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  1. ...and if Stuart decided to be at the head of it.....I'd be more than happy to participate and he would get my vote ! Others... I'm not so sure. The problem with this is that you might end up with those who desire a blazer being involved just to get their feet under the table in the Boardroom. Will they really act in the fans best interests or just be sycophantic to those already on the Board? This association needs a strong independent person heading it up.
  2. I think the idea is that you will have a say, along with others who put cash in, about who will represent you. I don't think it's the guys currently organising it that will have the final say. They are just setting it up and perhaps walking away.
  3. Why not do both ? Doesn't cost them anything for keeping fans updated.
  4. I think the point is that the club would have a much more substantial wedge of much needed cash if we hadn't used PayPal. In addition, I hope we are following Paypal guidelines and have approval for the 50/50 ( we must have, surely ??) as :- PayPal prohibits the following activities, even where the specific activity is lawful and/or is not legally defined as gambling, unless the transactions are associated with an approved merchant. Lottery tickets –Include the purchase or sale of any opportunity to participate in a raffle, drawing, sweepstake, pool, or any other form of game or contest involving the distribution of prizes or monetary compensation.
  5. Our reputation isn't exactly rock solid. In saying that, if Clarke ePos are into dodgy money, then St Mirren and Partick will also be tarred with the same brush. Have to agree though, t's really weird that they seem to have their finger in a load of football pies, splashing the cash and no real business visibility !
  6. His coat was always on a shoogly peg when Carrie Rawlin's decided to become our new Marketing supremo and look closer into how we were funded. The gig with Leeann Dempster at QP was always beckoning.
  7. having the Boaard in their back pocket and suppliant makes them untouchable
  8. Was an interesting game last night. It showed our weaknesses and our strengths. Quietly impressed with the work rate of our guys, particularly Williamson and Telfer. Telfer was outstanding by the way...although it has to be said AR were honking and let him play. I liked the way we tried to play the ball through the defence and get the ball wide. I think better and more physical teams will perhaps limit us here but still a joy to watch last night compared to the last few seasons and some cracking goals. Morrison was given the freedom of the right wing and he won't get that in our division, but with Williamson backing him up we at least have something more to worry the oppostion. As already mentioned, I think we will struggle against physical teams playing against us as we still look a bit lightweight. ....and we badly need a target man. Wilson and Dowds are not the answer. compared to last season, night and day....but its only one game Still think our Board should GTF !
  9. We potentially have a major issue here as well. With all the 2 year and 3 year contracts being dished out..... if this team is mince (hypothetically) ...then we are stuck with them for another season, or we have to pay them off. Given the fact that our club loves to pay off employee contracts early, this may come as no surprise.
  10. Happy with Falkirk being in 2nd or 3rd place in the 3rd tier of Scottish football ? Are you having a laugh ? 🙂
  11. There are 2 main thrusts to most of the discussions on here (apart from some crazy stupid ones a la Dawson Park) :- 1. 100% of the fans are interested on what is happening on the playing side. I'm personally not convinced with much of the signings, but I'll reserve judgement until I see what formation / tactics Sheerin employs and what he can get our of the players on the park. 2. Only around 5% of the fans (I include myself in that number) are concerned about the clubs governance and how they treat the fans. That has been a total disaster and doesn't look to be getting any better soon. My only real issue is that point 2 generally signifcantly affects point 1...... in as much as good governance generally leads to better finances, which in turn leads to more cash for a better quality squad, which in turn (again) normally means happier fans. You can see from the general consensus of opion of the current squad on here, where we are in terms of governance.
  12. My mate bought his season well before the announcement of 1000 and is still waiting for his ticket. It just means the club hasn't got their act together yet. Numbers are inflated because they include freebies etc.
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