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  1. Absolutely superb tonight. When I saw the team I thought it was a bold move playing O’Donnell again but he was brilliant. First time I’ve seen Gilmour play, he took it in his stride, you’d never have believed it was his first start. Our strikers didn’t stop all night. And Grant Hanley, what has happened to him? He stood out against the Czechs and was even better tonight. So proud of those players.
  2. Hibs didn’t turn up, Saints were the better team and superb defensively. The cup double is a brilliant achievement, well done Saints.
  3. I had so many cup final dreams last night. Including one where I was watching it in a cinema, got stuck in a queue for the bogs and missed 4 goals.
  4. You’ve got me. Sorry I took so long to reply, I was looking at my six pack in the mirror.
  5. It’s alright, I’m not Tam Cowan or Stuart Cosgrove. Just a Scottish football fan who has finally registered here after years of looking in anonymously.
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