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  1. thank god I qualify as an OAP. Wonder if they will check your age ?
  2. I take it this is what the bigot brothers will be paying. wowza......more cash for us.
  3. Not sure what the Rawlins really intended for our club, but no denying that their cash at the time was very helpful. It's just a pity it coincided with possibly the worst set of circumstances on both the playing and Boardroom front for many a year. I'm not surprised they left with a bitter taste after possibly being decieved and witnessing total melt down at the club in terms of administration. If they were investing for the first time this season, we may have seen their additional investment coming in and a completely different outlook in terms of finances from the "3rd leg" of the club ownership model, which would have helped for the future.
  4. Just a comment re atmosphere. The place was buzzing last night. Just goes to show what a near full house and winning team can do. . Yep it would be better with the corners filled in and a 4th side….but it’s not as bad as some make out. Roll on Hampden and revenge!
  5. If I was a billionaire, I’d do a Man City with Falkirk and really shaft the bigot brothers up
  6. My point is not based on the stats from this season but generally over the piece. Bayern have won the German league 17 times in the last 22 years. Pretty comprehensive one horse race in my opinion.
  7. We aren’t the only country with a lack of competition. Think the same could be said for many leagues where cash is king. In Spain, Barca and Real with the very occasional outlier. Possibly even worse in Germany with Bayern winning the league most seasons. Holland has a dominant Ajax. There are not too many leagues with a semblance of competition e.g Italy with the Milan’s, Juve, Lazio, Roma etc. England maybe as well.
  8. Have to agree. The stewards and police should have intervened. Every time our player went over to that side there was a chance they would be hit by something thrown from the crowd. What really was annoying was the fact that there was no attempt to stop it as though it was acceptable. The referee was just as culpable as he should have cleared the pitch before allowing play to continue. I hope the club put in a formal complaint. Deduct the 3pts from them and declare we won 3-0. Plus shut down EEP for a season.
  9. In hindsight, yep, winning the 2 games with them would have been a 12 point swing. However winning the 2 games against Kelty would have had us at the top league before last nights match. Then it would have been a “must win” game for them rather than, as it stood, having the comfort of knowing a draw was a good result. As I said….if yer auntie had baws
  10. A bit of realism....although hard to take. Dunfermline are where they are on merit. However, the league was not won or lost just on last nights performance (albeit, we never turned up). Our form in the first quarter and a bit of the season is what has cost us the league. Losing to Kelty twice, drawing with Clyde, drawing with Airdrie / Montrose at our place (not to mention losing a late goal to Alloa a few weeks back) have all cost us points. If yer Auntie had baws and all that! All is not lost and hopefully we can get the wheels back on the wagon on Monday night. However, a few who didnt turn up last night need to be a lot better. The cash from a cup semi is hugely important to the club and a win might just give us the momentum back that we will need for the Playoffs. It would also be good to give The Pars a doing at our place in a few weeks time........
  11. Again…..it’s a slight difference retaining £3.5 million to live off than £70k…….if your house is worth £100k by your reasoning. It’s all relative based on your net worth. Much easier to do the wealthier you are.
  12. Slightly different scenario if your total assets are £5 million, compared to £500. To be left with only £4 million is still pretty dandy. Notwithstanding the cash it has already generated for him.
  13. Don’t think it was £3 mill. to build. Heard it was nearer £1.5 mill. Therefore, not such a bad idea to try and buy it, considering the cash it has generated over the years for SA. To gift it to the fans at a knock down price, would be a lasting legacy.
  14. The 10 year season ticket becomes even more attractive
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