or maybe Lex Miller….how about Andy Thomson? They are independent of the FSS or PG!
  11. There are those who, I believe, were in the MSG who did (and still) have the clubs interests at heart. Pretty clear that SA is one of them. Without them I don't think we would have a club or certainly not one we would recognise today. There were others who didn't give a toss as long as they were in the Boardroom. Thank goodness they are now long gone ! The biggest mistake the MSG ever made was to appoint a series of "custodians" who they thought would take the club forwards. Unfortunately they continuously backed the wrong people who either lacked what it takes to run a football club, wanted to be Billy Big Baws or just wanted to line their own CV's. Hopefully these days are behind us !
  12. With respect to the FSS and voting rights, its all pretty moot, the more folk sign up. Having 10 votes if you stick in £100 a month will effectively make no real difference to any final voting result, unless you form an internal group within the group and proxy your votes together (all very highly unlikely, including someone sticking £100 a month). Therefore it kind of makes sense for ease, just to have a one man one vote system. As mentioned above, most folk buy into it because of an emotional tie, not because they want a huge say in the running of the club.
  13. One slightly interesting but important difference between 2019/2020 and now is that the BOD’s have been elected by fans Groups, either PG or FSS. In the case of FSS by around 500 members. Previous BOD’s were essentially selected by the very few MSG members due to their % shareholding. That’s how we got Doug Henderson, Margaret Lang et al. To put this into perspective, remember the Doug Henderson fiasco at the AGM where virtually all shareholders wanted him ousted and he was still elected by 2 or 3 MSG members. There were quite a few situations where it was a job for best mates and even then, some were only in it for themselves. On occasion not even FFC fans. At least with the current guys we know that they are FFC fans. They may not get everything right, but I’m 100% convinced they are trying their best for the club.
  14. The PG effectively received 2 board seats. The FSS have 2 seats. It’s up to that group who they appoint to the Board. It’s irrelevant that one of their picks happens to be a member of both Groups. It’s who the FSS voted for. They can just as easily “unvote” him and get 2 non patrons on board….if they can find 2 guys willing to take it on.…..just as you can put yourself forward if you are an FSS member.
  15. Previous Boards hired Hartley and Sheerin.... if we go back even further - Lambie, Bannon, etc. Your point is ? How often do a Board get the managers appointment right first time ?
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