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  1. It has to be JDT so we can have JDT/JDH mix ups. Sign JET in the summer to add to the confusion.
  2. My youngest son plays football on a Saturday morning so I’ll enjoy watching that without having to rush away at the end to go for a bus or tram.
  3. I didn’t realise he was at Hibs for that long. I was a regular attender at the time but can remember very little of him.
  4. I’ll have to leave about 10am to get the bus. I’ll be hungover. It won’t be a good game. Need to go and say farewell to James Scott though.
  5. I’m very glad I didn’t watch this.
  6. Never thought I’d see the day that James Scott scored for us.
  7. David Gray really doesn’t want a permanent management job eh?
  8. Not much of a spectacle today. Good shift from the Aberdeen physio.
  9. That’s fine, we’ll have been through a couple more managers by that point so we can get him in then.
  10. Mowbray has said today that he wants to continue in management, and reiterated that he expects to leave Blackburn. I’d be happy to see him back.
  11. They’ll still have the presentation but they’ll get the masking tape out beforehand.
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