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  1. That’s the worst Hibs performance I’ve seen in a long long time. Fair play to United, pressed from the start, gave us no space and played good attacking football. Most entertaining bit of the afternoon was Charlie Mulgrew’s high pitched squeal after a wee nudge from Scott Allan.
  2. My 6 year old had his first game today, him and his pal were watching the game tonight. Then another of his pals came to the door totally buzzing about the game and they went out to play football. This Scotland team is the most inspirational I’ve seen.
  3. I like Gullan as well, I’d have liked to see him get an extended run but it’s been clear for a while that won’t happen at Hibs. I reckon he’ll do well at Killie.
  4. Back at Easter Road for the first time in 18 months today. I’m feeling a bit emotional.
  5. This is the first time I’ve ever seen SIC codes mentioned in a football discussion, and I applaud it.
  6. What has happened to Gogic and McGinn over the summer? They’ve been shite since the season started.
  7. Lewy at right back is probably an improvement on McGinn given recent form.
  8. We’ve been honking in the first half, soft penalty but I’ll take it to get back into the match. Gogic is murder, several times he’s shown for a pass but not been given the ball, even his team mates must think he’s pish.
  9. I’d just like to add that my local Scotmid is shite apart from the morning rolls, and the wee chicken bites that my son is fond of.
  10. I’ve been less critical than some of McGinn this season but he’s been awful tonight.
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