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  1. By contrast, as I am sure you don't need reminding, St Mirren were 18 points behind Raith after 13 games that season
  2. St Mirren took 15 games to record their first win in 2016/2017, and had only 4 points at this stage of the season. In fact they had only 4 points going into December
  3. English centre-back we’ve signed from West Ham. Looks very good so far.
  4. I might take a risk on Sneddon and go for Osman (peak Osman and not the imposter in the relegation season) instead. I would tend to agree with the other 2 (I'm only including players this century as I started following Thistle in 2000) based on the same logic.
  5. Taking Thistle out the league- we’ve lost to the remaining top 4 and beaten the bottom 5, which suggests a weird consistency. Out of the 5 games won, only Queens was close- the other 4 were very comfortable wins.
  6. Stephen Hendrie signs on till January https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/signing-news-hendrie-signs-deal-until-january/?fbclid=IwAR0eVeo406P-cC_TAa83PivXejZVakvucqrmGLgGbzvSO2l8yRo14G80E1s Looks a good signing to me
  7. I think you should invest in a calculator (unless you're suggesting than Graham or Rudden OGs for Caley's customary goal)
  8. I think that Sneddon has the mitigating factor of how bad the defence has been in front of him and the general state of the club for much of the time he has been around. As I said, I saw lots of improvement in last season's run-in.
  9. Personally, I thought (after hist first match back v. Forfar) that Sneddon looked much improved in last season's run-in. Commanded the area pretty well and looked adept at claiming crosses (which he hadn't previously to be fair). As such, I was happy with him being first choice this season unless someone obviously superior came along. He did seem to lose his bearings for the first v. Queens, but I would still be happy to see him get a run over Stone, who does not obviously seem to be a huge improvement going by last Saturday (and is only a loanee). Sneddon is young for a keeper and I do think he is improving. His reputation has suffered by spending much of his first few seasons in front of a travesty of a defence, who also made the experienced Fox look like the worse keeper ever (which for all his faults, he clearly wasn't). I also think Sneddon's distribution is much better than Stone's and suits our style of play.
  10. Perfectly legal- you can specify payment any way you choose. Even before lockdown/Covid, a number of cashless bars (which refuse all cash payments) had opened up as card payments are much quicker. Koelchip Yard in the Southside is an example that has always been cashless as far as I am aware (and certainly was in 2019 when I first went). Many buses/trains have been cashless for a while also.
  11. I'm going to go against the grain and say that Elliott was an underappreciated full back. This underappreciation largely stemmed from his history at the club. I believe that if we had signed him as a fullback at about the time he was moved to that position, he would be remembered as a steady, decent fullback who was good defensively, had pace and could get into good positions along the wing (although his final ball was at best, hit or miss). In that respect, I suspect he would be remembered in the same way as Booth: decent without ever being particularly memorable or exciting. However, as he came to the club as a striker, and was pretty rubbish in that position, many always felt that his playing as a fullback was an afterthought and he was only ever just filling in rather than finding his true position. This always coloured many fans' opinion of the player throughout his Firhill tenure. There was probably some truth in him being a fill-in FB at the very beginning, but then it became clear (to me at least) that he was very competent in that position, such that he would keep seeing off others signed to play right-back. His long term injury for a large chunk of our relegation season from the top flight was an important factor in how that season turned out, I always felt.
  12. He has spent the past few seasons making a decent contribution in the top half of the championship. Definitely a player worth considering. In any case, Nisbet was at Firhill and did nothing. Players can improve after they leave here.
  13. A standout for me, not mentioned so far, was a boxing day 3-0 home pumping by Stirling in 2005. We were playing in the second division after back-to-back relegations and this just cemented how bad we had become and how unlikely it was that we would get out of the division that season (which we did, somehow, in a largely undeserved play-off promotion),
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