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  1. Got 1 spare cat 3 RV ticket for £30 available for Sweden V Ukraine tonight so just under Face Value. On the mobile app. Just PM me if interested. Easy enough to move seats in Hampden with the low capacity at the games I have been at.
  2. It is clearly people who have no idea of how being a football fans works or they are not interested in football so just see it as something to moan about. As someone said earlier guarantee no one will be moaning about the cultural/concert events. It's as if they seriously think people are can be convinced to sit in the house on their own to watch the tournament including the Scotland games. If you are a football fan you know that is just not how it works. It's a social thing in a big way. The thing that makes me laugh about the whole thing is that if these people moaning about the fanzone took a second to think about it in terms of the virus they are trying to act as if they are worried about (and show some common sense) it is better to have 3000 people a session outdoors at tables of 6 rather than these groups of 6 going to pubs that will already be packed out for the game. Never mind the vaccinations, being outdoors and the clear link with the vaccine meaning many less people are ending up in hospital now even with cases increasing. Those saying that pubs etc would be half empty because of a fanzone in Glasgow Green are clueless. If your pub is half empty during a summer football tournament and especially during Scotland's first games at a tournament for near enough a quarter of a century the problem is your pub not your fanzone.
  3. https://www.bigsoccer.com/threads/euro-2020-ticket-exchange.2105606/page-12 Sleeper is preparing to put some more tickets for the Croatia game on the forum and has a cat 2 package available atm as far as I am aware . He is very well known and the two times I have bought tickets from now have went very smoothly. It was the poster Juan Mata on here that posted about Sleeper when I got my first tickets and his post is on page 75 I believe.
  4. Didn't realise the tickets were restricted to games you missed out on so only Croatia for me. Will buy any Cat 2 even restricted view tickets for face value for the CZECH game if anyone would be so kind to get them add them onto their own order. I never applied for Czech tickets in the first place. Would be looking for 2 tickets thanks.
  5. Thanks for this. Sleeper was very good to deal with. Bought Croatia v Scotland tickets in the original ballot but lost them due to the capacity changes. He has made a father and son very happy I was still excited but very excited now!
  6. It really is crap. Your post made me go and check my portal. I've been allocated England v Croatia tickets but to be refunded for Croatia v Scotland by the looks of it. Mixed feelings as I obviously would have preferred Scotland and it's not exactly going to be the football like normal. Also, it's England. But at the end of the day it's the same teams as teams who did quite well at the World Cup 3 years ago and will be good to be back in some form. Would swap for any Scotland game if possible but doubt much of that will be going on.
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