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  1. I remember a few fans turning around and leaving when we went 2-0 down v. Gretna in under 2 minutes. Yes it was painful and embarrassing but still I never get it (and we ended up drawing anyway)
  2. I genuinely don't. Sorry.
  3. Learn what? Not to enjoy periods of relative success when both the men and women can reach a final of a major tournament. It is meant to be fun you know. I mean, I was at Scotland's (men's) win against Denmark and there was some proper celebration after that, and that was just for winning a home draw in a tie that was then lost!
  4. I could have told Hemming to stay put for big Graham’s penalty
  5. It should have been a simple decision- he was level with play and Lawless was behind the ball. Absolutely no way should he be getting that wrong
  6. To be fair, Keiran Wright was decent (and Firth was irrelevant).
  7. In all seriousness would love that appointment if it were feasible. It isn't though. While McCall’s unlikely to be available, his predecessor is on the market
  8. The one Thistle player I remember receiving a full cap with us playing at this level is Jonny Tuffey (Northern Ireland)
  9. McCall also did it with Clydebank in the 90s- You're right re Campbell- won promotion to second tier with Brechin
  10. McCall has done this 4 times, Dick Campbell at least 3 times.
  11. I’ve seen this opinion repeated often here, but I don’t follow it. We have had relegation form since January, while Arbroath have been decent in all that time. As such, Arbroath are a better side than us (by 13 points) and in better form. I’d be genuinely surprised if the game will be significantly easier for ICT
  12. Well the board anyway- reasonably content with a 4th place finish so the management team can stay for now
  13. Asking the co-commentator what Cammy Smith brings to the Thistle side is the commentator’s equivalent of a hospital pass, surely
  14. 56 goals conceded in 36 games- +1 goal difference. Table Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Promotion or relegation 1 Gretna 36 28 4 4 97 30 +67 88 Promoted to 2006–07 First Division Qualification for the UEFA Cup Second qualifying round as cup runner up 2 Greenock Morton 36 21 7 8 58 33 +25 70 3 Peterhead 36 17 6 13 53 47 +6 57 4 Partick Thistle 36 16 9 11 57 56 +1 57 Promoted to 2006–07 First Division 5 Stirling Albion 36 15 6 15 54 63 −9 51 6 Ayr United 36 10 12 14 56 61 −5 42 7 Raith Rovers 36 11 9 16 44 54 −10 42 8 Forfar Athletic 36 12 4 20 44 55 −11 40 9 Alloa Athletic 36 8 8 20 26 77 −51 32 10 Dumbarton 36 7 5 24 40 63 −23 26 Relegated to 2006–07 Third Division
  15. We did it under Dick Campbell in the first year the playoffs were introduced. We finished the lowest ranked full-time team in the league (4th in what is now league 1), and were completely outplayed by Peterhead in the playoff final. However, deflected freekick off an arse in the final minute of the tie put us level and we won on penalties on what remains probably the least deserved promotion ever.
  16. I think the quarters should definitely be only one leg (3rd place team at home). Possibly the semis also.
  17. Firhill now fully in club’s ownership https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/firhill-back-in-our-hands/
  18. Highlights- Some big wins v Ayr, Pars, Accies and an enjoyable away win at Killie. Not worrying about relegation at any point during the season. Lowlights- The pitch of course. Linked to that, but not entirely, the dearth of actual entertainment from Christmas onwards.
  19. Yes, he even scored in that final game. Went on to have a decent career
  20. The "look behind you" Sammon goal in your last game must be a contender, surely?
  21. I just noticed this- see my profile pic!- Jukka Santala. For context, my profile name comes from this quality BBC report, still uncorrected: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_cups/4510862.stm. I can only assume this is a result of saying Jukka Santala slowly through a bad telephone line... (also note McCulloch is McKellar). In fact, looking at that team (McCulloch apart), it's a horror by itself. Santala did score far too many goals to be considered for inclusion.
  22. Fulton was unfit and couldn't keep up with the pace by the time he joined us. Anis is literally the worst defender I have seen in a Jags shirt. I remember him running around like a child chasing the ball and constantly being caught out of position. He did have attacking attributes and probably should have been a winger, but he predominately played in defence for us, where he was awful. Having watched most of a truly terrible season, I did manage to miss the 5-0 thrashing of Livingston when he was apparently unplayable.
  23. I started following Thistle in 2000, so I'll stick to players this century. I've not included anyone who only played a couple of games, nor anyone who had been good for us for a period (although this may be overly generous for Adam Barton- contender for player of the season for a half-season cameo followed by a truly horrific season where he clearly couldn't be bothered) Goalkeepers: Colin Stewart, Cammy Bell, Bryn Halliwell Defence: Jean-Yves Anis, Ziggy Gordon, Grant Murray, Gabriel Picollo, Sean McGinty, Adrian Madaschi Midfield: Steve Fulton, Mark Kerr, Andy Ross, Paul Slane, John-Paul McBride, Mitchell Austin, Darren Brady Forwards: Stephane Bonnes, Ally Roy, John Baird, Martin Grehan, Leigh Hinds, Paul Keegan I'm glad to say that none of the present squad is in the running- not even Alegria (although with so many forwards to pick from, not even Pogba made the cut)
  24. Liam Lindsay was undoubtedly the league's best centre half that year. However, only one centre half gets you only so far. Devine was good for us that season. Cerny was alright, but not as good as he had been previously- and it was a very poor bit of goalkeeping that gave Livingston their crucial quick equaliser in the playoff.
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